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5-Out is an innovative restaurant forecasting tool that uses data integration, advanced analytics, and real-time insights to increase profitability and optimize restaurant operations. It covers a range of restaurant businesses and can be set up easily, providing real-time recommendations and insights.


5-Out is an innovative restaurant forecasting tool that has been specifically designed to enhance net income through a range of advanced features and capabilities. With a focus on data integration, our cutting-edge software utilizes information from various systems such as Point of Sale, labor scheduling, purchasing and inventory, weather, social media, ordering, news, and events to create a comprehensive overview of restaurant operations.

Our advanced analytics capabilities also incorporate machine learning, AI, and predictive analysis to automate decision-making and increase profitability. This allows our clients to make data-driven recommendations that optimize their bottom line and deliver exceptional results.

Real-time insights are another key feature of 5-Out, offering optimized labor and purchasing schedules, lookback reports, and ongoing performance tracking. With use cases that cover a range of restaurant businesses, including Quick Service Restaurants, Bars, Cafes and more, our software is the perfect solution for streamlining labor and purchasing schedules and monitoring performance over time.

Easy to setup and with no onboarding or employee setup needed, 5-Out is the ideal tool for improving your restaurant’s profitability. With just five minutes to get started, our software provides real-time recommendations and insights that enhance efficiency and cost savings. So why not invest in 5-Out today and optimize your restaurant’s net income?

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