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  • A.V. Mapping

    A.V. Mapping uses AI technology to help filmmakers quickly locate and select the perfect music for their videos, as well as serving as a platform for ... read more

  • AI Jingle Generator

    Call Me Fred’s AI Jingle Generator creates customized jingles for radio stations, podcasts, and other media activities, tailoring output to spec... read more

  • AI Music Generator

    The AI Music Generator is an easy-to-use tool that allows users to create personalized, royalty-free music, making it suitable for a variety of indivi... read more

  • ai-coustics

    Ai Coustics is a software that enhances the quality of audio recordings such as social media content, voice notes, podcasts, and lectures, with precis... read more

  • AIbstract

    AIbstract is a cloud-based software solution that uses artificial intelligence to create bespoke, copyright-free music in real-time, with a user-frien... read more

  • AIVA

    AIVA is an AI platform for music composition, offering users the ability to explore various music styles and create compositions effortlessly. The pla... read more

  • Amadeus Code

    Evoke Music is an AI-powered songwriting assistant designed to inspire and empower songwriters. It offers unlimited inspiration, instant melodies, and... read more

  • Amper Music

    Amper Music is an AI-driven tool that streamlines music production for content creators seeking custom soundtracks. It offers high levels of customiza... read more

  • AnthemScore

    AnthemScore is a software that uses AI and machine learning algorithms to convert audio files into sheet music or guitar tabs with automatic note dete... read more

  • Artificial Intelligence Songwriter

    These Lyrics Do Not Exist is an AI songwriting tool that allows users to create customizable, original lyrics on a range of topics and genres, with a ... read more

  • Audioshake

    AudioShake uses AI to break down songs into stems, making it easier for users to create new music compositions, as well as for remastering and samplin... read more

  • AV Mapping

    AvMapping is an AI-based tool for professional filmmakers that offers a range of services, including music search, noise reduction technology, photo m... read more

  • Beatly Music AI

    Beatly Music offers a user-friendly interface for exploring and submitting AI-generated music, with editor features to gain visibility within the comm... read more

  • is a website that utilizes artificial intelligence techniques to create high-quality, mood-based music. It offers eight genres, sixteen mo... read more

  • Boomy

    Boomy is AI-powered music automation software that allows users to create original songs in seconds, customize every aspect, and distribute to major s... read more

  • offers focus music that uses soothing rhythmic pulses to stimulate the brain for optimal attention and productivity without distractions. ... read more


    Cyanite uses AI to provide fast and accurate music searches and tagging, including audio-based similarity searches, keyword searches, and song recomme... read more

  • Dadabots

    DADABOTS is an AI product that uses deep learning algorithms to generate music in math rock and black metal genres, enabling the sustainment and growt... read more

  • Doctor Mix AI Synth

    Martinic’s AI Synth is an innovative music production tool that utilizes ChatGPT-generated DSP code. It is open-sourced and available on GitHub,... read more

  • Drumloop AI

    Drum Loop AI is an AI-powered tool for generating high-quality drum loops in various genres with adjustable tempo. It offers a user-friendly interface... read more

  • Emergent Drums

    Emergent Drums by Audialab is a music plugin that delivers AI-generated drum samples for music producers and artists. It offers an extensive library o... read more

  • Emusion

    Emusion AI Music Analysis and Discovery Tool uses AI to offer a user-friendly music discovery experience, analyzing users’ musical preferences t... read more

  • Endel

    Endel is a personalized soundscape utility that creates soundscapes based on various inputs and has been proven to enhance focus, lower stress, and im... read more


    EVITA is an AI-powered singing instructor that features character analysis, hero’s journey, internal monologue, and lesson summarizer functions ... read more

  • Evoke Music

    Evoke Music is a royalty-free music library created by artificial intelligence with original tracks suitable for any content creation project, searcha... read more

  • GetSound Ai

    GetSound is a sound streaming platform designed for spas, hotels, and resorts, offering personalized, high-quality soundscapes to create ambient atmos... read more

  • Groot Music

    Groot is a music streaming platform with AI-powered technology that offers personalized playlists and recommendations, creative tools, and innovative ... read more

  • Harmonai

    Open-source generative audio tools have been released by a collaborative group dedicated to making music production more accessible. The software is d... read more


    LALAL.AI is an AI-powered vocal remover and music source separation platform that allows users to extract vocals, accompaniment, and instruments from ... read more

  • Landr

    Landr is an all-in-one platform for music production, offering AI-driven mastering and over $3000 of plugins, samples, and essential tools. ... read more

  • Lemonaid Music

    Lemonaid, an AI-powered music production tool, offers access to millions of musical ideas and a “beat block” eliminator to help users brea... read more

  • Loudly

    Loudly offers a comprehensive library of varied, royalty-free music tracks and a unique AI music generation functionality, accessed through a website ... read more

  • Magenta Studio

    Magenta Studio offers an exceptional collection of music plugins for both standalone and Ableton Live software, powered by innovative open source tool... read more

  • Maroofy

    The application is an innovative tool for music discovery, allowing users to search for specific songs or artists and get recommendations with similar... read more


    MIDI-GPT is an advanced tool that uses MIDI-GPT along with GPT-3.5-turbo and few-shot prompting technologies to generate MIDI files from natural langu... read more

  • Musenet (OpenAI)

    OpenAI’s MuseNet is a powerful deep neural network that can generate complex musical compositions up to 4 minutes long in 10 different instrumen... read more

  • Musicfy

    A platform that allows users to create their own AI covers and explore an extensive library of covers for all your favorite songs, with pre-trained mo... read more

  • MusicLM

    MusicLM is a music generation tool that can create high-quality music from simple text descriptions at a rate of 24 kHz. It can also condition generat... read more

  • MusicStar.AI is a tool for creating professional-quality music with features including a lyrics editor, vocal recording, music production and mixing, ... read more

  • Muzaic Studio

    “Revolutionary music creation platform offers AI-generated custom soundtracks in 60 seconds with copyright protection, created by professional m... read more


    MyVocal.AI is a free tool with advanced voice recording and text-to-speech features, customizable voice templates, and the ability to clone your own v... read more

  • Natural Language Playlist

    Natural Language Playlist is an AI-generated mixtape platform that helps users discover new music and offers opportunities for independent artists to ... read more

  • Open Voice OS

    Open Voice OS is a Linux distribution platform for Open Source Voice AI that offers extensive device support, ongoing performance optimizations, and a... read more

  • Orb Producer

    Orb Producer Suite 3 is an AI-powered bundle of four plugins – Chords, Melody, Bass, and Arpeggios – that enhance music production. The plugins of... read more

  • Playlistable

    The Perfect AI Playlist Generator creates personalized playlists based on mood or listening history, and allows for customization with seamless Spotif... read more

  • PlaylistAI

    The article advertises an app designed to enhance music listening experiences by creating personalized playlists with AI prompts and the ability to ad... read more

  • PlaylistGenius AI

    Playlist Genius is an AI-driven music assistant that creates personalized playlists based on user preferences, moods, and activities. It uses ChatGPT ... read more

  • Polymath

    Polymath is a machine learning tool that transforms music libraries into production sample libraries by analyzing, grouping, and classifying songs int... read more

  • Prodia

    Prodia is an AI integration platform that democratizes access to AI technology through its fast and user-friendly API for generating images and music.... read more

  • Quasi

    Quasi Ventures is an AI marketplace that offers a range of content creation tools, AI tutoring, and business tools such as coding and debugging capabi... read more

  • Revocalize AI

    Revocalize is an AI-driven tool that can convert any audio file into a vocal track that emulates the vocal style of popular singers, with an intuitive... read more

  • Riffusion

    Stable Diffusion’s open-source AI model generates high-quality images and audio from text inputs. Riffusion has adapted it into an advanced audi... read more

  • RipX

    RipX is an audio editing solution featuring 21-day free access to tools including supply missing audio parts, create stems, remix tracks and fix audio... read more

  • Samplette

    ProductHunt allows users to filter and search for music with precision and AI algorithms, with a randomize button for surprise results. Copyright prot... read more

  • SongR

    SongR is a platform that allows users to easily create custom songs by choosing a genre, inputting a prompt or lyrics, and selecting a singer. It can ... read more

  • Songtell

    Songtell is an AI-generated platform with 20,000 song meanings that breaks down lyrics and offers bespoke posters with favourite song lyrics. ... read more

  • Sonify

    Sonify creates innovative audio-centric products using sound, data and cutting-edge technology to enhance user experiences and provide impactful solut... read more

  • Soundful

    Soundful is an AI-based music production platform that allows creators to generate immersive, royalty-free tracks easily and without prior musical exp... read more

  • Soundraw

    A music production AI technology generates novel and copyright-free music. Choose genre, length, energy, and adjust pacing seamlessly. Use code “... read more

  • Spot A Like

    Spotalike is a web-based platform that generates personalized Spotify playlists based on users’ music preferences, using algorithms and data ana... read more

  • Staccato

    Staccato Music is a software that can generate new musical composition ideas from MIDI files and assist in crafting lyrics with generated verses based... read more

  • Synthesizer V

    Synthesizer V is a software that uses deep neural networks to produce realistic singing voices, offering customizable AI pitch generation, unlimited t... read more

  • Text-To-Song

    A new product is available on Producthunt that uses natural language processing to turn text into audio compositions, offering a wide range of musical... read more

  • Texttomusic

    Text to Music is a platform that uses prompts and text descriptions to generate exceptional drum and audio tracks with AI-generated unique audio optio... read more

  • Trending sounds

    A daily trending sounds email service enables users to stay updated on the latest viral sounds, giving them a competitive edge and simplifying the con... read more

  • is an AI tool that analyzes songs and can detect unholy or inappropriate themes, including erotica, blasphemy, and adultery. It is useful fo... read more

  • VirtuozyAI

    VirtuozyAI is a personal musical assistant that uses artificial intelligence to provide tailored assistance to musicians, allowing them to collaborate... read more

  • Vocal Remover

    An AI-powered application has been developed to extract vocals from any audio file and leaving instrumental components behind to help create karaoke v... read more

  • Vocaloid

    Yamaha’s VOCALOID6 is an AI-based music production technology that provides a range of musical tools including voicebanks and accessories to emp... read more

  • Voicify

    Voicify is a platform that allows users to create their own AI-generated renditions of their favorite musical artists, with an expansive selection of ... read more