AI tools for AI motion capture

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  • Cascadeur

    Cascadeur is a 3D keyframe animation software with AI-assisted tools for posing and secondary motion. It is compatible with many industry players and ... read more

  • MOVE Ai offers AI-enabled software that allows creators to add motion to digital landscapes. Their patented technology extracts high-fidelity motion f... read more

  • Movmi

    Movmi is an AI-powered motion capture software that enables seamless 3D animation creation from regular videos, without the need for expensive hardwar... read more

  • Omniverse Audio2Face

    Omniverse Audio2Face is a user-friendly 3D character animation software that syncs with voice-over tracks and integrates a pre-trained Deep Neural Net... read more

  • Rokoko

    Rokoko offers motion capture tools and services, including the Smartsuit Pro II, Smartgloves and Face Capture, allowing for seamless and immersive ani... read more

  • Teachable Machine

    Teachable Machine allows users to create machine learning models without coding experience, with flexibility to capture live examples and export model... read more

  • Xpression Camera

    Xpression camera is a virtual app that uses real-time facial expressions to animate users into characters and personas while offering creative tools a... read more