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Hacker AI is an AI-powered code audit tool designed to detect and fix potential security weaknesses in source code, with accurate vulnerability detection and fast reporting. It is available for free during beta phase, making it versatile for businesses, government agencies, and developers.


Hacker AI is an advanced and highly effective AI-powered code audit tool that has been purposefully designed to offer unparalleled security to source code by identifying and eradicating potential security weaknesses. One of the most significant advantages of using this product is that it is equipped with an incredibly accurate vulnerability detection algorithm, which thoroughly scans source code for security issues like SQL injection, LFI, and RCE. This factor goes a long way in helping organizations to prevent security breaches by detecting and fixing vulnerabilities that could be exploited by cyber attackers.

Another essential feature of this exceptional product is that it is free during the beta phase, with no account creation required. Additionally, users can obtain comprehensive vulnerability reports within a relatively short time span – approximately ten minutes.

The Hacker AI tool is versatile, making it ideal for various organizations, including businesses that recognize the importance of minimizing the risk of security breaches by identifying vulnerabilities in their source code. Similarly, government agencies that seek to enhance their cybersecurity posture through AI-driven code audits can also utilize the product’s capabilities. Furthermore, developers looking to improve application security through automated code analysis can also benefit extensively from Hacker AI.

Overall, backed by the experienced cybersecurity agency, AckViz, Hacker AI generates a powerful and highly accessible solution that can efficiently and effectively detect and fix security vulnerabilities in source code. Don’t put your organization at risk- choose Hacker AI for top-notch security!

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