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  • Ai-Ads

    A new AI-powered advertising solution has been launched exclusively on Product Hunt promising high-performance campaigns to deliver better ROI and per... read more

  • AskMetric

    Ask Metric is a chat technology that uses AI algorithms to fetch relevant data and analytics for e-commerce platforms, providing insights and recommen... read more

  • Cargo

    An automated platform designed for businesses, providing advanced analytics, machine learning, and custom workflows for more productive decision-makin... read more

  • is an AI platform offering personalized services including site search, product recommendations, email, social media, and ads to increase sal... read more

  • Creatext

    Creatext is an AI-based tool that helps sales and marketing teams achieve trigger-led growth by generating personalized text snippets and enhancing th... read more

  • Cresta

    Cresta AI is an AI-powered contact center intelligence tool designed to enhance customer interactions, boost performance, and provide real-time insigh... read more

  • Crystal

    Crystal is a product that utilizes personality data to provide insights into prospects’ personalities, assisting in effective communication, mes... read more

  • Cuetap

    CueTap uses AI to offer sales teams automated Battlecards and Competitive Intelligence, providing insights into competitors’ products and servic... read more

  • Delve

    Delve AI is an AI-powered tool that helps businesses build data-informed buyer personas through Live Persona, Social Persona, and Competitor Persona, ... read more

  • DemandCapture

    DemandCapture is an AI-driven demand generation agency in New York, with features like account-based marketing and appointment setting to enhance mark... read more

  • Dux-soup

    Dux-Soup is an automation tool for LinkedIn that allows businesses to connect with ideal target audiences and run campaigns, with features including p... read more

  • GETitOUT

    GETitOUT is an AI persona and text generator that makes creating personas for marketing easy by extracting information from competition, generating pr... read more

  • Harvey

    The AI Sidekick is an innovative tool that uses AI to provide insightful suggestions aimed at streamlining the work processes of organizations and bus... read more

  • Hot Reach AI

    Hot Reach AI is an AI-powered tool that generates personalized opening lines for cold outreach emails, increasing engagement and conversion rates whil... read more

  • Industrial Data Labs

    A new AI tool automates bill of material workflows by reducing the time and effort required by sales teams, freeing them to focus on selling. ... read more

  • Instantly is an email outreach tool with unlimited sending capability and list cleaning and personalization features to help improve deliverability... read more

  • Kahuna

    Kahuna allows experts to monetize their knowledge through paid monthly subscriptions, using AI technology for quick initial responses and the ability ... read more

  • KalendarAI

    SalesGPT is an AI-powered sales automation software that utilizes live chat sessions to generate meetings and revenue from potential customers across ... read more

  • Lavender

    Lavender is an AI-powered email assistant for professionals that helps write better emails and receive more positive replies, while prioritizing user ... read more

  • Leadingly

    Leadingly offers automated solutions for B2B lead acquisition, providing high-quality leads and boosting revenue through state-of-the-art technology. ... read more

  • LensAi

    LensAI is an AI-powered contextual computer vision ad solution that offers contextual targeting, privacy-focused ad targeting, and unique in-image and... read more

  • Looti

    The AI-powered platform helps businesses streamline lead generation, hyper-segment data, personalize outreach and provides access to comprehensive lea... read more

  • MailMentor

    MailMentor is an AI-powered platform offering customized sales messages that can enhance revenue growth and increase engagement among prospects, with ... read more

  • Make

    Make is a no-code platform that allows users to design, build, and automate complex workflows with an innovative visual interface, boosting productivi... read more

  • Maritess

    Maritess is an AI-powered content creation platform designed for busy marketers and entrepreneurs, delivering high-quality, customized, and search eng... read more

  • Marketplan

    The All-In-One Marketing Platform is a software that offers a complete package of value-driven services for planning, execution, projection, and optim... read more

  • Mnemonic AI

    Mnemonic AI uses public and owned data to deliver comprehensive customer profiles, enabling businesses to gain valuable insights into customer prefere... read more

  • Octane AI

    Octane AI offers a product quiz and zero-party data platform for Shopify brands to increase revenue through customization and personalization. It prov... read more

  • Omneky

    Omneky is an AI-powered platform that offers personalized design solutions, data-driven design, campaign management and creative orchestration for adv... read more

  • is an advanced artificial intelligence sales tool that generates personalized and effective sales outreach emails, improving conversion rates... read more


    Ori AI is a platform offering sales-enabling technology, pre-trained, multi-lingual chatbots, and free lifetime updates for businesses seeking to enha... read more

  • offers custom AIs to optimize workflow processes, improve customer support, and automate decision making in a range of businesses and organiz... read more

  • Outplayhq

    Outplay is a multichannel sales engagement tool with features to help sales teams streamline campaigns, personalize outreach and engage prospects on e... read more


    Outboundify is an AI-driven email platform that helps individuals create personalized email campaigns with high efficiency and increased outcomes, inc... read more

  • PersonaGen

    PersonaGen is an AI-powered user-persona generator software that helps businesses analyze and understand their target audience. The software offers po... read more

  • is a cold email automation tool designed to enhance outbound business communication through AI-powered sequences, built-in validation tools, a... read more

  • Purple Wave

    Purple Wave is an AI-powered digital marketing platform that generates personalized sales funnels, email campaigns, and sales pages with an intuitive ... read more

  • utilizes machine learning to build Lookalike Audiences for businesses, pre-scoring 96% of US adults based on 3,000 attributes for optimal... read more

  • Quicklines

    Quicklines is an AI-powered cold outreach assistant that optimizes your outreach process, offering an impressive social scraping functionality and nat... read more

  • Ravyn

    Ravyn is a tool powered by AI that captures and categorizes insights to create next-generation client profiles, making it easier to cultivate relation... read more

  • Regie

    Regie is an AI-powered platform that assists sales, marketing and success teams in creating highly engaging content. It converts vast quantities of da... read more


    Reply is an AI-generated sales engagement platform that helps businesses expand their clientele and increase profitability. It offers multi-channel se... read more

  • Roketfy

    Roketfy is an AI-driven platform designed to help Etsy sellers optimize their listings, research high-demand products, and gain customer insights to i... read more

  • Salee

    The text promotes a LinkedIn outreach platform that uses state-of-the-art technology for generating personalized messages to make an impact. ... read more

  • Sales Stack

    SalesStack is a solution that allows you to train your own AI to handle all customer communications across multiple channels, optimizing your sales ou... read more

  • Salesforge

    Salesforce is a sales execution tool with real-time AI and machine learning capabilities, email deliverability solutions, and cold email outreach pers... read more

  • SalesMind AI

    SalesMind AI is an AI-powered platform that helps businesses improve their B2B sales efforts through personalized outreach, automation tools, and adva... read more

  • Salient

    Salient is an AI-powered sales development representative that improves outbound marketing by providing human-like communication and proactive interac... read more

  • Second Nature AI

    Producthunt uses AI-driven machine learning for sales role-play training, offering personalized, real-time feedback to optimize performance. ... read more

  • Sku Fetch

    Sku Fetch is an e-commerce platform using artificial intelligence to list retail products on multiple marketplaces with optimal market appeal, and fet... read more

  • SmartScout

    The AI Listing Architect, powered by SmartScout, uses AI technology to optimize Amazon product listings for SEO, providing recommendations and insight... read more

  • Smartwriter

    AI Cold Emails is a tool that uses AI technology to help users craft highly-personalized emails and LinkedIn messages to potential leads, resulting in... read more

  • SuperTeam

    SuperTeam is a platform that uses intuitive ChatGPT technology to provide support for businesses through tailored features for Shopify. It automates s... read more

  • Sybill

    Sybill is an advanced tool that generates precise and human-like summaries of sales calls, capturing emotional reactions and analyzing conversations f... read more

  • Trade Foresight

    Trade Foresight is an AI-based platform allowing access to a large global business network, helping users cut costs, make informed business decisions,... read more

  • Typewise

    An AI platform designed to streamline customer interactions and automate routine tasks is available for businesses of all sizes, freeing up staff to w... read more

  • Usetwain

    Twain is a free platform that helps sales professionals evaluate their sales pitch, identify gaps, and increase their performance. ... read more

  • VarosAI

    Varos is a platform for individuals and businesses to track and benchmark their marketing KPIs against competitors and receive personalized reports, w... read more

  • Xokind

    XOKind offers businesses AI solutions for customer support, travel, and sales operations. Their platform simplifies the implementation of machine lear... read more

  • Zapier

    Zapier is a platform that offers seamless app integration and comprehensive funnel management tools, catering to entrepreneurs and professionals acros... read more