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  • AI Bingo

    AI Bingo is a guessing game where players must identify which artist has the strongest connection to the assigned prompt. There are three artists comp... read more

  • AI Face Swapper

    Face Swapper is an AI-powered tool that can perform face swaps in images with precision, handle high-quality images up to 5 MB and detect faces up to ... read more

  • AI Fact Checker

    AI Fact Checker allows users to ensure information accuracy through a Google search of two 50-word facts, with various output formatting options, for ... read more

  • AI Named My Pet

    The AI Named My Pet tool generates personalized names for pets based on their appearance, personality, and preferred media for inspiration. The tool p... read more

  • AI Pet Name Generator

    PetNamer is an AI-powered app that creates unique names for every kind of pet with customisation options such as species, gender and personality trait... read more

  • AI Pickup Lines

    An AI-powered pick-up line generator claims to provide users with creative and entertaining chat-up lines that will impress potential partners; howeve... read more

  • AI Recipe Generator

    A new AI-powered platform generates tailor-made recipes based on a list of inputs. Users can customize recipes according to dietary restrictions, cuis... read more


    Discover an AI-powered interior design tool that transforms living spaces with an extensive range of customizable styles and offers a unique “Sk... read more

  • Algorithm Rank Validator

    Algorithm Rank Validator assesses a tweet’s performance on Twitter against an open-source algorithm, enabling users to optimize their social med... read more

  • Ask the Oracle

    Summarize the text in less than 25 words : “Ask The Oracle provides various self-knowledge services using OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 Turbo, includin... read more

  • AutoDraw

    AutoDraw is a machine learning-powered drawing tool that includes a suggestion feature, is compatible with all devices, and is free to use. ... read more

  • Baked

    Baked uses AI to generate unique images for their products including phone cases, mugs, and t-shirts, but orders are final and cannot be refunded. Shi... read more

  • BarBot AI

    BarBot AI is an app that allows users to make cocktails at home by suggesting recipes based on the ingredients available in their bar, with the help o... read more


    ProductHunt has launched a personalized bedtime story creator with an artificial intelligence feature that enables the creation of customized bedtime ... read more


    A trivia game generator can create customized educational games with any topic, suitable for solo players or groups. ... read more

  • Character.AI

    Character.AI is an advanced software in beta phase that uses neural language models to simulate genuine dialogue with users, providing a platform for ... read more

  • ChessGPT

    ChessGPTPlay is an AI-powered chess tool that offers users a seamless interface to play against the ChatGPT AI, although it has certain limitations an... read more

  • cookAIfood

    CookAIfood is an e-cooking platform using advanced AI to generate unique recipes, personalized diet planners, printable cookbooks, calorie counters, a... read more

  • Cool Gift Ideas uses AI to generate personalized and unique gift ideas based on an individual’s interests and preferences. The platform adapts ... read more

  • Dreamescape

    DreamEscape is an iPhone app that enables users to record their dreams and analyze their hidden meanings with the help of AI-assisted analysis. It als... read more

  • Dreamhouse AI

    The article introduces a free tool that offers a range of customizable interior design options to help users create personalized designs for their hom... read more

  • Dreamily

    Dreamily is an AI-powered writing tool that helps users create captivating stories, characters, and worlds with advanced writing models tailored to th... read more

  • EpicMusicQuiz

    Epic Music Quiz is a free, web-based tool that allows users to create customized music video quizzes to share with friends and family, and includes AI... read more

  • Extrapolate

    Extrapolate is a free digital platform that lets users see how they may look at different stages in the future via a personal photo upload, prioritizi... read more

  • Fantoons

    Fantoons is a free tool for creating fan comics and playing interactive Harry Potter-themed games, allowing users to express their creativity and enga... read more

  • Gift Box

    The latest addition to the producthunt marketplace is an advanced platform that helps users select gifts for loved ones by offering a wide range of op... read more

  • Gift Genie AI

    Producthunt is a free, artificial intelligence-powered gift-finding platform that generates comprehensive lists of gift ideas with a brief and accurat... read more

  • offers an AI-powered, user-friendly platform to generate personalized gift ideas for any occasion without registration or data storag... read more

  • GiftasticAI

    Giftastic.AI uses AI technology to provide personalized gift recommendations based on an individual’s characteristics, interests, and personalit... read more

  • GPT Travel Advisor

    Travel planning platform enables users to design a complete itinerary quickly and easily with must-see attractions, restaurants, and accommodation. ... read more

  • GPTGame

    GPTGame allows gamers to create and play a variety of games, including customizing gameplay and sharing creations with the gaming community, for endle... read more

  • Hairstyle AI

    The Hairstyle AI tool uses AI technology to create a range of hairstyles specifically tailored to user preferences based on submitted photos, with a f... read more

  • Human or Not?

    Human or Not? is a social game that challenges users to determine if their conversation partner is a human or an AI bot. It features a loader wrap and... read more

  • Image To Sound FX

    A new product on Producthunt allows users to extract sound effects from images. The tool, built using the Hugging Face framework, uses advanced image ... read more

  • InstaNovel is a free tool that uses cutting-edge AI technologies to create mini-novels and artwork based on a simple prompt, allowing users to unle... read more

  • Interior AI

    InteriorAI uses AI to generate new interior designs from uploaded images, with 17 pre-set styles available. It aims to streamline the interior design ... read more

  • Maigic Book

    The MagicBook app uses AI algorithms to create personalized stories, catering to the interests of each individual user on iPhone, iPad, and Mac device... read more

  • MaiMovie

    Maimovie is an AI-powered entertainment search tool with over 880,000 movies and TV shows, 2,700,000 cast and crew members, and 137+ over-the-top serv... read more

  • MapsGPT

    Revolutionary producthunt tool with AI technology allows for effortless exploration of nearby locations, generating bespoke maps to guide users to the... read more

  • MealGenie

    MealGenie is an AI-powered platform that offers a vast library of vegan recipes, tips, and expert guidance, with a random recipe generator to provide ... read more

  • MealsAI

    MealsAI is a kitchen software that uses artificial intelligence to help users create unique recipes using any ingredients and accommodating dietary re... read more

  • Meet Millie

    Meet Millie is an AI-powered tool that helps users with personalized features such as pick-up lines and curated date ideas to improve their response r... read more

  • Movie & Book Recommender

    MovieAndBookRecommender is a user-friendly product offering a premium recommendation service for books and movies, using a team of experts and OpenAI ... read more

  • Named by AI

    Named by AI is a name generator that uses AI to deliver exceptional, personalized names based on user preferences, including origin, meaning, populari... read more

  • OurBaby AI

    OurBabyAI uses AI to create lifelike images of a couple’s future offspring based on their pictures. Customers receive the images via email and c... read more

  • Outfits AI

    Advanced AI technology provides a virtual personal styling experience, allowing users to try on different outfits and explore different styles instant... read more

  • Piano Genie

    Piano Genie is a software that allows users to simulate playing a real piano on their computer or phone, using machine learning algorithms and keyboar... read more

  • PlaylistAI

    The article advertises an app designed to enhance music listening experiences by creating personalized playlists with AI prompts and the ability to ad... read more


    A new video-clip search engine has been launched that can help users find the perfect video clip in seconds by simply typing in a phrase. The search e... read more

  • REimagineHome

    Styldod is an AI-powered platform that offers users virtual staging and customization options for interior and outdoor spaces in minutes. The platform... read more

  • Rory

    Rory is an AI platform for parents to create personalized bedtime stories that instill positive values in their children. ... read more

  • Seazn

    Seazn is an artificial intelligence cooking app that simplifies meal planning by creating recipes based on the ingredients available in the home, redu... read more

  • Text-To-Pokemon

    LambdaL Text to Pokemon is an online tool that generates a customized Pokemon character based on inputted text; offering customization options and the... read more

  • Text-To-Song

    A new product is available on Producthunt that uses natural language processing to turn text into audio compositions, offering a wide range of musical... read more

  • The GPT Who Lived

    The GPT Who Lived is a product that allows OpenAI’s GPT-3 to access all Harry Potter books for a seamless writing experience, suitable for autho... read more

  • Tripadvisor Summary

    Tripadvisor Summary tool offers an easy hotel research process by generating a comprehensive summary of a hotel’s reviews using advanced technol... read more

  • Vacay

    The Vacation & Travel Chat Assistant is an AI-powered personal assistant that helps plan and tailor vacations to individual preferences through a... read more

  • Vocal Remover

    An AI-powered application has been developed to extract vocals from any audio file and leaving instrumental components behind to help create karaoke v... read more

  • WatchNow

    WatchNow AI is an app that uses ChatGPT technology to generate personalized lists of movie and show recommendations based on user preferences and view... read more

  • Where to?

    Where To? Let’s Find Out is a software tool that helps individuals discover and explore local attractions with comprehensive details like geogra... read more

  • Wishes AI is a user-friendly web application that uses AI algorithms to generate personalized wishes for loved ones based on their interests and th... read more

  • YourMove

    A new AI-powered flirting tool promises to generate flirty and thoughtful responses and openers to help users make a remarkable impression on their pa... read more

  • Animated Drawings

    Animated Drawings is a digital tool that turns static drawings into interactive animated masterpieces for all ages. It uses advanced cookie technology... read more


    WatchThis.Dev is an innovative tool that uses OpenAI and Vercel Edge Functions to provide users with a curated list of movie and TV show recommendatio... read more