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  • 88Stacks

    88Stacks is a platform for creating customized images to establish strong visual brand identity, eliminating copyright issues and offering suggestions... read more

  • Applicant AI

    Applicant AI uses artificial intelligence to generate professional resumes and cover letters in response to a LinkedIn URL. It is currently free to us... read more

  • CanceledGPT

    CanceledGPT is an AI tool that scans through a Twitter user’s entire feed to filter out offensive tweets and spurs the user into action by provi... read more

  • ClipMaker is an AI-powered tool that converts YouTube videos into short clips for sharing on TikTok and Instagram, increasing engagement and growth... read more

  • Clips AI

    Clips AI is a platform that uses AI to predict which clips will generate the most engagement and user interaction, and offers customization and team c... read more


    Commenter.AI is a tool designed to help professionals generate high-quality comments on LinkedIn quickly and efficiently, improving their brand image ... read more

  • ContentIn

    ContentIn is a comprehensive content creation tool for LinkedIn that offers customizable templates, an AI Idea Generator, an AI Writer, post analytics... read more

  • Editby

    Editby is an AI-powered content creation platform that offers fresh ideas and strategies to improve productivity in content and custom insights to mak... read more

  • Extractify

    A new tool allows video content creators to easily generate Twitter and LinkedIn content from their YouTube videos, improving online visibility and au... read more

  • FederAI

    FederAI is an AI-powered content platform that helps users expand their audience on Twitter by curating bespoke content suggestions, crafting viral tw... read more

  • Flight Path

    Flight Path is a Twitter enhancement tool that uses AI to generate personalized tweets for maximum impact and engagement, along with features like twe... read more

  • Followr

    Followr is an AI-driven social media management tool offering automated posting, analytics, and expert support, suitable for all-sized businesses aimi... read more

  • GoCharlie

    GoCharlie is an AI-driven content creation tool that provides an easy and efficient solution for generating 4K media assets, blog posts, influencer co... read more

  • GramBotPlus

    GramBot+ is an Instagram automation tool that uses cutting-edge technology to streamline the growth process and help users efficiently grow their comm... read more

  • Ideacadabra

    Ideacadabra is an AI tool that assists content creators in generating ideas and content for platforms like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. It... read more

  • Influencer Marketing

    IMAI is an influencer marketing platform with AI algorithms and a network of over 300 million influencers. It provides tools for data-driven decision-... read more

  • Linkedin Manager

    The LinkedIn Manager Assistant is an AI software that uses multiple tools to help recruiters optimize their job search efforts on the LinkedIn platfor... read more

  • LinkOut

    LinkOut is an automated software that helps LinkedIn users generate personalized cold messages to establish meaningful connections with potential clie... read more

  • MagicBrief

    MagicBrief is a tool designed to help creative teams streamline their workflow for creating and collaborating on social media ads, with features inclu... read more

  • Outboundly

    Chrome extension Outboundly revolutionizes prospecting with AI-generated personalized cold outreach messages, achieving response rates of up to 42%. I... read more

  • Postwise

    Postwise is an AI Twitter tool that automates creating content and growth tools, offering a free one-week trial to help users take their social media ... read more

  • offers an artificial intelligence-powered content generation tool for social media that includes features such as idea generation, content r... read more

  • Publer

    Publer is a user-friendly virtual social media management application that enables users to manage multiple accounts across different platforms, sched... read more

  • Rizz! Keyboard

    A new iPhone keyboard claims to offer instant access to the world’s most advanced linguistic model, promising to help users compose content fast... read more

  • Scrip AI

    Scrip AI is a free tool that can help users create Instagram video scripts quickly and easily, with tailored content fitting the app’s 30-60 sec... read more

  • Social Comments GPT

    A chrome extension uses OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology to generate captivating comments on social media sites, elevating users’ social media ... read more

  • SocialBee

    SocialBee’s AI Post Generator creates creative and enjoyable social media posts using artificial intelligence, adapting to a brand’s tone ... read more


    Supercreator is a mobile app that uses AI technology to make creating short videos for social media, such as TikTok and Reels, effortless and efficien... read more

  • Taplio

    Taplio is an all-in-one LinkedIn content management solution with AI-generated inspiration, a 3M+ viral post library, post scheduling and automation, ... read more

  • Tribescaler

    Tribescaler is an AI-powered product aimed at helping content creators on Twitter and LinkedIn create viral engagement with exceptional hooks, a user-... read more

  • Tweet Assist App

    Tweet Assist is a Chrome extension that uses AI technology to generate tweets and replies within Twitter. The tool gives users the ability to review a... read more

  • Tweet Hunter

    Tweet Hunter is a social media marketing solution for Twitter that provides a suite of functionalities, including AI-powered writing and rewriting, au... read more

  • Tweet to Video

    A new product can convert Twitter posts into dynamic videos that can be posted on multiple social media platforms with one click, saving time and incr... read more

  • TweetEmote

    TweetEmote is an AI-based tool that analyses your writing patterns and style to help you create engaging and personalized tweets. ... read more

  • Tweetmonk

    Tweetmonk is an AI-powered tool that streamlines Twitter content creation, scheduling, and optimization, with a curated database of popular tweets and... read more

  • Twitter Bio Generator

    ProductHunt launches a tool that creates customized Twitter bios that reflect the user’s intended tone, allowing for an optimized presence on th... read more

  • Viral Curation

    Viral Curation is a user-friendly software that helps businesses maximize organic reach on Facebook and Google by identifying and curating viral conte... read more

  • Yarnit

    Yarnit is an AI platform designed to aid in digital storytelling, minimizing complexity, reducing time and cost while streamlining the content-creatio... read more

  • YT Copycat

    YT Copycat is a free tool that converts YouTube videos into text content, summarizing videos and enabling the generation of blog posts and tweets. The... read more

  • Opus Clip

    Opus Clip is an AI-powered tool designed to help video creators repurpose long videos into shorter, professional clips optimized for social media plat... read more

  • Replai

    Replai is an AI tool that allows users to create engaging and personalized replies to social media posts quickly and easily, with a suite of advanced ... read more