AI tools for Generative Code

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  • AI Data Sidekick

    AI Data Sidekick is an AI-powered platform for data-related tasks that offers pre-set recipes, generates Python scripts and DBT models, and produces d... read more

  • AIDev.Codes

    AI Dev Codes is a chatbot tool powered by OpenAI that allows users to easily create web pages without coding expertise, and includes features such as ... read more

  • Aigur

    Aigur is a Generative AI Application Helper that streamlines multi-user application development, with features including usage plan management, job re... read more

  • AIHelperBot

    AIHelperBot is a tool that helps individuals and companies generate accurate and efficient SQL queries. It offers features such as custom database sch... read more

  • Amazon CodeWhisperer

    CodeWhisperer is an AI-driven tool that provides efficient code suggestions and can analyze existing code and generate tailored suggestions for newcom... read more

  • AssemblyAI

    AssemblyAI’s Speech-to-Text APIs can convert audio and video files into text, offer summarization, content moderation, and topic detection funct... read more

  • Autocode

    Summarize the text in less than 25 words : “Autocode is a toolkit for quickly building and hosting Node.js endpoints that supports webhooks, bot... read more

  • bardeen

    Bardeen is an AI tool that automates manual tasks to boost productivity, with advanced features including personalized outreach messaging and article ... read more

  • Blackbox

    Blackbox is a web-based software that allows users to copy code from various formats and search for code snippets quickly, thus improving coding effic... read more

  • Buildt

    Buildt is a coding tool that uses artificial intelligence to make coding faster and more efficient, with features such as finding, generating, and rep... read more

  • ChatGPT (OpenAI)

    ChatGPT is a language model that can generate human-like text with natural language conversations on a variety of topics, making it ideal for customer... read more

  • CodeConvert AI

    CodeConvert is an automated code conversion utility that allows programmers to convert code written in one programming language into their preferred l... read more

  • Codeium

    Codeium is a natural language software tool that enables developers to make changes easily to codebases in several programming languages, reducing the... read more

  • codesnippets

    AI Code Snippets is a tool that automates creating a code snippets library with advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to help developers optimiz... read more

  • CodeSquire

    CodeSquire is a writing assistant designed to make code writing easier and faster, with features such as an advanced autocomplete function, an intelli... read more

  • CodeWP

    CodeWP is an AI-powered code generator for WordPress that allows developers to create unique code snippets quickly and easily, sparing them the troubl... read more

  • DiscuroAI

    Discuro is an all-in-one platform that helps developers define and execute artificial intelligence workflows with maximum efficiency and effectiveness... read more

  • Durable

    A new website generator powered by AI can create a fully designed website with copy, images, and a contact form in under a minute, with additional fea... read more

  • Figstack

    Figstack is AI-powered software to help developers comprehend, document, and improve their code without any language limitations or restrictions. Its ... read more

  • Github Copilot

    GitHub Copilot is an AI programming assistant that integrates with popular editors and offers personalized recommendations based on project context an... read more

  • GPT For Sheets

    The GPT Sheets Add-on provides access to OpenAI GPT-3’s capabilities while working in Google Sheets, offering two easy-to-use custom functions f... read more

  • Gradio

    Gradio is a platform that simplifies the process of creating and sharing machine learning models, using an intuitive web interface and offering the ab... read more

  • Hex

    Hex Magic is an AI-powered tool for data science and analytics, featuring a query editor, point-and-click charts, maps, and formatted tables. It has r... read more

  • HTTPie

    HTTPie is a command-line tool that allows easy interaction with web services and APIs, with formatted and colorized output for easy reading. It suppor... read more

  • KnowledgeGraph GPT

    GPT-3 can transform plain text into a visual Knowledge Graph using a color-coding system to highlight frequent connections, and simplify integration i... read more

  • Latitude

    Latitude is a low-code data app platform with AI-driven SQL Assistant and visual programming to streamline data exploration and consumption to drive b... read more

  • Lightning AI

    Lightning.AI is a software platform for building, training and deploying AI products, accessible to both experts and novices. Users have access to pre... read more

  • Literally Anything

    Literally Anything is a platform that allows users to develop and distribute basic web applications without the need for coding expertise. The tool al... read more

  • Metatext

    Metatext offers AI technology for professionals to create their own language AI models with an intuitive UI and automatic processes, streamlining work... read more

  • Obviously AI

    Producthunt’s AI tool allows users to build and deploy AI models quickly without requiring any coding expertise. The tool also offers expert sup... read more

  • Pickaxe

    Pickaxe is an AI-powered tool for website owners that allows them to easily create and embed tools on their website without any programming experience... read more

  • Pico

    Pico is a tool that makes creating web applications easy by offering pre-written code snippets and custom app creation services. Its user-friendly int... read more

  • Piggy Magic

    Piggy Magic is an intuitive tool that creates high-quality web pages in seconds. It is perfect for marketers, bloggers, and entrepreneurs seeking impa... read more

  • Pliny

    This text promotes a comprehensive tool utilizing GPT-3 technology with features such as language tools, content generators, coding assistance, and pe... read more

  • PromptLayer

    PromptLayer is a platform for efficient GPT prompt engineering task tracking and management, including a middleware solution for easy communication wi... read more


    Riku is an online platform for building AI models without coding experience, offering a variety of features to suit different user preferences. It aim... read more


    Rose is a cloud-based data platform that facilitates data accessibility, integration, and sharing with enhanced permissions. It includes infrastructur... read more

  • SheetAI

    SheetAI is a Google Workspace Add-on that utilizes AI to automate data analysis in spreadsheets, while also providing insights and generating images a... read more

  • SourceAI

    SourceAI is a tool that uses GPT-3 and Codex to help developers generate automated code quickly and efficiently, saving time and reducing manual codin... read more

  • SpellBox

    SpellBox is a user-friendly AI-powered coding solution that supports multiple operating systems and programming languages, simplifying coding for user... read more

  • Summari

    Summari is an AI summarization technology designed to enhance the reading experience on websites by providing users with accurate and engaging summari... read more

  • Teachable Machine

    Teachable Machine allows users to create machine learning models without coding experience, with flexibility to capture live examples and export model... read more

  • Text Generator

    Text Generator is an online tool powered by AI that quickly generates high-quality customizable text and offers multi-lingual text generation and spee... read more


    UBIAI offers a data labeling platform that provides accurate, efficient and speedy OCR annotation, as well as auto-labeling and pre-annotation feature... read more

  • UBOS

    UBOS is a low-code/no-code cloud platform that streamlines application development. It offers pre-built components, templates, and robust database sup... read more

  • Visily

    Visily is a web-based platform that helps design teams create wireframes and prototypes with ease, using high-grade AI-powered features and pre-design... read more

  • Vivid

    Vivid is a browser-based tool that uses AI to enhance the look and feel of web applications, with smarter inspect elements for deeper understanding an... read more

  • Voiceflow

    Voiceflow is a platform for creating chat and voice assistants in real-time. It provides a collaborative work environment and access to feedback throu... read more

  • Water

    Producthunt offers a user-friendly platform for creating tailor-made workflows and chatbots without any coding, improving business processes and enhan... read more