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  • AI Cards

    AI Holiday Cards by designstripe is a customizable and interactive solution for creating and sharing holiday cards with AI-generated artwork. It offer... read more

  • AI-Adventures

    AI.Adventures offers personalized travel plans using AI technology and expert knowledge. Its platform simplifies travel planning and offers customizab... read more

  • AiCogni

    The AiCogni ChatGPT Voice AI Assistant is a multifunctional communication tool that uses ChatGPT technology to understand and respond to user language... read more

  • AIdeaMap

    AIdeaMap is an AI-driven brainstorming tool that assists with organizing and expanding ideas, incorporating visual thinking and capturing thoughts big... read more

  • AIPEX Virtual Concierge

    The AIPEX Virtual Concierge is an innovative solution that enhances the guest experience by facilitating communication between guests and hosts while ... read more

  • Apple Books

    Apple’s Books platform has introduced text-to-speech AI-narrated audiobooks in fiction and romance genres, offering readers an immersive experie... read more

  • Ask Experts AI

    Ask Experts AI offers reliable and cost-effective solutions through well-trained and knowledgeable AI experts available 24/7 for a personalized hassle... read more

  • Ask Marcus Aurelius

    Ask Marcus Aurelius is an interactive experience that allows participants to ask three questions to the famous Stoic philosopher and Roman Emperor and... read more

  • Ask Oracle

    Ask Oracle is a tool that offers daily horoscopes, dream interpretation, and tarot readings to help users find answers to their questions and understa... read more

  • Ask Poppy

    Ask Poppy is an AI-powered platform for expectant and new mothers, offering round-the-clock support on pregnancy, postpartum, and parenting for a mont... read more


    “Brian” is an AI assistant designed for consultants and business professionals to enhance productivity and efficiency. It has a user-frien... read more

  • AskGPT

    ChatGPT chatbot can be integrated with WhatsApp for free, enhancing the messaging experience with intelligent conversations, brainstorming, and proble... read more

  • AstroGPT

    AstroGPT is an AI tool that uses Vedic astrology to offer personalized insights into career, relationships, finances, and health. It is built on non-j... read more

  • Atmo AI

    Atmo is an AI-enabled hardware-software system that provides accurate weather predictions for any location and time. It uses NWP and DNNs to process u... read more

  • Auri AI

    Auri.AI is an AI Writing Assistant that offers users error-free and intelligent writing capabilities, with support for over 25 languages and a customi... read more

  • AweMyFace

    AweMyFace is a skincare app designed to cater to skin health and wellness needs, featuring AI-powered acne detection and routine tracking, as well as ... read more

  • Besty AI

    Besty is an AI-powered chatbot that provides natural and human-like responses to queries, offers expert advice on various topics, provides personalize... read more

  • Buo

    Buo is a conversational AI platform that provides accurate and timely responses through natural language processing and advanced machine learning algo... read more

  • Caktus

    Caktus is an AI education platform that automates aspects of schoolwork, streamlines academic workloads, and optimizes time management. Its tools incl... read more

  • Call Annie

    Call Annie is an AI-powered chat service that serves as a virtual assistant accessible through multiple access points, such as phone, live video, an i... read more

  • Career Path AI | Preppally

    Career Path AI is an AI-driven platform that offers personalized career recommendations, inspiration, and guidance, and job descriptions for job seeke... read more

  • Chadview

    Chadview is an AI-based tool that provides real-time assistance to individuals preparing for technical job interviews, technical sales calls, and voic... read more

  • Chat AI

    Chat AI Chatbot Assistant Plus is an iOS app that uses voice recognition, natural language processing, and machine learning algorithms to provide an a... read more

  • ChatABC

    ChatABC is a chatbot platform with a team collaboration feature, an extensive prompt library, never-down service, custom characters, and a variety of ... read more

  • ChatOga

    ChatOga is an AI-powered chatbot that integrates OpenAI’s GPT-3 and Whisper for superior text and audio analysis, with support for AI voice mess... read more

  • ChatOn

    ChatOn is an iOS app that offers personalized chatbot experiences with pre-built templates, customization options, push notifications, and third-party... read more

  • ChefGPT

    ChefGPT is an AI-powered personal chef that provides customized recipe recommendations based on unique dietary requirements and fitness goals, offerin... read more

  • ChowAI

    An innovative meal planning platform offers AI-generated suggestions and time-saving tips to simplify the process of incorporating authentic African d... read more

  • Circle Labs

    The company has developed an AI technology with a personality that provides advanced conversational abilities and user engagement, creating a virtual ... read more

  • ConsumerAI

    ConsumerAI is an AI-driven platform that provides customized solutions for customers’ financial dilemmas with tailored recommendations, data ana... read more

  • Cosmic Whisper AI

    Cosmic Whisper AI offers personalised insights using advanced artificial intelligence to gain a deeper understanding of an individual’s experien... read more

  • Crystal

    Crystal is a product that utilizes personality data to provide insights into prospects’ personalities, assisting in effective communication, mes... read more

  • DDT

    Honest AI is an innovative and reliable platform that provides unbiased opinions and information based on data and complex algorithms, without persona... read more

  • DishGen

    DishGen is an AI-powered recipe generator that creates personalized recipes based on inputs such as dietary preferences, available ingredients, and id... read more

  • Doogle AI

    Questmate is an AI-powered tool offering a variety of features such as Doogle AI, third-party service integration, and email updates for individuals a... read more

  • Dream Interpreter

    Dream Interpreter AI is a free tool that uses AI-driven analysis to provide insights into the meaning behind users’ dreams, with a Dreamer Map f... read more

  • EvelynAI

    EvelynAI has launched an AI tool called Collective Conscious, which allows users to create high-quality text-based content easily and quickly using it... read more

  • ExperAI

    ExperAI provides users with access to a large network of AI experts across diverse fields. The platform offers easy connectivity with experts, a user ... read more

  • FaceCheck ID

    FaceCheck is an app that allows users to search individuals online by uploading their photo, comparing it with a vast index of mugshot, sex offender, ... read more

  • Facial Assessment Tool

    QOVES Facial Assessment Tool utilizes AI algorithms to analyze facial features and provide personalized skincare recommendations based on skin type, c... read more

  • FAQx

    FAQx is a powerful answer engine that uses AI and human intelligence to provide accurate and detailed answers. It supports over 42 languages and has a... read more


    Fathom is a podcast player that uses AI to find insights and knowledge in podcasts. The app has search functionality, quick previews, and interest-bas... read more

  • Ferret

    Ferret is an AI-powered platform that combines data from various sources to provide relationship intelligence, mitigating risks and identifying opport... read more

  • Find Your Next Book

    “Find Your Next Book” helps book lovers choose the next book to read by curating a selection of books based on preferred characters, setti... read more

  • Finding Words

    Empathy’s Finding Words is a free and secure AI-powered obituary maker that offers a guided process with personalized questions for crafting uni... read more

  • Gems

    Gems has launched an AI Knowledge Assistant to help individuals and teams easily organise and access information from any knowledge source. The tool u... read more

  • Glow AI

    Glow AI is a personalized skincare solution using an algorithm to generate bespoke routines that are cost-effective and aim to deliver optimal skin pr... read more

  • Glowup AI

    Glowup AI offers an AI-powered photoshoot service, producing high-quality photos and providing personalized social media templates. The platform also ... read more

  • GPT3 Text Generator

    GPT-3 Text Generation is an AI-powered virtual assistant that uses advanced natural language processing technology to create various types of text-bas... read more

  • GPTfy

    GPTfy is an AI chatbot platform that offers natural language processing, machine learning, and deep learning models to provide users with an interacti... read more

  • GPTMyDay

    GPTMyDay is an AI-powered daily planner that offers personalized plans and saves time, making it ideal for organizing work schedules, vacations, and m... read more

  • HowToReplyTo

    How To Reply To is an artificial intelligence-powered messaging assistance tool that generates personalized replies based on message context and recip... read more

  • iChatWithGPT is a user-friendly platform that offers access to ChatGPT – an advanced AI assistant, with no signup required and quick support... read more

  • Insightful

    Insightful is an AI-powered coaching tool that offers personalized coaching and guidance to users, focusing on career, relationships, and personal gro... read more

  • Insula

    Insula is an AI-powered software with a user-friendly design and advanced algorithms that allow for natural and intuitive communication. Its flexible ... read more

  • Jua AI

    The Jua Model is an AI-powered global weather model that offers unparalleled prediction accuracy with a 100% AI-powered platform, high-performing resu... read more

  • JustLearn

    Justlearn is an AI-based entertainment platform offering a variety of AI avatars to chat with on any device, as well as AI-generated photos for person... read more

  • Lawn Care Calculator

    Lawn Care Calculators is a comprehensive and expertly crafted product that provides users with invaluable tools to simplify lawn care regimes and ensu... read more

  • LiveAI Bot

    LiveAl Bot is a chatbot designed to keep online communities engaged. It can handle tasks ranging from image generation to article creation, and is ava... read more

  • Looria

    Looria uses technology and algorithms to find products that match a user’s preferences and budget, providing expert summaries, analysis, and agg... read more

  • Magai

    Magai is an AI-powered content creation tool that allows for organized chats, separate brands, pre-made Chat Personas, and AI-powered link reading cap... read more

  • MageAI

    The chatbot solution is an AI technology app that enhances communication and saves time by assisting in various tasks, including responding to inquiri... read more

  • Maps GPT

    MapsGPT is a customizable, user-friendly mapping tool that uses OpenAI and Proxi to create personalized maps with custom pins quickly and easily. User... read more

  • Mechanic For A Chat

    ForA.Chat is a chatbot service for car owners seeking reliable assistance. It offers expert advice through natural language processing and is user-fri... read more

  • Mental Models AI

    Mental Models with AI offers an AI-powered tool that uses artificial intelligence technology to provide users with a comprehensive and easy-to-underst... read more

  • Menubot

    Menu Bot is an AI-powered kitchen assistant that helps users with personalized meal planning, recipe generation, grocery list creation, and the explor... read more

  • MindBot

    MindBot is an advanced chatbot using NLP and deep learning algorithms to provide intelligent and captivating communication with users, featuring a clo... read more

  • Momo AI

    Momo is a travel app that creates a personalized itinerary based on preferences and personality, including activities, dining options, and destination... read more

  • Nack

    Nack is a versatile AI tool that helps with language translation, content summarization, book discussions, topic exploration, and generating custom qu... read more

  • Name for your baby

    “Name for your baby by @shennon” is a web application that helps parents find the perfect name for their child by offering an extensive da... read more

  • NextThreeBooks is an AI-powered book recommendation website that offers personalized book suggestions based on personal preferences and goals. The... read more

  • Norby AI

    Norby AI is a chatbot that offers top-notch customer care for healthcare, fintech, online stores, and crypto industries. Its features include upsell a... read more

  • Nutraiplan

    NutriPlan is a meal planning platform that utilizes OpenAI’s technology to generate personalized meal plans for specific dietary requirements an... read more

  • Onesta

    Onesta is a financial advisor search platform with a powerful search engine and innovative AI-powered assistant, OnestaBot, to help individuals find t... read more

  • Outer Voice AI

    Outer Voice is an AI coaching app offering personalized feedback and self-reflection options to help users unlock their potential, improve mental heal... read more

  • Parentivise

    Parentivise is an AI-powered parenting assistant that offers personalized guidance for children’s unique needs. It features a conversational cha... read more

  • Photor AI

    Photor AI is an image recognition and machine learning tool that uses key technical aspects such as brightness, contrast, and noise to select the best... read more

  • Pi

    Pi is an AI tool designed to provide emotional support, personalized conversations, and a listening ear for individuals in need of a sympathetic and e... read more

  • Plicanta

    Plicanta is a platform designed to simplify the job search process, accelerate career growth and enhance chances of success. It offers a range of feat... read more

  • PostalAI

    PostalAI is a web-based tool that generates personalized and unique postcards using AI technology, providing comprehensive customization options for g... read more

  • Prospre

    Prospre is a meal planning app with a meal plan generator, food diary, macro tracker, and an AI coach that offers customized meal plans, tracks calori... read more

  • QuickGPT

    QuickGPT is a user-friendly application that provides easy access to the powerful ChatGPT tool, offering a hassle-free and efficient solution for user... read more


    QuickReplai is a user-friendly AI-powered messaging app that provides quick on-demand virtual assistant services for tailored responses, ideal for bus... read more

  • Reggi

    Reggi is a shopping assistant that tracks purchases in real-time, helps manage budgets, and calculates taxes and fees to make shopping stress-free. ... read more

  • Replika

    Artificial intelligence-powered platform Replika provides tailored responses and a safe, non-judgmental environment for individuals seeking emotional ... read more

  • Resume Worded

    Resume Worded uses AI to provide personalized feedback on resumes and LinkedIn profiles, offering a revolutionary resume grader and targeting feature.... read more

  • ResumeCheck is an AI-driven platform that helps job seekers optimize their resumes with features such as error detection, industry optimization, a... read more

  • Rolemodel AI

    Rolemodel.AI allows for the creation and customization of an AI assistant to streamline workflows and automate tasks, aiding personal growth and devel... read more

  • Ruru

    Ruru is an AI-powered pet app that provides personalized insights for all pet-related concerns, from play-time activities to wellness information. ... read more

  • Signapse

    The text describes a product designed to bridge the communication gap between deaf and hearing individuals, featuring a synthetic signer for broadcast... read more

  • Soofy

    Soofy is an AI-powered language-learning app with a focus on practicality and real-life scenarios, offering features to enhance pronunciation, writing... read more

  • Tabirim

    The Akıllı Rüya Tabircisi is an AI-powered dream interpretation tool available in both Turkish and English, offering personalized interpretations f... read more

  • The GodChat

    GodChat is an AI-powered chat app that uses advanced technology, including GPT3.5 and GPT4, to provide an engaging and personalized experience for Wha... read more

  • Thekeys

    Keys is a communication platform that helps users articulate their thoughts with clarity and precision while maintaining their authenticity and tone. ... read more

  • TinyWow

    AI-powered utility tools simplify complex tasks like PDF conversion, video/image conversion, and AI writing. They are user-friendly, save time, reduce... read more

  • Tomorrow IO is a weather and climate security platform that helps businesses predict and manage weather-related events through hyperlocal monitoring, ... read more

  • TravelMate

    AI-generated travel guides offer comprehensive information on thousands of global cities, from local attractions to insider tips on places to eat, dri... read more

  • Tuliaa

    Tuliaa is a product that helps users increase their emotional awareness by identifying emotions and providing effective coping mechanisms. It includes... read more

  • UnlimitedGPT

    UnlimitedGPT is a free and easy-to-use tool that provides unlimited access to the AI-powered chatbot, ChatGPT, without any limitations and enhances pr... read more

  • Usemotion

    Motion is a productivity tool that combines a calendar, project manager, task manager and meeting assistant, making it easy to plan and manage your da... read more