AI tools for Code assistant

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  • ADLN

    This text introduces an AI-powered product that offers a range of tools to streamline work processes, including content creation, coding, and data ana... read more

  • AgileGPT

    AgileGPT is an AI-driven coaching platform designed to enhance team productivity, streamline communication, automate key tasks, and offer data-driven ... read more

  • AI CLI

    An Open Source GPT-3 powered CLI has been launched to streamline workflow with an impressive prompt length of approximately 840 tokens, offered at $0.... read more

  • AI Code Mentor

    The AI Code Mentor is a free tool for beginners to learn multiple programming languages with personalized explanations, practical code examples, and a... read more

  • Ai Code Reviewer

    AI Code Reviewer is an automated code review tool that utilizes artificial intelligence and advanced technologies to detect and help developers fix er... read more

  • Airtest

    Refraction is an AI-powered code improvement tool designed to streamline software development. It supports multiple languages, offers automated testin... read more

  • AskCodi

    AskCodi is a tool that helps developers enhance coding efficiency and productivity with features designed to simplify and streamline coding processes.... read more

  • AutoRegex

    AutoRegex simplifies the creation of Regular Expression (RegEx) patterns through Natural Language Processing (NLP)-powered AI technology, eliminating ... read more

  • Bito

    Bito is an AI-powered code assistant that helps developers automate tasks, generate code up to 10 times more efficiently, and prioritize privacy and s... read more

  • Checksum

    Checksum offers developers and QA professionals a streamlined test generation process using real user sessions and machine learning for end-to-end tes... read more

  • Clippy AI

    Clippy AI is a VS Code Extension that allows users to access OpenAI Codex predictive capabilities by submitting their current file and plain-text inst... read more

  • Codacy

    Codacy Quality – AI is an AI tool that streamlines coding practices with a centralized hub for all necessary information, automated fixes and co... read more

  • Code GPT

    Code GPT is a VS Code Extension with exceptional features such as StackOverflow integration, code refactoring abilities, and efficient unit testing ca... read more

  • CodeAssist

    CodeAssist is an AI-powered chatbot interface designed to assist programmers with natural language communication and code completion suggestions in Je... read more

  • CodiumAI

    Codium uses AI to help developers test their code, analyzing source code, docstrings, and comments to provide suggestions for tests that accurately re... read more

  • Continual

    Continual is an operational AI platform that simplifies predictive model building on modern data stacks. It is compatible with cloud data platforms su... read more

  • Cron AI

    Cron AI is an AI-powered tool for creating and managing cron jobs, reducing complexity and time required and providing a streamlined interface for max... read more

  • DevGPT

    DevGPT is an AI-powered assistant that provides assistance and saves time for developers with a user-friendly interface, a host of automation features... read more

  • Duino Code Generator

    The Code Generator for Arduino is an AI-powered tool that generates high-quality, error-free code quickly and offers advice and tutorials for various ... read more

  • Fig AI

    Fig is a tool that enhances terminal configuration with seamless integration, robust features, and sophisticated tools to streamline daily coding task... read more

  • FlutterFlow AI Gen

    FlutterFlow AI Gen is an AI-based tool for app designers and developers that allows for visually stunning app designs and provides ready-to-use code w... read more

  • GitPoet

    GitPoet is an AI-powered tool that simplifies development workflows by generating high-quality commit messages based on Git diff. It improves Git logs... read more

  • Gitwit

    GitWit is an AI-based tool that streamlines the coding process for developers through natural language prompts, advanced technology, and integration w... read more

  • GPT95

    GPT95 is a VSCode extension that uses ChatGPT AI technology to simplify and enhance coding. It offers features like AI-generated code, code optimizati... read more

  • Hacker AI

    Hacker AI is an AI-powered code audit tool designed to detect and fix potential security weaknesses in source code, with accurate vulnerability detect... read more

  • Hey, GitHub!

    Producthunt has introduced a voice-activated coding tool that uses voice recognition technology to translate words into functioning code accurately, w... read more

  • Kodezi ai

    Kodezi is an AI developer tool designed to improve coding proficiency with auto-correction, code translation, and optimization features. It offers web... read more

  • LogicLoop AI SQL

    LogicLoop is an advanced tool that allows fast data querying and scrutinizing. It has an AI SQL assistant to retrieve data in natural language, improv... read more

  • Lookup

    Lookup is an AI-powered, user-friendly data analytics tool that supports multi-datasource analysis and prioritizes data security and privacy. It is id... read more

  • Maverick Code Assistant

    Maverick is an AI-powered code completion tool developed by Yurts for advanced coding needs, boasting comprehensive built-in functionality and intuiti... read more

  • MediCodio

    MediCodio is an AI-powered medical coding assistant with advanced features to enhance coding accuracy, optimize operations and improve payer results. ... read more

  • Microapp AI offers AI-powered solutions, including their signature microapp generator, with superior performance levels and a dedicated team of expert... read more

  • Mutable is an AI-accelerated software development tool with features that include AI-autocomplete and prompt-driven development with AI-driven inst... read more

  • PionexGPT

    Pionex is an online cryptocurrency exchange platform that offers users the ability to buy and sell a variety of cryptocurrencies with automated tradin... read more

  • Refact AI

    Refact is an AI coding assistant designed to enhance users’ coding experience by offering features such as code completion, refactoring identifi... read more

  • RegEx Generator

    RegEx Generator is an innovative online tool powered by AI to help users create regular expressions easily. It boasts multiple language support and an... read more

  • Replit

    Replit is an advanced IDE with tools for coding in over 50 languages, and now features Ghostwriter, an AI-powered tool for completing code with ease. ... read more

  • Safurai

    Safurai is an AI-based IDE extension that enhances the software development process, providing helpful suggestions and eliminating coding errors. Its ... read more

  • Sketch

    Sketch is an AI-powered tool designed for pandas users, with an ability to understand the context of data to make relevant code-writing suggestions. W... read more

  • Spark Engine is a multi-functional engine with the ability to fix coding errors in over 40 languages and build entire platforms autonomously from si... read more

  • Stenography

    Automatic Documentation software automates the process of documentation, generating comprehensive and easily accessible databases to simplify the work... read more

  • Suzan

    Suzan is a secure chat platform using GPT-4 technology with secure API endpoints, EU AI Act compliance, and data loss prevention, capable of detecting... read more

  • Unakin

    Unakin is an AI copilot designed to assist game studios in researching and prototyping. Its Chat-to-create feature eliminates technical dependencies, ... read more

  • Warp AI

    Warp AI is an all-in-one solution for terminal woes, including deciphering console errors, complex installations, and tedious context switching. It ex... read more

  • Zazzani AI

    Zazzani is an AI-powered software that streamlines workflow and optimizes productivity levels for work operations. The software offers several feature... read more