AI tools for Generative Art

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  • Adobe Firefly

    Adobe Firefly is an AI platform that enhances creativity for artists, designers, and creators. It offers potential applications in digital imaging, ph... read more

  • AI Gallery

    AIGallery is an AI-powered image generation tool with diverse models and options for users to create visually appealing images with precision and accu... read more

  • AI Photos

    AI Photos offers users an advanced and user-friendly platform to create unique and personalized avatars using AI-powered algorithms, with a wide array... read more

  • AI Product Photos

    CreatorKit uses an AI-powered tool integrated with Shopify to transform everyday product images into professional-looking photographs with exceptional... read more

  • AI Reality

    AI Reality is an platform that allows users to create augmented reality prototypes using AI technology, providing a user-friendly approach to creating... read more

  • AI Time Machine

    MyHeritage’s AI Time Machine™ uses AI to create realistic avatars of an individual throughout the ages by transforming uploaded photos and com... read more

  • Aigur Client

    Aigur Client is a user-friendly, open-source tool for creating and activating generative AI pipelines, featuring user management, pipeline analytics, ... read more


    Discover an AI-powered interior design tool that transforms living spaces with an extensive range of customizable styles and offers a unique “Sk... read more

  • Amazing AI

    Amazing AI is an AI-powered text-to-image generator app designed to create detailed, visually striking images using deep learning techniques optimized... read more

  • Apeture (by Lexica)

    Apeture is a text-to-image generator using Stable Diffusion model on Lexica website, with advanced algorithms to overcome limitations of traditional m... read more

  • ARTi

    ARTi is an art generator that allows for personalized and visually stunning artwork with diverse character, activity and place options and endless pos... read more

  • Astria

    Astria AI uses AI to generate images based on textual prompts and offers users flexibility and control at an affordable price of $5 for 500 prompts. T... read more

  • AutoDraw

    AutoDraw is a machine learning-powered drawing tool that includes a suggestion feature, is compatible with all devices, and is free to use. ... read more

  • Automatic 1111

    Colab adaptations AUTOMATIC1111 Webui and Dreambooth streamline machine learning by automatically caching files in Google Drive, allowing for easy int... read more

  • Avatar AI

    Avatar AI is an AI imaging tool that creates photo-realistic 4K avatars for online profiles. It offers over 105 styles and emphasizes privacy by delet... read more

  • Bannerbear

    Bannerbear is a marketing automation solution that enables effortless creation of images, videos, PDFs and more for social media and ecommerce banners... read more

  • BeatBot

    BeatBot is a music composition tool that generates original tunes based on text prompts, using a range of sophisticated components and advanced softwa... read more

  • Bing Create

    Microsoft Bing Image Creator uses AI to generate high-quality images based on text, with features including points redemption for Rewards users and a ... read more

  • BlueWillow

    BlueWillow AI is an image-generating AI tool that helps users create logos, graphics, and photo-realistic scenes effortlessly with a user-friendly int... read more

  • Booth.AI

    Booth AI is a new generative AI platform that can quickly create customized and high-quality product photos. The process is simple and includes upload... read more

  • BrainFever

    BrainFever.AI is an AI-driven app that helps users transform text into high-quality images with easy-to-use photo editing tools and a vast array of st... read more

  • Canva Image Generator

    Canva’s Text to Image app uses AI algorithms to create unique and varied images, with a range of styles to choose from and a comprehensive photo... read more

  • Catbird

    Catbird is a multi-model image generator that allows users to create an array of visuals from one prompt, using over 15 different models, and is easy ... read more

  • CF Spark

    CF Spark is a digital art platform with a wide range of tools for painting, drawing, text-to-image transformation, and generating unique patterns. It ... read more

  • Child Book

    Children’s Book Creator is an innovative software application which empowers parents, guardians and educators to create bespoke and personalized... read more

  • Civitai

    Civitai is an AI art creation platform with a user-friendly interface, providing resources, tips, and techniques for both novice and seasoned users. U... read more

  • Clip Interrogator

    The CLIP Interrogator is a tool that can generate innovative prompts and help designers create stunning graphics quickly. It has customizable features... read more

  • ComfyUI

    ComfyUI is a modular software tool with a user-friendly interface designed to execute advanced stable diffusion pipelines that supports SD1.x and SD2.... read more

  • ControlNet Pose

    The ControlNet Pose tool uses advanced technologies to generate images with the same pose as a person in an input image, with the ability to customize... read more

  • Craiyon

    Craiyon, formerly known as DALL·E mini, is an innovative AI model that transforms text prompts into detailed images with high precision and accuracy,... read more

  • Daft Art

    Daft is an AI-powered platform for music creators to design unique album covers in minutes, offering a variety of templates and user-friendly tools. H... read more

  • DALL-E (OpenAI)

    OpenAI’s Dall-e uses advanced AI technology to generate high-quality images from textual descriptions. Dall-e 2 is the latest version with impro... read more

  • ddmm

    A new web-based application offers an ultimate image search solution, with an AI-powered feature to generate images based on specific search quarry or... read more

  • Deep Dream Generator

    Deep Dream Generator is an AI-powered image generation tool that allows users to create authentic images with ease, using features like Text 2 Dream, ... read more

  • Designed With AI

    Design your own unique shirt with ease in six simple steps, available on ProductHunt for free. Choose content, description, style, material, color and... read more

  • is an Agency-as-a-Service platform that uses advanced A.I. technology and human creativity to simplify content creation with cutting-edge t... read more

  • Diffusers

    Diffusers is a Mac app that generates images based on a text description using machine learning, offering a range of settings and complete user privac... read more

  • Diffusion Art

    DiffusionArt is a free online platform designed to help users unleash their creative potential by generating impressive works of art using advanced fe... read more

  • DiffusionBee

    DiffusionBee is a free AI art generator that enables users to effortlessly create images and graphics using features like text-to-image conversion and... read more

  • Doodle Morph AI

    Doodle Morph AI Art Generator is a user-friendly app that uses an AI algorithm to generate artwork from user-generated doodles. It comes with a galler... read more

  • Dream

    WOMBO Dream is an AI-powered platform for creating art instantly, with a vast array of styles to choose from, and access to an extensive community of ... read more

  • Dream Studio

    DreamStudio is a software that utilizes Stable Diffusion image generation model to create top-quality images from text inputs with customizable credit... read more

  • DreamBooth

    An advanced computer program using algorithms to identify and generate a range of images featuring one person in different settings, stances, and ligh... read more

  • Dreamhouse AI

    The article introduces a free tool that offers a range of customizable interior design options to help users create personalized designs for their hom... read more


    Dreamlike Studio is an AI-powered platform for image creation and editing. It offers text2image, image2image, and image variations, as well as image e... read more

  • Easy-Peasy.AI

    Easy-Peasy.AI is a user-friendly AI content creation tool with over 80 templates that caters to different writing tasks, making content creation faste... read more

  • EbSynth

    EbSynth is a software for video transformation that can convert hand-painted keyframe styles to source videos, preserving texture coherence, contrast,... read more

  • Extrapolate

    Extrapolate is a free digital platform that lets users see how they may look at different stages in the future via a personal photo upload, prioritizi... read more

  • Face Landmark ControlNet

    Hugging Face is an innovative online tool that uses cutting-edge technology to create dynamic faces based on uploaded photographs, catering to persona... read more

  • Fiction

    Fiction Tool, an AI media generation platform for professionals, is set to launch on March 15, 2023, offering creative capabilities including mockups,... read more

  • Flair

    Flair’s AI Design Tool for Branded Content allows users to create high-quality marketing assets quickly and affordably, using a library of style... read more


    Fontis.AI is an AI-driven art platform that allows users to create customized artwork, access a gallery of pre-made artwork, purchase high-quality art... read more

  • FreeImage.AI

    The Free AI Image Generator allows users to create visually appealing images in a wide range of sizes while maintaining privacy and offering comprehen... read more

  • Generated Photos

    Generated Photos is an AI-powered tool that offers a selection of royalty-free, high-quality images that match individual requirements, with a user-fr... read more

  • GoCharlie

    GoCharlie is an AI-driven content creation tool that provides an easy and efficient solution for generating 4K media assets, blog posts, influencer co... read more

  • GRAVITI Diffus

    Graviti Diffus is an AI-powered software that enables users to create stunning artwork effortlessly through an intuitive graphical platform and easy-t... read more

  • Hairstyle AI

    The Hairstyle AI tool uses AI technology to create a range of hairstyles specifically tailored to user preferences based on submitted photos, with a f... read more

  • HeroPack

    HeroPack uses AI and video game-inspired aesthetics to create unique avatars. Users upload photos and select up to 14 style options to generate over 1... read more

  • HitPaw AI Art Generator

    The 4AiPaw AI Art Generator app allows users to turn any text into artistic images on iOS, Android or web, and includes a Lucky Dice tool to generate ... read more

  • Hotpot Art Generator

    Hotpot is an AI-powered tool that transforms text descriptions into visually stunning artwork, accessible to all regardless of artistic skills or expe... read more

  • Hugging Face

    Join an AI community of enthusiasts and experts focused on developing and deploying sophisticated machine learning models with an extensive library of... read more


    IconifyAI is an AI-powered app that creates professional-grade icons in seconds, automating color palettes and allowing for creativity and customizati... read more

  • Illustroke

    Illustroke is an AI-driven tool created by Digitalbore OU and Fabio Carbone that generates vector illustrations from simple text prompts, revolutioniz... read more

  • Image AI App

    The Image AI App is an AI image generator that uses advanced artificial intelligence technology to produce visually stunning images across a spectrum ... read more

  • Image Generator AI

    Image Generator (AI) utilizes GPT and DALL-E technologies to produce unique variations of input images, allowing for limitless creativity in creating ... read more

  • Image Mixer

    The Stable Diffusion Image Variations model combines multiple CLIP image embeddings and text concepts to create a high-quality 640×640 image for ... read more


    ImgCreator.AI is an AI image generation tool that lets you create stunning illustrations, anime and concept design images easily from text, and even e... read more

  • InstantArt

    InstantArt offers AI-generated artwork with over 25 stable diffusion models, allowing limitless possibilities for image creation and unshackling creat... read more

  • Interior AI

    InteriorAI uses AI to generate new interior designs from uploaded images, with 17 pre-set styles available. It aims to streamline the interior design ... read more

  • Invoke AI

    InvokeAI is an open-source application that lets users easily generate images by converting text to images or images to images, with an intuitive inte... read more

  • Kaedim

    Kaedim is an AI-powered software that can turn 2D images or sketches into fully-textured 3D models in minutes, offering a streamlined alternative to m... read more

  • Lama Cleaner

    ProductHunt has introduced an image inpainting tool that uses advanced SOTA AI to remove any undesired object or person from pictures. ... read more


    Introducing a new tool for creating visually stunning images, customizing them and improving model accuracy via API along with a guide on how to train... read more


    Leonardo.Ai is an AI-powered tool for game developers that allows users to create a wide range of high-quality game assets, from items and environment... read more

  • Lexica

    Lexica is a user-friendly web application with a vast database of over 5 million AI-generated images and accompanying text prompts aimed at inspiring ... read more

  • Logoscapes

    Logoscapes uses advanced AI filters to create visually dynamic wallpapers and promotional materials, with options like yarn, water, and ink. The $30 p... read more

  • Looka

    Looka is an AI-powered platform that streamlines the process of designing logos and producing marketing materials, with hundreds of templates and reso... read more

  • Mage.Space

    A web-based software tool that utilizes advanced AI-based models to create art and NSFW content with customizable features, offering Pro version upgra... read more

  • Magic AI Avatars

    An AI-powered product on Producthunt offers over 100 personalized avatars to showcase imagination and individuality with high-resolution and realistic... read more

  • Magic Thumbnails

    An AI-powered tool uses algorithms that analyze a video’s title and description to generate a range of custom thumbnails with options for users ... read more

  • Magician for Figma

    Magician is a design tool that uses AI to automate repetitive design tasks, generate icons from text, and produce unique designs with ease. Its Magic ... read more

  • Maigic Book

    The MagicBook app uses AI algorithms to create personalized stories, catering to the interests of each individual user on iPhone, iPad, and Mac device... read more

  • MakeLogoAI

    Make Logo AI is an AI-powered platform that helps businesses create professional logos quickly and easily with customizable options and commercial rig... read more

  • MakeMyTale

    MakeMyTale is an AI-generated storytelling platform for children that offers personalized, interactive and captivating stories. It also features a sim... read more

  • Maze

    Maze Guru is a platform with a Discord bot that generates AI images, offers various diffusion options, and provides access to a gallery and website fo... read more

  • MemeMorph

    MemeMorph is an AI-powered app that morphs selfies into hilarious memes using over 127+ templates and provides a built-in meme builder for personaliza... read more

  • Memorable Ad Maker

    The product features AI-powered optimization for advertising campaigns, using millions of responses to predict asset salience and memorability. ... read more

  • Microsoft Designer

    Microsoft Designer is a powerful web design software that offers a wide range of customization options, user-friendly interface, and streamlined webpa... read more

  • Midjourney Grid Splitter

    MJSplitter is an image-cropping tool designed to quickly and efficiently separate Midjourney Grid images into individual components. The tool streamli... read more

  • Mixture Of Diffusers

    The Mixture of Diffusers tool enables users to navigate a selection of models, datasets, and solutions, linking models and sharing files with a large ... read more

  • Moji

    Moji is an AI writing assistant with advanced features such as email templates, code suggestions, and automated keyword generation, as well as providi... read more

  • Mokker AI

    A new AI-driven software that produces high-quality product visuals in record time, with just a few images, offering over fifty customizable styles. ... read more

  • Monster Mash

    Monster Mash is a sketch-based modeling and animation tool that allows users to quickly create 3D characters with its intuitive interface. It simplifi... read more

  • is an artificial intelligence-based interior design tool that enables users to easily transform any room in their home into a unique... read more

  • Neural Love

    The innovative free tool on Producthunt offers high resolution images and videos, upscaling and outpaint features, Dream-booth models, and colorizatio... read more

  • NightCafe Creator

    NightCafe AI Art Generator is an online platform that uses AI for creating artwork. It offers multiple creation methods and allows users to generate u... read more

  • NVIDIA Canvas

    NVIDIA Canvas uses AI to convert brushstrokes into realistic landscape images with support for 360° panoramas, and flexible options for exporting cre... read more


    The AI-powered tool, available on Product Hunt, can convert links into visually appealing images for online profiles, websites, or blogs, taking the g... read more

  • OpenArt Photo Booth

    The OpenArt Photo Booth is an AI-powered tool that allows users to easily create personalized and vibrant images from real-life photographs using adva... read more

  • Oscar

    Oscar is a mobile app that uses AI technology to deliver personalized bedtime stories for children. It features a user-friendly interface, and it is a... read more