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Casetext’s CoCounsel is a legal AI assistant that streamlines legal proceedings through critical task automation, quick responses to legal issues with supporting sources, and contract analysis capabilities. Its use cases extend across the legal industry.


Casetext is a top-of-the-line legal AI company that has revolutionized the industry with CoCounsel, an impressive AI legal assistant that has been specifically created to drive efficiency among lawyers. This cutting-edge legal assistant comes packed with features and benefits that are designed to streamline legal proceedings across the board. From critical task automation that enables lawyers to perform document review, legal research memos, deposition preparation and contract analysis within a matter of minutes, to quick answers that provide a comprehensive response to any legal issue with supporting sources in just a few seconds, CoCounsel is a powerhouse of a tool that is making waves in the industry.

Apart from its impressive features, CoCounsel also stands out for its impressive contract analysis capabilities, which make it possible to identify critical documents, gather key information, and recommend revisions in no time. The versatile use cases for Casetext extend across a broad spectrum of legal professionals that include law firms that are constantly looking for ways to improve their effectiveness and efficiency, in-house legal departments that are striving to streamline legal research and contract analysis, and solo and small practices that are seeking to leverage AI technology to gain a competitive edge.

In summary, Casetext’s CoCounsel is a standout product that embodies innovation, reliability, and versatility. It is the ultimate solution that empowers legal professionals to provide top-quality, efficient, and affordable representation to their clients, while also staying at the forefront of cutting-edge technology in the industry.

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