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Ferret is an AI-powered platform that combines data from various sources to provide relationship intelligence, mitigating risks and identifying opportunities for businesses, investors and individuals. Its sophisticated technology allows for better decision-making processes.


Ferret is a state-of-the-art AI-powered platform that provides its users with cutting-edge relationship intelligence as a means to mitigate risk and identify promising opportunities. With its powerful features and advantages, Ferret offers a unique and innovative approach to improving decision-making processes. The platform’s sophisticated AI technology is designed to provide unparalleled insights by combining world-class information from a wide variety of sources. This unparalleled tool functions as a due diligence tool that assists its users in making informed decisions that are critical to achieving successful outcomes. Ferret harnesses the power of data collection and analysis by utilizing cookies from industry leaders such as Cookiebot, Hubspot, Zoho, LinkedIn, Google, and Hotjar to gather critical visitor behavior data. Use cases for Ferret are ideally suited for a wide range of professionals, including investors seeking to avoid high-risk individuals and identify promising opportunities, businesses looking to conduct thorough due diligence on potential partners, and individuals seeking to make informed decisions based on relationship intelligence. Overall, Ferret provides invaluable insights to its users by collecting and analyzing user data, thereby enhancing the decision-making process.

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