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  • 0xAi

    0xAi Stable Diffusion Prompt Generator simplifies the process of generating prompts for stable diffusion by translating a few words into specialized p... read more

  • AgileGPT

    AgileGPT is an AI-driven coaching platform designed to enhance team productivity, streamline communication, automate key tasks, and offer data-driven ... read more

  • AI Prompt Randomizer

    The AI Prompt Randomizer is a web-based tool for generating customizable prompts to help users spark creativity and imagination in areas such as writi... read more

  • AI Templates

    AI Templates offer production-ready prompts for various business and marketing tasks, tailored to the user’s business context, and optimized for... read more

  • AIAM by Geeklab

    AIAM is a platform that uses artificial intelligence to help businesses create high-quality content in over 25 languages, including images, and offers... read more


    ChatGPT is a productivity tool on ProductHunt that offers prompt templates for various domains. It aims to help creative and analytical minds overcome... read more

  • BetterPrompt

    An AI-powered product that enhances Midjourney prompts with support for over 100 languages to captivate and engage a diverse audience. ... read more

  • Chat Prompt Genius

    Chat Prompt Genius is an AI-powered web application designed to generate high-quality prompts and content ideas for chatbot conversations. Its intuiti... read more

  • ChatHub

    ChatHub is a chatbot client that offers support for multiple chatbots, a unique multi-chat feature, faster ChatGPT API mode and upcoming GPT-4 technol... read more

  • ChatX

    ChatX offers a platform for buying and selling prompt packages to cater to various AI models, including Generative AI, ChatGPT, DALL·E, Stable Diffus... read more

  • Clio

    The Stable Diffusion Prompt Generator is a versatile tool offering unique and inspired prompts from various sources, catering to artists, researchers,... read more

  • CreativAI

    CreativAI is a writing tool that uses machine learning to create engaging content quickly and easily, making the writing process enjoyable and cost-ef... read more

  • Dallelist

    Dallelist is a platform that allows users to create customized prompts easily using images and styles. It also offers a chrome extension for quick acc... read more

  • EVE AI

    EVE AI is a web3 dapp that allows users to create unique images using a variety of AI models and customizable prompts, with premium features including... read more

  • Eye for AI

    Eye for AI is an AI-powered platform that generates images from text in under a minute, using visual promptbuilders, image generation features and cus... read more

  • FutureDesk

    FutureDesk is a chatbot interface that enhances ChatGPT with features such as voice input, chat history search, document uploads, customizable chat or... read more

  • GPT Macros

    GPT Macros is a tool that helps to streamline ChatGPT workflow, allowing users to create personalized macros and integrate variables for increased pro... read more

  • GPT Prompt Tuner

    The product offers AI technology to enhance chat experience, generating multiple ChatGPT prompts, and allowing concurrent conversations with ease thro... read more

  • GPTHotline

    GPT Hotline is an AI-powered chatting assistant that allows WhatsApp users to access chatbot technology with a range of features including speech-to-t... read more

  • Hayo

    Hayo is an AI-powered product that generates high-quality images and engages in creative writing, translation, information retrieval, and virtual assi... read more

  • HeroGPT

    HeroGPT is a content creation tool that generates dynamic prompts to enhance the use of generative AI platforms, offering an AI Prompts Library and cu... read more

  • IMI Prompt

    IMI Prompt Builder is a comprehensive Midjourney prompt generator with an array of features, available across multiple platforms, that enables users t... read more

  • Jrnylist

    Midjourney Prompt Helper is a tool for creators and designers that offers a variety of categorized prompts to enhance artistic skills, with an added o... read more

  • Just Prompts

    Just Prompts is a tool that offers customized prompts to meet specific content needs, making content creation effortless for all expertise levels. ... read more

  • Keywords Everwhere

    Keywords Everywhere is a powerful tool for keyword research that provides accurate search volume, CPC, competition data, People Also Search For data, ... read more


    The product offers seamless integration of different AI tools and APIs, making the process of developing AI-powered applications and enhancing existin... read more

  • Krea

    The platform offers millions of AI-generated captivating visuals that blend colors and patterns, allowing users to curate groups of images to inspire ... read more

  • MyGPT

    MyGPT is a fast and reliable chat platform with an unbeatable uptime of 100%. It’s customizable and designed for individuals and businesses that... read more

  • Name Generator

    Name Generator is an innovative tool that generates unique names for categories such as baby names, pet names, character names, and social media usern... read more

  • Nū

    nūton is an advanced AI prompt management tool that collaborates with a range of other AI tools to streamline the process of managing AI prompts. It ... read more

  • Openart

    ProductHunt is a platform providing over 10 million AI-generated art and prompts from acclaimed sources such as DALL·E 2, enabling creatives to explo... read more

  • Orquesta AI Prompts

    Orquesta offers an innovative prompt management solution for AI and LLM product developers, allowing for customization and centralization of prompts a... read more

  • Perpend

    Perpend simplifies experimenting with OpenAI’s GPT models, allows for dynamic prompts, custom form design, and chat with any GPT model. It suppo... read more

  • Productivity Vibes

    ChatGPT offers a variety of over 100 prompts to improve productivity and achieve goals in diverse situations, from writer’s block to personal ta... read more

  • Prompt Apps

    The Prompt Engineering Tool is an open-source and privacy-friendly tool that helps with prompt engineering tasks by offering an array of sophisticated... read more

  • Prompt Attack

    PromptAttack is a platform for buying and selling premium prompts for artificial intelligence applications, offering customizable options and an easy ... read more

  • Prompt Genie

    Prompt Genie is a tool exclusively designed for ChatGPT to optimize users’ results by generating super prompts that can significantly improve ou... read more

  • Prompt Journey

    Prompt Journey is a free platform with over 100 prompts, tailored to various industries, from content creation to brainstorming, using advanced AI lan... read more

  • Prompt Paradise

    Prompt Paradise provides ChatGPT users with an extensive library of high-quality prompts for every situation or topic, as well as a customizable promp... read more

  • Prompt Space

    PromptSpace is an AI prompts marketplace that provides creative inspiration and a diverse network of prompt creators and buyers, all accessible throug... read more

  • Promptable

    Promptable is a tool for enhancing GPT-3 prompt engineering process. It offers automatic prompt organization, evaluation, modification tracking, and a... read more

  • PromptChainer

    PromptChainer is an AI-backed tool that allows users to design and manage personalized workflows with an intuitive Visual Flow Builder and pre-built t... read more

  • PromptFlat

    The subscription-based prompt club offers an extensive library of over 4500 prompts divided into 1000 categories, suitable for writers, educators, and... read more

  • PromptHero

    An AI-driven platform curates millions of art images via advanced models to provide creative inspiration to professionals and enthusiasts. ... read more

  • Prompthub

    Prompthub is a platform that provides a wide range of Dutch prompts to ChatGPT users, including categories such as promotional event text, video and p... read more

  • Promptify

    Promptify is a productivity tool designed for writers, researchers, designers, and entrepreneurs. Its AI-generated prompts can help avoid content dete... read more

  • Promptist

    Promptist is a prompt interface that optimizes user input into model-preferred prompts with ease and efficiency, allowing users to unlock lightning-fa... read more

  • Promptly

    Promptly is a chrome plugin that provides predefined prompts for AI writing software, making it easier for writers to produce exceptional content quic... read more

  • Promptmetheus

    Promptmetheus is a development platform that helps users generate, test, and evaluate one-shot prompts for their applications using AI Programming Int... read more

  • Pyttipanna

    Pyttipanna is an interface for Pytti 5, which is a framework for creating and rendering videos using machine learning models. It offers users flexibil... read more

  • offers expertly curated prompt templates to enhance content writing and engage audiences in ChatGPT conversations. The platform features a ... read more

  • Recurai

    RecurAI is an AI tool that can manage communication on behalf of users through email, SMS, or chat and has customizable prompt-engineering capabilitie... read more

  • SpellPrints

    SpellPrints is a platform that enables creators to build and monetize generative AI-powered applications without coding skills. It provides access to ... read more

  • StealthGPT

    AiWriter is a company offering a proprietary filter allowing users to submit prompts for personalised responses from GPT3. ... read more

  • Steamship

    Steamship is a low-code library for building and deploying AI Prompt APIs with customizable features. The tool offers free and premium plans with vari... read more

  • TeachPrompt

    TeachPrompt is a Chinese social network for knowledge workers offering a comprehensive industry-specific learning and communication platform, helping ... read more

  • is an AI-powered content generator that aims to streamline the content creation process, with templates for creating articles, blogs, job ... read more

  • There's a Prompt for that

    Producthunt tool generates customized prompts for popular AI applications such as ChatGPT, Bard, Bing Image Creator, and Midjourney to improve the eff... read more

  • Trickle AI: Prompts Warehouse

    Trickle Prompts Warehouse is an AI-backed tool with over 200 pre-written prompts, tailored to different roles, customizable, and ready for immediate u... read more

  • Ultimate Blogging Companion

    The Ultimate Blogging Companion offers over 190 or 565+ prompts to optimize your blog with SEO, content creation, social media promotion, and more. It... read more

  • What-A-Prompt

    What A Prompt is a GPT3.5-powered tool that provides users with customized, creative prompts to enhance ChatGPT results in various industries. It has ... read more

  • WNR.AI

    WNR is a platform that allows users to develop, exchange and improve their super-prompts using GPT-4. Benefits include access to the GPT-4 tool, a fri... read more