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Workist is an AI-powered software that automates data identification, validation and extraction from business documents, eliminating the need for manual work and reducing costs and errors. It offers easy integration to ERP or CRM systems for seamless processing, and has benefits for invoice and purchase order processing and expense management.


Introducing Workist, the cutting-edge and unparalleled AI-powered software that completely revolutionizes the way business documents are processed. Boasting of an array of key features and unparalleled advantages, Workist is a complete game-changer in the realm of document processing.

One of the most noteworthy features of Workist is the automatic data identification system that it comes equipped with. With Workist, relevant data from business documents is seamlessly identified, extracted and validated, eliminating the need for extensive and monotonous manual labour.

Furthermore, Workist also boasts of seamless and effortless integration capabilities, allowing it to be easily connected to any ERP or CRM system, thus triggering subsequent workflows and business processes to make the entire process even more streamlined and efficient.

Another significant advantage of Workist is its complete elimination of manual processing, a key factor in reducing costs and errors involved in tedious manual processes. With Workist, document processing is simplified and optimized like never before.

From invoice processing to purchase order processing to expense management, Workist has various use cases that can benefit any business. The integration of Workist offers immense potential for organizations of all sizes to improve operational efficiency, save time, reduce errors and ultimately become more profitable. Join the revolution today and streamline your organization’s document processing with Workist!

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