AI tools for AI legal assistants

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  • Activazon

    Activazon provides analytical insights into criminal activities in specific neighborhoods, using cutting-edge technology and reporting mechanisms to d... read more

  • Ask AI Lawyer

    Ask AI Lawyer is a free AI-powered legal service that provides accurate and detailed responses to legal inquiries within 5 minutes, eliminating the ne... read more

  • Casetext

    Casetext’s CoCounsel is a legal AI assistant that streamlines legal proceedings through critical task automation, quick responses to legal issue... read more

  • Darrow AI

    Darrow has launched an AI-powered Justice Intelligence Platform to help lawyers identify high-value, meritorious cases. The solution uses advanced alg... read more

  • Ferret

    Ferret is an AI-powered platform that combines data from various sources to provide relationship intelligence, mitigating risks and identifying opport... read more

  • IndiaGPT

    IndiaGPT is an AI-powered chatbot that provides free legal guidance and in-depth insights into the Indian legal system, powered by OpenAI ChatGPT. Its... read more

  • Legal Robot

    Legal Robot provides automated legal document analysis services using linguistic and statistical analysis, cross-referencing with existing legal docum... read more

  • Linksquares

    LinkSquares is an AI-powered contract management tool that streamlines drafting, reviewing, and executing agreements. Its customizable templates, real... read more


    Maigon AI uses deep learning technology to streamline contract review processes, offering versatile capabilities across a variety of contract types wi... read more

  • PatentPal

    PatentPal is an AI-powered tool for patent drafting and intellectual property applications, offering automated drafting, visual aids, and customizable... read more

  • is an AI-powered digital platform that turns static documents into interactive ones, allowing users to chat with them, search for specific keyw... read more

  • Regula AI

    Regula AI is a regulatory intelligence platform using generative AI to monitor and track US federal regulation changes in real-time, analyze thousands... read more

  • Spellbook

    Spellbook is an AI-powered tool that uses GPT-3 technology to enhance and speed up contract drafting, by reviewing and suggesting language, saving use... read more

  • Traverse AI™

    Traverse AI™ is a legal assistance web application developed by Traverse Legal’s AI team that uses OpenAI’s LLM API to help clients expl... read more