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Caktus is an AI education platform that automates aspects of schoolwork, streamlines academic workloads, and optimizes time management. Its tools include Essay Writer, Paragraph Generator, and Discussion Questions module. It also offers features for crafting personal statements, converting YouTube videos into essay format deliveries, generating text summaries, and utilizing coding writers. The platform’s versatility caters to both academic and professional pursuits, and its scholarship program offers educational enrichment opportunities.


Caktus is a cutting-edge AI education tool that streamlines academic workloads, making learning a breeze. By automating the laborious aspects of schoolwork, Caktus allows learners to focus their attention on the things they truly care about. With a diverse array of AI-driven services, this innovative platform is specifically designed to streamline academic work and optimize time management. Standout features include sophisticated tools like the Essay Writer, Paragraph Generator, and Discussion Questions module. Furthermore, Caktus enables learners to churn out personal statements, convert YouTube videos into essay format deliveries, generate text summaries, and utilize coding writers for Python, Java, C#, Javascript, and Go projects. Impressively, students can also craft impeccable Cover Letters and Resume Bullet Points with the help of Caktus’s Career tools. Caktus’s Scholarship program is just one of the many perks the platform boasts, which offers unparalleled educational enrichment opportunities. The platform’s versatility is evident in its diverse applications. Users can leverage its capabilities to write compelling essays with ease, participate in classroom activities with engaging discussion questions, convert YouTube videos into convenient essay format deliveries, summarize lengthy texts for retention, and even enhance their professional resumes and cover letters. Caktus has revolutionized the learning experience, empowering students to reach their full potential and excel in both academic and career pursuits.

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