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  • DeepL Translate

    DeepL Pro is a translation tool that uses AI and neural networks for accurate translations. It offers data security, customization, and integration op... read more

  • Langotalk

    A language learning tool on Product Hunt uses an AI chatbot for six times faster learning in Spanish, English, French, German, Dutch, or Italian. ... read more

  • LanguagePro

    LanguagePro is an AI-powered language-learning platform that offers translation, grammar correction, text summarization, Q&A, and free conversati... read more

  • OpenL

    OpenL is an AI-powered translator that supports various languages, including Klingon, and offers a user-friendly interface. Its Pro version offers adv... read more

  • SuenaGringo

    New tool helps Spanish-speaking immigrants communicate with their boss, children’s teachers, and clients by breaking down language barriers with... read more

  • Targum Video

    Targumbeta is a tool for translating social media videos in any language to any other language. Its advanced algorithms identify and transcribe the vi... read more

  • Translate.Video

    Translate.Video is a video translation application that offers features such as captioning technology, subtitle translation, and AI voice-over to prov... read more

  • Whisper (OpenAI)

    Whisper is a powerful open-source automatic speech recognition system that can handle diverse accents, background noise, technical jargon, and obscure... read more

  • Zeemo AI

    The Zeemo tool is an automated captioning and video editing solution offering extensive captioning in multiple languages, dynamic styling options, tra... read more