AI tools for Gaming apps

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  • uses AI and algorithms to generate high-quality 3D models from text inputs, providing services for 3D dataset generation, image-to-3D and othe... read more

  • AI Careers

    Producthunt’s platform uses artificial intelligence to optimize job searches by delivering personalized job recommendations to users based on th... read more

  • AI Dungeon

    AI Dungeon offers a range of immersive storytelling scenarios, allowing users to create their own adventures with powerful AI technology and original ... read more

  • AI Puzzles

    A.I. Puzzles is an assortment of AI-created brain teasers with various themes and difficulty levels, available at a reasonable price. It serves puzzle... read more

  • AI Roguelite

    AI Roguelite is a text-based RPG crafted entirely by an AI system, featuring NPCs, enemies, items, and crafting recipes for a unique gaming experience... read more

  • ArcaneLand

    AI Dungeon is an AI-powered dungeon master that allows for customizable gameplay options and generates immersive worlds for a unique gaming experience... read more


    Capturelab is an AI-powered tool for streamers that automatically detects and captures exciting moments from their streams and provides easy editing a... read more

  • Chai

    Chai is an innovative AI chatbot tool offering ease of deployment, performance evaluation, cross-platform compatibility, extensive use cases, and data... read more

  • Charisma

    Charisma is a platform that empowers users to create immersive digital personas using artificial intelligence, emotion, memory, scenes, sub-plots, and... read more

  • Convai

    Convai Technologies Inc. has created a conversational AI solution designed for virtual worlds, offering real-time voice-based interactions and seamles... read more

  • Dimensions

    Dimensions is an AI-powered software that helps to speed up and streamline creative workflows through its rich suite of features for controlling the g... read more

  • EndlessVN

    Endless Visual Novel, powered by AI, offers an intuitive drag-and-drop interface to customize characters, music, text and backgrounds, while enabling ... read more

  • Friends & Fables

    A new gaming product offers an immersive experience that allows gamers to create personalized characters, embark on campaigns with captivating storyli... read more

  • GGPredict is an AI-driven software that offers personalized training plans, maps and servers for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players to enhanc... read more

  • HeroPack

    HeroPack uses AI and video game-inspired aesthetics to create unique avatars. Users upload photos and select up to 14 style options to generate over 1... read more

  • Hexagram

    The product uses AI to create interactive games that blend fictional elements with reality and leverage chat, story, and data for an immersive gaming ... read more

  • Hidden Door

    Hidden Door is a roleplaying platform that uses narrative AI technology and natural language processing to create customizable and immersive stories f... read more

  • In3D

    A new product allows users to create customizable avatars using only the camera of their mobile device, perfect for use in gaming platforms and virtua... read more

  • Inworld AI

    Inworld AI is a platform that allows users to create realistic AI characters for use in games, virtual worlds, digital workforces, and entertainment m... read more

  • Kaedim

    Kaedim is an AI-powered software that can turn 2D images or sketches into fully-textured 3D models in minutes, offering a streamlined alternative to m... read more


    Leonardo.Ai is an AI-powered tool for game developers that allows users to create a wide range of high-quality game assets, from items and environment... read more

  • LitRPG Adventures

    The LitRPG Adventures Workshop is a tool for gamers, powered by advanced AI technology, that provides over two dozen RPG generators, including GPT-3.5... read more

  • Ludo

    Ludo AI is an artificial intelligence platform that helps game developers by providing game concept generation, trend tracking, and image research cap... read more

  • Narraive

    Narraive is an AI-powered web game offering interactive storytelling with personalized, downloadable stories and cutting-edge visuals, designed to imm... read more

  • Opus

    Opus tool is a decentralized global community for creatives that simplifies the creative process and offers an extensive range of features, including ... read more

  • Orbofi

    Orbofi is a user-friendly platform for creating AI-generated assets and characters that can be used in web3, games, and the metaverse. Its features in... read more

  • PICLY : AI generated spot the difference

    An AI-generated solution for spot the difference games that offers an unparalleled level of convenience with just a single tap. ... read more


    A new image-sharing tool uses a Stable Diffusion Algorithm to produce stunning and unique visuals and offers an array of user-friendly features and fu... read more

  • Playstrict

    Playstrict Gaming Growth platform offers a one-stop-shop solution for indie game developers’ marketing needs to create a buzz around their game ... read more

  • Poly

    Poly is an AI-powered design tool for creating customizable 3D textures with physically accurate rendering maps, seamless export capabilities, infinit... read more

  • Polyhive

    Polyhive is a software asset management platform designed for game studios, offering features including automated thumbnail generation, a browser mode... read more

  • Ready Player Me

    Ready Player Me is a highly customizable avatar platform designed for the metaverse, with over 300 unique customization options and AI-generated outfi... read more

  • Scenario

    ProductHunt’s AI-generated game assets tool allows users to effortlessly create bespoke assets for their video games with style consistency, art... read more

  • Segmentle

    Segmentle is a number game with a unique AI system, ChatGPT, that adapts to the player’s skill level. The objective is to manipulate numbers in ... read more

  • Siege GPT

    Siege GPT is an AI tool that generates gameplay strategies for the Rainbow Six Siege video game, using cutting-edge technology for personalization and... read more

  • Skybox Lab

    Skybox Labs is a revolutionary research tool that generates high-quality panoramic skybox prototypes quickly and easily, with the option to save and s... read more

  • Spline 3D

    Spline AI is a 3D modeling tool using AI to create objects, animations, and textures. It simplifies texture creation, has a community, examples, and p... read more

  • The Simulation

    The Simulation is an AI-centered metaverse that combines advanced machine learning, unique game design, NFTs, and $SIM ERC20 tokens to create an immer... read more

  • TTSLabs

    TTSLabs is an AI-powered platform that enhances the Text to Speech (TTS) donations system for Twitch streamers. It offers customization options includ... read more

  • Unakin

    Unakin is an AI copilot designed to assist game studios in researching and prototyping. Its Chat-to-create feature eliminates technical dependencies, ... read more