AI tools for AI Detection

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  • AI Text Classifier (Open AI)

    The AI Text Classifier, a free tool, accurately predicts the probability that a given piece of content has been generated by AI. Its accuracy is not a... read more

  • AI Voice Detector

    The AI Voice Detector is an advanced tool that detects audio manipulation, voice scams, and plagiarism, and helps users safeguard themselves against f... read more

  • Be My Eyes

    Be My Eyes is an app that connects blind and low-vision individuals with sighted volunteers and company representatives for live video calls, offering... read more

  • CheckforAi

    An AI-driven software is available for plagiarism detection, with customized models to reduce the incidence of false readings, and is free to use. ... read more


    FormX is an AI-powered software that simplifies data extraction from physical documents, with preconfigured industry-specific models and mobile scanni... read more

  • Free AI Content Detector

    The Free AI Content Detector quickly and accurately identifies AI-generated content, making it an essential tool for safeguarding authentic text-based... read more

  • Free AI Detector

    Producthunt is an AI-powered platform that generates high-quality content with a minimum of 25 words. The user can choose the content type they need, ... read more

  • GPT-Minus1

    GPT-Minus1Fool is a tool that generates multiple variations of textual content by replacing words with synonyms, aimed at enhancing creativity and gen... read more

  • GPTKit

    GPTKit is an AI text generation detection tool with a 93% accuracy rate that can identify and classify text pieces based on their origin to ensure aut... read more

  • Illuminarty

    Illuminarty is an online tool that can identify problematic digital visuals, including Deepfakes, using computer vision algorithms and an API for auto... read more

  • Is This Image NSFW?

    An AI-based tool is presented as the solution for those who want to protect their online content by analyzing uploaded images. ... read more

  • Landing AI

    LandingLens, developed by Landing AI, is a cloud-based computer vision platform that is designed for ease of use and requires no intricate programming... read more

  • Originality.AI

    Originality.AI is a plagiarism and AI detection tool for web publishers, offering features such as team management and high-tech AI writing detection,... read more

  • Real or Fake Text

    RealOrFakeText is an online platform that allows users to test their ability to differentiate between text written by humans and computers using advan... read more