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  • 5-Out

    5-Out is an innovative restaurant forecasting tool that uses data integration, advanced analytics, and real-time insights to increase profitability an... read more

  • AI Competence is a website that uses GPT-3 artificial intelligence to generate comprehensive reports on companies, including key performance indicators. ... read more

  • AiTax

    AiTax is an AI-based tax preparation software that eliminates errors, increases refunds and protects clients from potential audits. It offers a secure... read more

  • Alphie

    Ojamu is a platform that uses AI and blockchain technology to offer marketing automation and real-time data insights on Web2 and Web3 social channels ... read more

  • Booke AI

    Booke AI is an AI-powered automation tool designed to help accountants and financial professionals streamline bookkeeping, including with auto-categor... read more

  • Candlestick

    Candlestick uses AI and machine learning to provide weekly stock picks that outperform the market, simplifying stock market investing and offering an ... read more

  • ChainGPT

    ChainGPT is a blockchain-based AI model that assists users with crypto and blockchain needs through advanced deep learning techniques and is free duri... read more

  • ChainIntelGPT

    ChainIntelGPT is an AI-powered search engine for blockchain and crypto data, providing real-time access to both on-chain and off-chain data. Its AI in... read more

  • is an artificial intelligence platform that enables users without coding skills to create sophisticated AI models, offering a wide range o... read more

  • CoinScreener is an artificial intelligence-powered tool for crypto traders, providing real-time insights and trading signals for over 1000 markets.... read more

  • simplifies Ethereum smart contract reading, comprehension, and modification, offering features such as syntax highlighting, mobile c... read more

  • Dispute AI

    Dispute AI® is an affordable and AI-powered credit repair tool that generates effective disputes based on consumer protection laws and users’ s... read more

  • DoNotPay

    DoNotPay is a platform offering legal services and self-help tools, simplifying the legal process by providing solutions to navigating complex legal s... read more

  • DYORAI: Your Personal Crypto Research Assistant

    DYORAI is an AI-powered tool offering comprehensive cryptocurrency market analysis, including deep token research, fundamental and sentimental analysi... read more

  • Ellisense

    ElliSense is an AI-powered app for real-time market analysis, providing a Social Sentiment Index and historical market sentiment charts to help trader... read more


    Finchat is an AI-powered chatbot that caters to investors, analysts, and financial advisors with unparalleled coverage of over 750 companies, in-depth... read more

  • Finsheet

    Finsheet offers equities, forex, and crypto data through simple Excel and Google Sheets add-ons, perfect for financial institutions and those with lim... read more

  • Finta

    Finta for Fundraising is an AI-powered tool that streamlines the fundraising process. It features secure and shareable deal rooms, personalized email ... read more

  • Global Predictions Inc

    Global Predictions offers an AI-powered solution for policymakers, investors and corporations to access unbiased insights. Its proprietary Recommendat... read more

  • Gorilla Terminal

    Gorilla Terminal is an AI-driven investment research tool with a suite of features to make research quick, easy, and efficient, helping users keep inf... read more

  • HypeIndex

    HYPEINDEX is an AI-driven solution that offers real-time insights into the effectiveness of AI applications, with customizable reports and metrics to ... read more

  • Lemon Squeezy

    Lemon Squeezy is an all-in-one platform for managing SaaS operations including payment processing, subscription management, multi-currency support, fr... read more

  • MindTrove.AI is an AI-based tool for deep data insights without needing to be technically skilled. It contextualizes data from all sources, allowing i... read more

  • MySocialPulse

    MySocialPulse offers a suite of four AI-powered products that cater to the specific needs of the fintech and regtech industries. These products includ... read more

  • Onesta

    Onesta is a financial advisor search platform with a powerful search engine and innovative AI-powered assistant, OnestaBot, to help individuals find t... read more

  • Paddle

    Paddle offers a comprehensive payment, tax, and subscription management solution for B2B and B2C software companies worldwide. Its features include pa... read more

  • Paymefy

    Paymefy is an AI-powered tool that streamlines debt collection for businesses, providing automation and one-click payments, as well as customization a... read more

  • Pine Script Wizard

    “Pine Script Wizard AIAI Powered ChatGPT” is an AI-powered tool for trading that helps traders create personalized and optimized Pine scri... read more

  • PinkLion

    PinkLion is a new AI-powered investment management tool that offers a range of features, including advanced simulation capabilities, asset forecasting... read more

  • PionexGPT

    Pionex is an online cryptocurrency exchange platform that offers users the ability to buy and sell a variety of cryptocurrencies with automated tradin... read more

  • Pitchgrade

    PitchGrade is an AI-based tool that assists entrepreneurs in creating engaging pitch decks to attract investors. It offers feedback and analysis, stru... read more

  • PitchPal

    PitchPal is an AI-powered tool that generates top-quality startup applications for esteemed accelerators, saving time and effort while ensuring custom... read more

  • Quadency

    Cody is a trading bot that simplifies the trading process by using cutting-edge technology to understand language and execute orders. It covers techni... read more

  • Raizer

    Raizer is an AI-powered solution for startups that simplifies the fundraising process, with an expansive investor database, advanced algorithms for ge... read more


    Rose is a cloud-based data platform that facilitates data accessibility, integration, and sharing with enhanced permissions. It includes infrastructur... read more

  • Shufti Pro

    The company offers innovative customer onboarding solutions that provide KYC and AML checks and ensure regulatory compliance, while also offering a se... read more

  • Stocked AI

    Stocked AI uses machine learning algorithms to provide highly accurate stock predictions, with a subscription-based pricing model to keep services acc... read more

  • StockGPT

    StockGPT is an AI-powered search tool for Tesla’s stock market performance, using quarterly earnings call transcripts dating back to Q2 2011 for... read more

  • Stocknews AI

    Stocknews AI uses AI and machine learning algorithms to provide accurate and timely news updates related to the stock market from various sources, inc... read more

  • Sturppy

    Sturppy is a financial modeling tool designed for startups and small businesses. It offers user-friendly features and templates for efficient financia... read more

  • Sturppy Plus

    Sturppy Plus is an AI-powered platform that provides dedicated CFO services to small to medium businesses at a cost-effective rate, utilizing advanced... read more

  • TaxGPT

    TaxGPT is an innovative tax filing solution that helps taxpayers navigate complex tax laws, maximize deductions, and streamline the tax filing process... read more

  • Trade Foresight

    Trade Foresight is an AI-based platform allowing access to a large global business network, helping users cut costs, make informed business decisions,... read more

  • Trendspider

    TrendSpider’s technical analysis software offers access to over 50 years of market data, automates tedious trading tasks, and provides features ... read more

  • Truewind

    Truewind is an AI-powered bookkeeping and finance tool for startups that automates financial management tasks and provides detailed financial models f... read more

  • Web3 Summary

    Web3 Summary is an AI-powered tool that simplifies crypto projects by analyzing them and providing detailed insights into their tokenomics, economic m... read more

  • Workist

    Workist is an AI-powered software that automates data identification, validation and extraction from business documents, eliminating the need for manu... read more

  • ZeroTax Al

    TaxGPT is an artificial intelligence-powered tax assistance service that provides quick and reliable answers to any tax-related queries. It combines t... read more