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  • analogenie

    Analogenie is a free and user-friendly tool that generates unique analogies for various forms of writing, accessible with a single click. ... read more

  • Awesome ChatGPT prompts

    A repository of curated prompts helps users maximize the potential of OpenAI-trained ChatGPT model to generate human-like text responses for chatbots.... read more

  • Civitai

    Civitai is an AI art creation platform with a user-friendly interface, providing resources, tips, and techniques for both novice and seasoned users. U... read more

  • Datafit

    ChatGPT Prompts is a chatbot-powered platform connecting learners and educators to create and share prompts in various areas of interest for collabora... read more

  • Decktopus

    An AI solution helps businesses create product launch copy with free prompt templates, suggested questions, top-quality answers, and AI-assisted tone ... read more

  • Diffusion Art

    DiffusionArt is a free online platform designed to help users unleash their creative potential by generating impressive works of art using advanced fe... read more

  • Easy Prompt

    EasyPrompt is an AI-powered tool that helps users optimize their AI tools with smart prompts using machine learning capabilities. ... read more

  • eCommerce ChatGPT Prompts

    ChatGPT eCommerce Prompts provides over 2 million pre-built eCommerce prompts and personalized prompt parameters, as well as inspiration from around t... read more

  • ePromptly

    ePromptly is an innovative platform that offers a comprehensive suite of prompts for fast and effortless content creation, alongside a marketplace for... read more

  • FlowGPT

    FlowGPT is a productivity platform that utilizes ChatGPT prompts to help streamline tasks, manage schedules, and increase productivity. The AI-powered... read more

  • Fusion

    Fusion is an innovative software designed to generate writing prompts that are unparalleled in quality and ingenuity through the use of cutting-edge t... read more

  • Geniea

    Geniea is a personal optimization tool powered by GPT-3.5 and assists individuals by generating prompt and relevant responses based on user inputs. ... read more

  • GitFluence

    GitFluence is an AI-powered software that simplifies Git complexities with an intuitive, user-friendly interface to suggest suitable Git commands to m... read more

  • GPT Cheat Sheet

    The article promotes a collection of ChatGPT prompts, third-party software products, and insightful tips to help business owners maximize their use of... read more

  • Humanloop

    Humanloop offers a software development kit designed to improve GPT-3 by allowing users to collect feedback, experiment with prompts and models, and f... read more

  • Markprompt

    Markprompt simplifies the process of creating GPT-4 prompts for Markdown docs, providing an easy-to-use tool that supports multiple file formats, Open... read more

  • Midjourney Prompt Generator

    Midjourney Prompt Generator is a web tool that generates prompts based on text input and customizable options to aid creativity. Users can choose from... read more

  • MidJourney Styles & Keywords

    The MidJourney AI guide contains helpful information for utilizing the product, including a resolution comparison chart and optimization tips for fast... read more

  • NeutronField

    NeutronField is a marketplace platform for AI text-to-image prompt creation, allowing users to monetize their creations and collaborate with other cre... read more

  • Ordinary Prompts is a platform designed to help users explore AI-generated prompts, offering customized prompts across genres and topics, a c... read more


    A new image-sharing tool uses a Stable Diffusion Algorithm to produce stunning and unique visuals and offers an array of user-friendly features and fu... read more

  • PrompBase

    PromptBase is an advanced prompt generator tool that enables users to create visually-stunning content with ease by customizing their prompts to align... read more

  • Prompt Hunt

    Prompt Hunt is a tool that allows users to create and edit themes using hundreds of styles, including popular themes, and offers pricing plans tailore... read more

  • Prompt Plus

    ChatGPT Prompt Plus is a software tool for efficient prompt template management. It offers customizable hotkeys, categorization, and parameter binding... read more

  • Prompt Silo

    ProductHunt has unveiled a prompt builder, aimed at helping content creators generate fresh and engaging ideas, free of charge. The mid-journey prompt... read more

  • Prompt Storm

    Prompt Storm is a Google Chrome extension that leverages language processing to simplify the writing process and provide access to the ChatGPT communi... read more

  • PromptBase

    PromptBase is a platform providing users with an exceptional marketplace to find and sell prompts designed to work with cutting-edge AI language model... read more

  • PromptExtend

    MidJourney’s Prompt Extension AI tool generates enhanced art prompts to unleash creativity in a diverse range of artists, offering users the opt... read more

  • PromptPerfect

    PromptPerfect is a prompt optimization tool for large language models and LMOps, offering customizable settings, multi-language prompt options, and qu... read more

  • PromptPlays offers an automation technology and Apple Shortcuts platform with an intuitive interface and a Plays Marketplace to enhance productivit... read more

  • Promptstacks

    Introducing a product with pre-vetted prompts specifically designed to enhance large language models, along with engineering support and a community r... read more

  • Public Prompts

    Access free, high-quality image prompts from a diverse range of models and embeddings that can be used to inspire creativity and maximize design poten... read more

  • SaaS Prompts

    SaaS Prompts is a tool with 500+ actionable and effective ChatGPT and AI prompt ideas for SaaS founders, entrepreneurs, and marketers to help grow the... read more

  • ShowGPT

    ChatGPT offers a variety of curated prompts for coding and creating, allowing users to collaborate and vote for the best prompts. ... read more

  • Snack Prompt

    Snack Prompt is a ChatGPT extension that provides an extensive selection of curated prompts by the community, rankings, saving and sharing of favorite... read more

  • Sticker Prompt Generator

    The Sticker Prompt Generator is a user-friendly tool that creates up to 10 different styles of stickers with one click. It offers an array of features... read more