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TurboHire is a recruitment automation platform that centralizes resumes and job data to streamline recruitment activities with innovative features that offer 65% reduction in time-to-hire candidates and 300% improvement in productivity.


TurboHire is a powerful and comprehensive recruitment automation platform designed to streamline the hiring processes of enterprises of all sizes. The platform is engineered to create a centralized repository of resumes and job data, allowing companies to efficiently manage all their recruitment activities from a single dashboard. TurboHire offers a range of advanced products each equipped with innovative features such as applicant tracking, candidate sourcing and engagement, talent screening, interview automation, offer management, and onboarding alongside in-depth recruitment analysis.

With TurboHire, businesses can significantly reduce the time and effort spent on recruiting activities, with a remarkable 65% reduction in time-to-hire candidates resulting in faster recruitment times and a whopping 300% improvement in productivity. This means that companies can spend less time on manual recruitment activities, thereby freeing up valuable time for other essential business operations. By leveraging the power of TurboHire, businesses can efficiently source and screen top-quality candidates faster and leverage best-in-class recruitment methodologies to drive better results. The platform is easy to use and has been designed to be highly intuitive, making it an ideal solution for companies looking to optimize their recruitment processes and get ahead of the competition.

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