AI tools for SQL query builder

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  • Airops

    AirOps Sidekick is an AI-powered data assistant with natural language processing that generates SQL-based queries, documents, and tools with live data... read more

  • Al Query

    AI Query is a tool that uses GPT-3 AI technology to generate SQL queries, even for those without language knowledge. The user-friendly dashboard and t... read more

  • Anania

    Anania is a chat-based data and document analytics tool that can analyze various file formats, including CSV, Excel, PDF, SQL databases, and webpage ... read more

  • Avanty

    AutoWrite App is an AI-powered tool that generates high-quality content in various languages with SEO optimization, making it ideal for bloggers, mark... read more

  • Channel

    ChannelPage is an AI-based tool for data access and analytics, featuring quick data access, an intuitive query builder, data visualization, automated ... read more

  • Continual

    Continual is an operational AI platform that simplifies predictive model building on modern data stacks. It is compatible with cloud data platforms su... read more

  • Findly is an AI-powered chatbot that allows users to access data insights without requiring professional knowledge of SQL or Python. It significant... read more

  • Generative BI

    Generative BI is a no-code AI reporting platform designed for e-commerce and marketplace sellers that allows non-technical users to build dashboards a... read more

  • LogicLoop AI SQL

    LogicLoop is an advanced tool that allows fast data querying and scrutinizing. It has an AI SQL assistant to retrieve data in natural language, improv... read more

  • Lookup

    Lookup is an AI-powered, user-friendly data analytics tool that supports multi-datasource analysis and prioritizes data security and privacy. It is id... read more

  • MindsDB

    A product that leverages the AI capabilities of OpenAI’s GPT-3 and Hugging Face models to analyze and manipulate text data, with a user-friendly... read more

  • OSS Insight

    Data Explorer is an AI-powered tool for exploring and analyzing GitHub event data that boasts a range of powerful features including natural language ... read more

  • Prisma Editor

    The Prisma Editor is a tool that helps users visualize and modify their Prisma Schema in real-time, with a user-friendly interface and an SQL generati... read more

  • ProbeAI

    ProbeAI is an AI-driven tool that streamlines the process of working with SQL code and data tables, reduces errors, and enhances productivity for data... read more

  • Sdf

    SDF is a scalable, cloud-based build system for data infrastructure that offers advanced features such as data governance, and precise column-level li... read more

  • Seek

    The Intelligent Data Layer is an advanced and intuitive solution that allows businesses to gain insights from their data through a user-friendly inter... read more

  • TableTalk

    The product showcased on Product Hunt allows users to interact with databases using natural language as a conversational interface, making it effortle... read more

  • Text2SQL

    Text To SQL by allows users to easily convert natural language into accurate SQL queries. The user-friendly interface accommodates various... read more

  • Tidb

    TiDB Cloud is a product for effortless deployment, management, and maintenance of TiDB clusters, with efficient handling of multiple cloud providers. ... read more

  • Vanna AI

    Vanna AI is a business intelligence assistant that generates SQL code for Snowflake Database through AI-powered algorithms, allowing users to ask data... read more