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An Open Source GPT-3 powered CLI has been launched to streamline workflow with an impressive prompt length of approximately 840 tokens, offered at $0.02 for a thousand tokens.


Introducing our latest innovation, an Open Source GPT-3 Powered CLI that has been specifically designed to streamline your workflow with unparalleled efficiency. With a remarkable prompt length of approximately 840 tokens, this cutting-edge solution leverages the impressive capabilities of text-davinci-002 technology to deliver unparalleled performance.

Our state-of-the-art solution comes with a highly competitive pricing plan that offers exceptional value for money. At just $0.02 for a thousand tokens, which amounts to an incredible $0.017 per command, our solution is the most affordable and effective tool on the market.

We are continuously working to improve the response time of our product while also mitigating the per-command costs through fine-tuning. With our uncompromising commitment to delivering excellence, we assure you of an unprecedented user experience that is second to none. Get started with our Open Source GPT-3 Powered CLI today, and experience the pinnacle of technological advancement.

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