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Lookup is an AI-powered, user-friendly data analytics tool that supports multi-datasource analysis and prioritizes data security and privacy. It is ideal for business professionals and data analysts, and is currently available for free during beta testing.


Lookup is a highly advanced data analytics tool that harnesses the power of AI to deliver insightful and meaningful data reports quickly and easily. The key benefits of this groundbreaking product are numerous, with plain language queries standing out as one of the most important features. Simply ask a question using plain language and receive answers instantly, with no need for complicated software expertise or training.

Another highly useful feature is multi-datasource analysis – Lookup is designed to support analysis across multiple data sources and even allows CSV imports. This makes it ideal for users who need to analyze large volumes of data from different sources.

Data security and privacy are also top priorities for Lookup, with data encryption at rest and in transit, and all analysis run on the user’s device. This means that users can rest easy knowing that their data is protected from unauthorized access.

This innovative data analytics tool is ideal for a wide range of individuals, including business professionals who need quick and easy data analysis, data analysts who require a tool that supports multi-datasource analysis, and individuals who are interested in a secure, privacy-focused analytics solution.

Currently in beta, Lookup is available to use free of charge, with users encouraged to provide feedback during this period to help improve the product. Whether you’re a business professional, data analyst, or just someone interested in data analytics, Lookup is the perfect tool for you. Start using it today and unlock new insights from your data!

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