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  • Adaptiv Academy

    Ada, an AI-powered mentor on Adaptiv, offers tailored career guidance and course suggestions to help individuals navigate their career paths with clar... read more

  • AIHairStyles

    Aihairstyles is an AI-powered tool for discovering hairstyles via selfies; it generates eight high-quality images of each selected style in a variety ... read more

  • Apo AI

    Apo is an AI-powered platform that aims to help older adults improve their technological literacy through tailor-made tutorials, personalized advice, ... read more

  • Applicant AI

    Applicant AI uses artificial intelligence to generate professional resumes and cover letters in response to a LinkedIn URL. It is currently free to us... read more

  • Bad Cook Club

    BadCook.Club is a digital platform that offers a vast collection of easy-to-follow, step-by-step recipes to help users master culinary skills and prep... read more


    CareerDekho is an AI-powered career discovery tool that offers personalized career recommendations based on users’ interests, preferences, and p... read more

  • DatingbyAI

    DatingbyAI uses AI technology to create personalized dating profiles for users, analyzing data points such as photos and interests to generate over 60... read more

  • DoNotPay

    DoNotPay is a platform offering legal services and self-help tools, simplifying the legal process by providing solutions to navigating complex legal s... read more

  • Endel

    Endel is a personalized soundscape utility that creates soundscapes based on various inputs and has been proven to enhance focus, lower stress, and im... read more

  • Fingerprint for Success

    Fingerprint For Success offers a comprehensive solution with assessments, courses, and tools to help individuals identify their strengths and weakness... read more

  • FitForge

    FitForge is an AI-powered fitness companion that offers customized workout plans tailored to your specific fitness goals. It uses innovative tools to ... read more

  • Furwee

    Furwee is an AI-powered, conversational tutoring platform designed to provide interactive and engaging learning experiences for children. It offers pe... read more

  • Ghola

    Ghola is an advanced chatbot AI that offers personalized conversation capabilities for deep self-awareness and open-source code for tech enthusiasts. ... read more

  • GlowAI

    The AI-powered skincare routine generator creates customized skincare regimes based on the user’s skin type and budget, using advanced algorithm... read more

  • Habit Driven

    Habit Driven is a mobile app that empowers users to achieve their goals and develop better habits through personalized reporting, expert advice, and a... read more

  • Happy Mama

    HappyMama is a user-friendly tool for expectant mothers which provides comprehensive, accurate, and timely responses to pregnancy-related queries. It ... read more

  • Huberman AI

    The Huberman Lab’s AI-powered website helps people easily access science and health information with timestamped YouTube links and customized su... read more

  • InterviewAI

    InterviewAI is an AI-powered platform that offers a comprehensive suite of tools designed to streamline the interview process for effective candidate ... read more

  • Kayyo

    The Kayyo app provides personalized mixed martial arts training plans and exercises with progress tracking and a virtual sparring partner, available f... read more

  • Labworks

    Sage, an AI-driven personal health assistant from Labworks, offers tailored health and wellness advice based on a comprehensive survey of an individua... read more

  • Langotalk

    A language learning tool on Product Hunt uses an AI chatbot for six times faster learning in Spanish, English, French, German, Dutch, or Italian. ... read more

  • LanguagePro

    LanguagePro is an AI-powered language-learning platform that offers translation, grammar correction, text summarization, Q&A, and free conversati... read more

  • Make My Workout

    Make My Workout offers personalized fitness plans based on individual needs, preferences, and lifestyles, using state-of-the-art algorithms to optimiz... read more

  • Meet Millie

    Meet Millie is an AI-powered tool that helps users with personalized features such as pick-up lines and curated date ideas to improve their response r... read more

  • Napkin

    Napkin is an innovative tool that aids users in collecting and organizing their ideas in a hassle-free manner, with its direct entry, iPhone compatibi... read more

  • NetworkAI

    NetworkAI by Wonsulting is an innovative tool that utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to connect job seekers with hiring managers a... read more

  • Ogimi

    Ogimi Labs has launched AI-generated personalized meditation to help individuals manage stress, anxiety, focus and relationships, and improve sleep. T... read more

  • is an AI-powered debating tool that allows users to engage in lively debates on any topic of their choosing, with AI algorithms analyzin... read more

  • Parentivity Bot

    Parentivity is a platform that offers personalized advice, activities, and learning modules for parents. It integrates with GPT-3 and has a user-frien... read more

  • Personal AI is a cutting-edge platform that helps users unlock the potential of AI by creating their own personal AI to augment their cognitive abilit... read more

  • Poised

    Poised is an AI-powered communication coach designed to provide real-time feedback and analysis to improve communication skills. It offers features su... read more

  • PrayGen

    PrayGen is an AI-powered application that uses algorithmic models to extract relevant verses for individual prayer needs, while declining any inapprop... read more

  • Prodigy AI

    Prodigy AI is an AI-powered platform for software engineers that offers career guidance, assessments, job opportunities, and pay-rate insights with ad... read more

  • ResumAI

    ResumAI is an online resume building tool that allows users to create professional resumes in a matter of minutes, even those with minimal technical s... read more

  • Rissun

    Rissun is an upcoming AI-powered dream journal that assists users in recording and interpreting dreams securely and seamlessly, with multiple essentia... read more

  • SermonGPT

    This text promotes a tool that can generate a Sunday service sermon in seconds based on a “big idea,” allowing for efficient and inspiring... read more

  • Skinive

    Skinive is an AI-powered dermatology tool that can identify skin diseases, provide personalized risk assessments, and offer detailed advice on how to ... read more

  • Socra

    Socra is an AI-powered platform that helps individuals reach their goals with limited free usage and subscription tiers that offer extended access to ... read more

  • Symptom Checker AI is an AI-driven medical symptom checker that helps individuals understand their symptoms and potential causes. It’s not a substitu... read more

  • Talk to Books (Google)

    An AI-powered search engine that can answer natural language questions about books and deliver tailored results from a vast database. ... read more

  • TalkPal

    TalkPal is an AI language tutor that enhances listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills with tailored feedback and corrections. It is free and ... read more

  • Transvribe

    Transvribe is a tool for optimizing productivity on YouTube, using advanced AI embeddings technology to search through any video regardless of its len... read more

  • Travelmoji

    TravelMoji offers an AI-powered trip planner for hassle-free travel planning, including transportation, accommodation, and itinerary planning needs. ... read more


    Tute.AI offers virtual tutoring using its innovative approach and cutting-edge technology, such as the GPT language model, to provide highly personali... read more

  • TutorAI

    Revolutionary software generates tailored courses to meet educational needs by typing in a prompt. Customizable, user-friendly interface ensures optim... read more

  • Unschooler

    A personal AI mentor has been developed to help users learn everything they need to know in just a few minutes, catering to their interests and career... read more

  • Upheal

    Upheal is an AI-powered platform designed to assist mental health professionals. It includes automated notes, video calls, and detailed analytics, alo... read more

  • Write A Card

    The AI Card Writer is a free tool that generates pre-written content for Valentine’s Day, birthday, and Christmas cards, making it easy for user... read more

  • Yoodli

    Yoodli is a speech coaching tool using AI to provide real-time feedback on speech patterns, pacing and word choice, with audio and visual feedback. Us... read more