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Lettria is a no-code artificial intelligence platform designed to streamline text data handling processes. Its natural language processing capabilities boast user-friendly data expertise tools and customization options, providing a comprehensive text annotation platform. Lettria offers a secured infrastructure, time-saving fine-tuning NLP project specs, and the ability for business analysts to create their own AI engine without writing code.


The Lettria platform is a highly advanced no-code artificial intelligence platform that has revolutionized the world of text data structuring. With Lettria, organizing textual data is not only easy, but also efficient and collaborative. Its incredible features and advantages make it an exceptional choice for anyone looking to streamline their text data handling processes.

One of the standout aspects of the Lettria platform is its highly customized natural language processing (NLP) capabilities. It is designed with the true power of your data in mind and harnessed to give you insightful results like never before. The user-friendly data expertise tools that accompany Lettria are designed with the understanding that not everyone is a data expert. The platform is intuitive and doesn’t require any technical know-how to use.

Another impressive functionality of Lettria is its fine-tuning NLP project specs. Think of it as a customized engine that offers you the flexibility to make adjustments to your NLP project without starting from scratch or laboriously writing a single line of code. This feature will save you time and ultimately increase your productivity.

The Lettria platform comes with access to state-of-the-art NLP APIs that allow you to get your projects into production and deployed faster than ever before. This is particularly useful for product teams looking to improve efficiency and streamline processes.

Data engineers can also benefit from Lettria’s secured infrastructure, which makes data collection, cleaning, and preparation much simpler, safer, and easier. If you’re a data scientist, you’ll find Lettria to be a lifesaver, giving you the freedom to focus on your primary goal of designing and putting AI models into production, without being bogged down with low-value added project tasks.

Lettria’s comprehensive text annotation platform adds genuine value to your text data analysis process. Its functionalities are customizable and able to put into practice real-world knowledge that gives your valuable insights beyond standard syntax.

Business analysts can take advantage of Lettria’s ability to create their very own AI engine without writing a single line of code. This serves to boost productivity and automate time-consuming tasks, giving you more time to focus on other crucial aspects of your enterprise.

In summary, Lettria is the perfect AI platform choice if you’re looking for a no-code platform that can handle all of your text structuring needs in a seamless, efficient way. Its intuitive tools, state-of-the-art NLP APIs, and customizable workflows provide an optimal solution for businesses, data engineers, data scientists, product teams, and business analysts alike.

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