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Scholarcy is an innovative AI-powered online summarizing tool for articles, reports, and book chapters, with automatic reference extraction and a browser extension. It is useful for researchers, students, journalists, and librarians to quickly understand and digest large amounts of information.


Scholarcy provides a cutting-edge online summarizing tool that is specifically designed to quickly evaluate and assess the importance of various types of documents, including articles, reports, and book chapters. This truly innovative tool harnesses the power of advanced artificial intelligence (AI) to generate concise and organized summary flashcards that make it easy to sift through complex information quickly and effectively.

In addition to its robust AI-powered analysis, Scholarcy also offers automatic reference extraction, helping users identify key references within documents and build a comprehensive and searchable reference collection. The Scholarcy browser extension is an additional bonus, which allows users to seamlessly integrate with open-access repositories and streamline their research workflow.

Scholarcy’s advanced features and capabilities make it an invaluable tool for a diverse range of use cases. Researchers can quickly assess the importance of articles and reports in their field, while students can save time by reading summarized versions of long documents. Journalists can rely on Scholarcy to quickly understand the key points of a document, ensuring accurate and reliable reporting, and librarians can help patrons find relevant information by providing quick summaries.

Overall, Scholarcy is an unparalleled AI-powered summarizing tool that is designed to help individuals from all backgrounds and professions to save time and more effectively digest large amounts of information. Whether you’re a student, researcher, journalist, librarian, or anyone else who needs to stay informed, Scholarcy is the ideal solution to help you streamline your research and stay ahead of the curve.

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