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  • AI Doula

    AI Doula is a comprehensive mobile application that provides pregnancy and maternity assistance with reliable medical advice, baby development guidanc... read more

  • AI Health Mind

    AI Health Mind is an innovative medical advice platform that uses AI technology to provide quick and easy medical guidance without leaving your home. ... read more

  • AnalyzGPT

    AnalyzGPT is an AI-powered tool for detecting fractures and medical issues in x-ray images of feet, hands, and legs. It is free to use and can be used... read more

  • Ask Poppy

    Ask Poppy is an AI-powered platform for expectant and new mothers, offering round-the-clock support on pregnancy, postpartum, and parenting for a mont... read more

  • AweMyFace

    AweMyFace is a skincare app designed to cater to skin health and wellness needs, featuring AI-powered acne detection and routine tracking, as well as ... read more

  • Cradle

    Cradle is a software that uses prediction algorithms and artificial intelligence design suggestions to create advanced proteins quickly and accurately... read more

  • Dr Gupta AI

    Dr. Gupta is an AI-powered chatbot designed to offer personalized health advice based on individual medical information. It provides accurate and tail... read more

  • Facial Assessment Tool

    QOVES Facial Assessment Tool utilizes AI algorithms to analyze facial features and provide personalized skincare recommendations based on skin type, c... read more


    Glass AI is an AI-driven knowledge management system designed for doctors and medical professionals, with a differential diagnosis capability for gene... read more

  • Glow AI

    Glow AI is a personalized skincare solution using an algorithm to generate bespoke routines that are cost-effective and aim to deliver optimal skin pr... read more

  • Hippocratic AI

    Hippocratic AI team’s Statpearls Semantic Search locates accurate information using semantic search techniques, providing a comprehensive databa... read more

  • Hoku

    Hoku is a health platform that offers personalized meal plans, exercise routines, and health programs tailored to individual’s needs, with a cha... read more

  • Lavo AI

    Lavo Life Sciences has created an AI-powered computer simulation designed to predict crystal structures of drug molecules, which can help accelerate d... read more

  • Leny is an AI-powered doctor assistant designed to streamline healthcare processes and save time for medical professionals. Its features include pr... read more

  • LogMeal

    LogMeal Food AI is an innovative product that uses deep learning algorithms to identify over 1,300 dishes, ingredients, and nutritional information. I... read more

  • Longevity Compass AI

    Longevity Compass AI is a personalized program that uses advanced technology and biohacking techniques to enhance longevity and improve overall health... read more

  • Lunit

    Lunit’s medical AI software, INSIGHT and SCOPE, enable doctors to detect cancer earlier and predict treatment outcomes more accurately, improvin... read more

  • MeddiPop

    MeddiPop AI offers medical practices access to qualified leads via advanced patient-matching AI while offering a user-friendly dashboard for managing ... read more

  • MediCodio

    MediCodio is an AI-powered medical coding assistant with advanced features to enhance coding accuracy, optimize operations and improve payer results. ... read more

  • MindMate

    MindMate is an AI-powered mental health companion that provides tailored conversations to offer emotional support, but it is not intended to replace p... read more

  • Sage AI

    Sage is a personal health assistant that uses AI to provide tailored recommendations on exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle choices. It is accessible t... read more

  • SommerAI

    Sommer AI Mental Health combines AI technology with NASA’s Psychology Research to offer diverse therapeutic approaches and education on mental h... read more


    Producthunt has launched a tool powered by AI and GPT to help people explore potential diagnoses for medical conditions. The tool is designed to compl... read more

  • TranquilFibroids

    An affordable natural alternative for fibroid pain management and stress relief is offered through guided meditations and relaxation techniques with f... read more

  • Tuliaa

    Tuliaa is a product that helps users increase their emotional awareness by identifying emotions and providing effective coping mechanisms. It includes... read more

  • Whisper AI

    AI-powered hearing aid with advanced technology that adapts to different environments, provides optimal sound quality, and receives regular software u... read more

  • Woebot Health

    Woebot is an artificial intelligence application designed to support and guide individuals with their mental health needs, using state-of-the-art tech... read more

  • YourDoctor AI

    YourDoctor AI is an AI assistant that provides personalized health advice, customizable to the user’s needs and preferences, revolutionizing the... read more