AI tools for Text-To-Speech

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  • Ad Auris

    ProductHunt has announced a tool for consuming articles on the go by letting users create custom playlists of articles and listen to them on Spotify, ... read more

  • AiSofiya

    Sofiya is an AI-powered text to speech tool that can synthesize text into natural-sounding speech in over 135 languages and dialects, featuring multip... read more

  • Apple Books

    Apple’s Books platform has introduced text-to-speech AI-narrated audiobooks in fiction and romance genres, offering readers an immersive experie... read more

  • Artflow is an AI tool for creating animated stories with original characters, scenes, dialogue, and a library of user-generated assets. It also fea... read more

  • Article.Audio

    Article Audio is a tool that converts written content into audio in over 140 languages and offers a range of natural-sounding voices, catering to vari... read more

  • Ask My Book

    Ask My Book is an AI-backed tool that offers quick, real-time answers and the ability to efficiently retrieve information from the book The Minimalist... read more

  • AudioBot

    AudioBot is a platform that specializes in capturing local accents from over 14 countries with its multilingual text-to-speech feature, offering full ... read more

  • Audioread

    Producthunt is an app that converts any written content – articles, emails, text – to a professional audiobook, providing a more efficient... read more

  • Audyo

    Audyo is a text-to-speech platform that combines computer-generated voices with human-like intonation and pronunciation, allowing users to produce and... read more

  • Beepbooply

    Beepbooply is an online text-to-speech generator with over 900+ voices across 80+ languages, customizable options, and flexible pricing for a range of... read more

  • Blakify

    A new text-to-speech software offers more than 800 voices and support for over 90 languages, aimed at improving the reading experience by delivering t... read more

  • Blogcast

    BlogcastTM is a text-to-speech tool that uses AI-powered technology to create high-quality audio content, including podcasts, videos, eLearning course... read more

  • is an AI-powered chatbot solution designed for content creators to showcase their work in an interactive way. It offers immersive content exp... read more

  • Celebrity Voice Changer AI

    The Celebrity Voice Changer AI app transforms users’ voices into celebrity-like voices with precision, allowing them to create entertaining cont... read more

  • Coqui

    Coqui Studio is an AI voice directing platform catering to video gaming, post-production, dubbing and other industries, offering voice cloning, genera... read more

  • D-ID Creative Reality

    D-ID offers a platform using generative AI to create talking avatars and videos from a variety of sources, giving businesses and creators access to cu... read more

  • DeepZen

    DeepZen is a digital voice solutions platform that uses licensed voice replicas and experienced audio editors to provide high-quality and emotionally ... read more

  • Descript

    This product helps users create a personalized voice model in minutes with a user-friendly interface and real-time demo, suitable for various applicat... read more

  • DupDub

    DupDub provides high-quality voiceovers using innovative AI technology with over 300 voices in 40+ languages and accents. The technology creates a hum... read more

  • Eleven Labs

    Eleven Labs has created an AI-powered platform for generating natural and engaging long-form speech, calling it a game-changing solution. ... read more

  • FakeYou

    FakeYou is a cutting-edge tool that uses deep fake technology to generate audio clips of text-to-speech in multiple languages and with a variety of vo... read more

  • Fliki

    Fliki is an AI-powered software that transforms written content into high-quality videos with realistic voices in various languages, providing creator... read more

  • FolkTalk

    FolkTalk is an AI-powered video dubbing platform that offers cost-effective, efficient, and high-quality dubbing solutions in multiple languages. Its ... read more

  • iStory

    An interactive storytelling tool uses voice, rich media and analytics to elevate content effectiveness. It provides immersive storytelling and persona... read more

  • Leelo

    Leelo is an AI-powered tool that uses its Text-to-Speech (TTS) technology to turn written text into natural-sounding audio content in multiple languag... read more

  • Lovo

    LOVO AI Text to Speech offers a cost-effective solution for creating professional voiceovers with natural and emotive AI-powered voices in over 100 la... read more


    LOVO AI is a new AI Voiceover & Text to Speech Platform, offering a library of 180 human-like voices in 33 languages with voice cloning, DIY AI V... read more

  • Movio

    Movio is an AI video generation platform that allows easy conversion of marketing text into professional quality videos within minutes, offering a vas... read more

  • Mubert

    Mubert, an AI-powered ecosystem for royalty-free music, offers various features for content creators, brands and developers, including AI-generated mu... read more


    Murf is an AI voice generator tool offering over 130 voices for different uses and is easy to use, producing high-quality, natural sounding voiceovers... read more

  • Myqueue

    My Queue is a free platform that allows users to save articles and podcasts in one place, accessible across all devices, to reduce screen time. ... read more

  • Narration Box

    Narration Box is an AI voice synthesis service with over 700 human-like narrators in over 20 languages, offering a user-friendly interface to control ... read more

  • Novels AI

    Novels AI is a mobile application that uses AI-powered audiobooks to create truly personalised narratives across a range of genres, allowing users to ... read more

  • Pictory

    Pictory is a user-friendly video marketing tool that helps businesses create visually compelling, shareable branded videos from their long-form conten... read more


    The AI-powered voice generator and audio converter creates lifelike, professional-grade audio in over 132 languages and accents to meet all audio cont... read more

  • Pod Genie

    Pod Genie is a platform allowing users to create bespoke podcasts based on their personal interests. Features include AI updates, global news, financi... read more

  • Podbrews

    Podbrews is an AI-powered platform that converts written content into engaging audio experiences with natural-sounding voices, making it accessible an... read more

  • PolyAI

    PolyAI provides enterprise-level voice assistant technology for businesses in various industries, with pre-trained expertise in billions of natural co... read more


    ReachOut.AI is an AI-powered video prospecting platform designed to help sales teams generate personalized videos at scale, access millions of validat... read more

  • Replicastudios

    Replica Voice is an AI-powered voice actor platform for creators, offering a library of over 40 voices trained by professionals. It allows for efficie... read more


    Resemble’s AI voice generator can create highly realistic and human-like voices with features such as text-to-speech, speech-to-speech, neural a... read more

  • Salient

    Salient is an AI-powered sales development representative that improves outbound marketing by providing human-like communication and proactive interac... read more

  • Secretary GPT

    Secretary GPT is a voice-to-text transcription app that uses cutting-edge GPT technology to accurately and efficiently convert spoken words into organ... read more

  • Spakfly

    Spakfly is a text-to-speech software that uses AI and offers 400 engaging voices in 65 languages. The software provides flexible pricing options and c... read more

  • Speech Studio

    Speech Studio is a suite of tools that enable businesses and developers to incorporate avant-garde features from Azure Cognitive Services Speech into ... read more

  • SpeechEasy

    SpeechEasy™ creates synthetic voices that are crystal-clear and perfect for various settings. It adds value to e-Learning content and is available o... read more

  • SpeechGen is an AI-driven text-to-speech converter with over 270 natural-sounding voices available in multiple languages and dialects. It allows fo... read more

  • Speechify

    Speechify is a text-to-speech app available on Chrome, iOS, Android, and Mac that reads up to 9x faster than average. It can also take photos of pages... read more

  • Splashmusic

    The product is designed to allow people to create music regardless of their musical inclination, skill level, or creativity: the experience is revolut... read more

  • Suno AI Bark

    aBark is a text-to-audio model featuring multilingual speech generation, nonverbal communication, and access to pre-trained model checkpoints for use ... read more


    The product on Producthunt provides real-time speech-to-text and contextual understanding with advanced deep learning models for live captioning, user... read more

  • Synthesizer V

    Synthesizer V is a software that uses deep neural networks to produce realistic singing voices, offering customizable AI pitch generation, unlimited t... read more

  • Synthesys Studio

    Synthesys Studio offers text-to-speech and text-to-video tools featuring over 374 different voices in over 140 languages, allowing businesses to creat... read more

  • Text-To-Song

    A new product is available on Producthunt that uses natural language processing to turn text into audio compositions, offering a wide range of musical... read more

  • TTS-Voice-Wizard

    TTS Voice Wizard is a software that uses Microsoft technology for speech-to-text and text-to-speech conversion, offering over 100 voices and customiza... read more

  • TTSLabs

    TTSLabs is an AI-powered platform that enhances the Text to Speech (TTS) donations system for Twitch streamers. It offers customization options includ... read more

  • TTSMaker

    TTSMaker offers free, unlimited access to over 200 AI voices in multiple languages, allowing users to transform text into speech with advanced customi... read more

  • Uberduck

    Uberduck is an open-source voice AI community that allows users to create AI-generated audio applications quickly and easily using its range of APIs a... read more

  • Verbatik

    Verbatik is an AI-driven tool that converts text into audio content using 600+ voices and 142 languages. The platform offers a sound studio and SSML f... read more

  • is an innovative website offering users the ability to generate cutting-edge AI speech, singing, and voice morphing, with products such as... read more

  • Voicemaker

    Voicemaker is a text-to-speech tool that allows users to create professional-sounding audio content with customizable options, language support, and m... read more

  • Voicepods

    Voicepods offers a web-based text-to-speech tool with 16 international voices, customizable tone and content editor, and a Chrome extension for enhanc... read more

  • VoiceType

    VoiceType is a Chrome extension that allows users to compose and reply to emails on Gmail by speaking out their thoughts, with an advanced algorithm t... read more

  • Voxwave AI

    Voxwave is a tool for converting leads into buyers with highly personalized voice emails that resonate with pre-warmed leads, as well as using static ... read more

  • WellSaid Labs

    WellSaid is an AI-powered text-to-speech tool that offers voice avatars in diverse styles for enterprises to create realistic audio content more effic... read more

  • Whisper

    Whisper is a new speech recognition model designed to improve communication with technology. It is versatile, efficient, trained on diverse datasets, ... read more