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  • AI Careers

    Producthunt’s platform uses artificial intelligence to optimize job searches by delivering personalized job recommendations to users based on th... read more

  • Andeavour.AI

    Andeavour offers comprehensive AI solutions for businesses and cyber units to improve operational efficiency, with a unique pattern identification fea... read more

  • ApplAI is an AI-based job preparation tool equipped with features like tailored interview questions, customized cover letters, and a state-of-the-a... read more

  • Applaime

    Applaime is a tech solution that simplifies job seeking by automating the process of generating personalised cover letters for each job posting. This ... read more

  • Augmentir

    Augmentir’s AI-powered solution optimizes frontline operations with targeted upskilling, individualized guidance, and digitization of all workfo... read more

  • Autumn AI

    Autumn is an AI-based tool that identifies early warning signs of burnout in teams, provides personalized question prompts for 1:1 meetings, and deliv... read more

  • Careered AI

    Careered is an online platform that helps job seekers create effective job applications using cutting-edge algorithms and GPT technology to develop cu... read more

  • Careerflow

    Careerflow provides a job search and management platform with a customer relationship management tool, allowing for real-time visibility into all aspe... read more

  • is a new tool designed to create unique and personalized cover letters in under 10 minutes, with seamless LinkedIn integration and a state... read more

  • Coverler

    Coverler is an AI-powered tool that creates personalized cover letters in 20 seconds by analyzing job descriptions and allows for customization, with ... read more

  • Deepbrain AI

    Deepbrain AI Interview is an AI-based interview platform that streamlines the recruitment process, reduces bias and human error, and identifies the be... read more

  • Ferret

    Ferret is an AI-powered platform that combines data from various sources to provide relationship intelligence, mitigating risks and identifying opport... read more

  • Fordi AI

    Fordi is an online platform that uses AI to generate innovative solutions to work-related challenges, making decision-making easier. It offers a versa... read more


    Freeday is an AI-powered digital staffing platform that allows teams to outsource repetitive and tedious tasks, freeing up team members’ time an... read more

  • GeniusReview

    GeniusReview is an AI performance review tool that streamlines the process and provides tailored feedback based on an employee’s unique role. It... read more

  • Hirable

    Hirable is a platform using GPT technology to allow users to create a professional resume instantly and improve existing resumes, providing AI-powered... read more

  • HireLakeAI

    HirelakeAI is an AI-driven platform that streamlines the hiring process, with features including AI-based JD matching, psychometric test analysis, and... read more

  • HireYaY

    HireYaY is an AI-powered hiring platform designed to streamline the recruitment process for startups and provide salary insights and standardized cand... read more

  • Holly

    Holly is an AI-powered recruitment assistant designed to simplify the recruitment process, help identify potential candidates, and manage communicatio... read more

  • Interflexion

    Interflexion is an AI-powered role-play platform that helps individuals to improve their leadership and interpersonal skills with features such as AI-... read more

  • Interview Prep AI

    Interview Prep AI is an application that uses AI to help people prepare for job interviews by simulating real interviews and providing instant feedbac... read more

  • is an AI-powered tool that generates personalized resignation letters, emails or SMS messages based on user input for a more efficient and pr... read more

  • Job Description Generator

    Recrooit’s Job Description Generator uses AI to create optimised job descriptions tailored to a company and its requirements, with customisation... read more

  • Jobscan

    Jobscan offers an ATS Resume Checker and Job Search Tools that uses AI technology to optimize and tailor resumes, with additional tools for cover lett... read more

  • JobtitlesAI

    JobtitlesAI is an AI-powered tool that sorts job titles into categories and offers benefits to sales and marketing organizations and HR professionals.... read more

  • Kickresume

    Kickresume is a career tool that uses AI to create professional resumes and cover letters quickly with customizable templates. ... read more

  • offers AI-optimized customer and employee experiences with virtual assistants for business functions such as healthcare, commerce, banking, IT... read more

  • Loopcv

    Loopcv is an advanced job search platform that uses machine learning and automation technologies to find and recommend relevant job postings, while en... read more

  • is an AI-powered solution designed to simplify business-writing tasks for managers, including performance reviews, development plans, ... read more

  • Moveworks

    Moveworks is a conversational AI platform that automates employee support and maximizes productivity in various industries with advanced AI capabiliti... read more

  • Noa Coach Ai

    Noa Coach is an AI-powered workplace coaching platform that features tailored coaching techniques, a reset function for stress management, a global fo... read more

  • Proposal Genie

    Proposal Genie is an AI-powered platform that assists freelancers and small businesses in creating personalized proposals for their Upwork job posting... read more

  • Qatalog

    Qatalog is a project management and collaboration tool designed to streamline work elements, enhance productivity, and manage knowledge with advanced ... read more

  • Queros

    The Qureos Job Description Generator creates exceptional, customized job descriptions tailored to a company’s tone of voice to attract the right... read more

  • Questflow

    Questflow is a workflow automation platform that utilizes AI technology to automate tasks and transactions across different platforms without the need... read more

  • Razoroo | AI Recruiting

    Razoroo is a recruiting firm that uses AI and machine learning to provide a fast and efficient solution for talent acquisition across various industri... read more

  • Resume AI

    Preppally is an innovative platform that uses Resume AI to streamline the process of creating a professional resume. AI technology offers insights to ... read more

  • Resume Worded

    Resume Worded uses AI to provide personalized feedback on resumes and LinkedIn profiles, offering a revolutionary resume grader and targeting feature.... read more

  • Rezi

    Rezi is an AI-powered resume-builder that creates job-winning resumes by generating text from user inputs, eliminating the need for writing resumes fr... read more

  • SalesMind AI

    SalesMind AI is an AI-powered platform that helps businesses improve their B2B sales efforts through personalized outreach, automation tools, and adva... read more

  • Salonist

    Salonist is a software that streamlines salon and spa operations, including online booking, inventory management, marketing automation, and employee m... read more

  • Several Minds

    Several Minds is an AI-based platform providing specialized assessments to help organizations make exceptional hiring decisions, streamline recruitmen... read more

  • Snape

    A new AI product claims to produce personalized job descriptions that capture the essence of the role with just a few clicks. Tailored to attract the ... read more

  • This Resume Does Not Exist

    A new product on Product Hunt offers over 1000 AI-crafted resumes examples to help individuals showcase their skills to employers. ... read more

  • Turbohire

    TurboHire is a recruitment automation platform that centralizes resumes and job data to streamline recruitment activities with innovative features tha... read more

  • Upcat

    UpCat is an AI-powered browser extension that generates jargon-free cover letters for Upwork job applications, streamlining the job search process and... read more

  • Validly

    The recruitment software uses automation and AI to simplify the hiring process by managing interviews and generating transcripts. The tool streamlines... read more

  • Wave AI

    Wave Grow is a website offering personalized coaching and growth opportunities for professionals, executives, and managers, tailored to their specific... read more

  • Wonsulting AI

    ResumAI is an AI-driven resume builder that uses machine learning and natural language processing to create tailored bullet points and comes with a li... read more

  • AI Cover Letter Generator

    AI Cover Letter Generator creates personalized cover letters quickly and efficiently through advanced AI technology. The platform offers a user-friend... read more

  • Write Me A Cover Letter

    AI technology creates tailored cover letters, by automatically analysing job listings and CVs, thereby cutting time and effort and increasing applican... read more