AI tools for Research

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  • Adept

    Adept is a research and product development lab specializing in machine learning and creating smart platforms to facilitate collaboration between huma... read more

  • AI Detector - Text Validator

    The AI Detector – Text Validator is a free App Store app that uses AI technology to validate text and reviews for reliability, identifying probl... read more

  • AI Helpers

    AI Helpers is a platform that allows users to create customized and personalized bots with industry-specific features for their business needs. It pro... read more

  • AI Toolbox for Innovators

    The AI Toolbox is a collection of state-of-the-art tools for innovation professionals and entrepreneurs to enhance their creative processes, including... read more

  • AI-RnD

    AI-RnD is a centralized hub for accessing and sharing research papers on artificial intelligence, designed to facilitate collaboration and knowledge d... read more

  • Akkio

    Akkio is a no-code machine learning platform that empowers sales and marketing teams to use data-driven decision making through efficient features and... read more

  • All Search AI is an AI-driven search engine that can rapidly search vast libraries of books using a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to find ... read more

  • Alphie

    Ojamu is a platform that uses AI and blockchain technology to offer marketing automation and real-time data insights on Web2 and Web3 social channels ... read more

  • Andi

    Andi is a conversational search engine that uses generative AI to provide meaningful responses to queries, while also consolidating information from t... read more

  • aomni

    Aomni is an AI-powered information retrieval tool with advanced algorithms and AutoGPT technology that extracts data from trusted sources for accurate... read more

  • Arbor

    Arbor is a platform that helps businesses showcase the sustainability of their products, with features like the Arbor Impact Calculator, customizable ... read more

  • Article Summary

    A new AI tool has been created to help summarise articles quickly and accurately. The web-based application can summarise in English, French or Arabic... read more

  • Artifact

    Summarize the text in less than 25 words : “AI-powered news feed that is personalized.” ... read more

  • Arxiv Feed

    Producthunt has launched an easily accessible database of curated Artificial Intelligence (AI) research papers from Arxiv, divided into categories inc... read more

  • Arxiv Summary Generator

    The AI-powered summarization tool uses Natural Language Processing technologies and AI engines to deliver accurate summaries quickly, with access to s... read more

  • BearlyAI

    Barely AI offers users access to OpenAI text tools with one simple command, enabling users to improve language skills, generate counter arguments, sum... read more

  • BlockSurvey

    BlockSurvey uses AI to generate high-quality survey questions tailored to the topic, saving businesses time and money, and eliminating potential biase... read more

  • BookAbout

    BookAbout is an AI-powered platform that searches a database of over 500,000 books to identify close matches to user inquiries and provide an enjoyabl... read more

  • BrowseGPT

    BrowseGPT is a Chrome extension that uses OpenAI’s GPT-3 model to automate everyday web browsing tasks such as clicking and entering text. It he... read more

  • Byterat

    Byterat is a data platform for battery engineers that offers advanced analytics tools and machine learning algorithms to enhance battery testing capab... read more

  • Cebra

    Cebra is a machine learning tool that uses non-linear techniques to generate consistent and high-performance latent spaces from joint behavioural and ... read more

  • Census GPT

    Census GPT is a user-friendly tool that allows efficient natural language queries of USA public data and provides access to a variety of data, support... read more

  • Chatbase

    ChatGPT is an advanced chatbot that uses artificial intelligence to provide accurate and speedy answers to website and document related inquiries. It ... read more

  • ChatGPT (OpenAI)

    ChatGPT is a language model that can generate human-like text with natural language conversations on a variety of topics, making it ideal for customer... read more

  • ChatGPT for Google

    The ChatGPT search tool, powered by artificial intelligence, provides more accurate and tailored results that can be added to popular web browsers as ... read more

  • ChatWithPDF

    Chatwithpdf is a plugin tool designed for ChatGPT that allows users to search PDF documents accurately and extract information through intelligent pro... read more

  • Connected Papers

    Connected Papers is a platform that provides a visual overview of research, presenting popular papers and relationships between different areas of stu... read more

  • Consensus

    Consensus is an AI search engine that extracts key findings from peer-reviewed research to provide ad-free and unbiased insights based on scientific e... read more

  • Context

    Producthunt’s chatbot platform allows users to create personalized chatbots to engage with their favorite podcasts, YouTube channels, and other ... read more

  • Cradle

    Cradle is a software that uses prediction algorithms and artificial intelligence design suggestions to create advanced proteins quickly and accurately... read more

  • ddmm

    A new web-based application offers an ultimate image search solution, with an AI-powered feature to generate images based on specific search quarry or... read more

  • Dime A Dozen

    Dimeadozen is an AI-driven tool for entrepreneurs, offering market research, scalability insights, tips on raising capital, competitive analysis, busi... read more

  • DocuChat

    DocuChat is a chatbot service that uses GPT-3 to help users extract information from their documents. It enables users to create private and public ch... read more

  • Eightify

    The text describes a new Chrome extension that offers AI-powered video summaries of YouTube content to provide a more efficient and streamlined viewin... read more

  • Elicit

    Elicit is a research assistant tool that automates research workflows and uses language models to locate and extract relevant papers, extract key poin... read more

  • ExpertAI

    ExperAI is an AI-powered platform that connects users with expert individuals across various fields, ranging from chefs to therapists and engineers, a... read more

  • Explain Like I'm Five

    ELI5 is a website that simplifies complex topics with AI technology, allowing users to select the level of simplification they need. It offers a diver... read more

  • Explainpaper

    A new product, available on Producthunt, claims to revolutionize academic reading by providing comprehensive explanations of complex ideas. ... read more

  • ExplainThis.AI

    ExplainThis AI is a text generation library designed to help online content readers understand complex terms. It offers pre-trained models and an easy... read more

  • Explore AI

    Explore AI is a new tool that allows users to search for credible and reliable information across thousands of YouTube videos with hassle-free searchi... read more

  • Feedly Leo

    Feedly’s Leo is an AI research assistant that prioritizes topics, trends, and keywords, eliminates repetitive news and condenses articles into s... read more


    Filechat uses AI to analyze various document types and offers a personalized chatbot to help users quickly find information. It also provides cloud st... read more

  • Flash Insights

    Flash Insights is a browser extension that can extract insights from web pages and videos, providing summaries, bullet points, and action plans in rea... read more

  • Galactica

    Galactica is an AI tool specifically trained to provide access to extensive scientific knowledge about the universe for researchers and aspiring scien... read more

  • Genei

    Genei is an AI-powered tool for professionals that streamlines workflow, optimizes content for search engines, condenses lengthy documents, and offers... read more

  • Gimme Summary AI

    Gimme Summary AI is a free Chrome extension that summarizes articles with advanced ChatGPT AI, friendly to privacy, with keyboard shortcuts, works on ... read more

  • Gnod

    Gnod is an AI-powered content discovery tool that suggests content based on a user’s preferences. It offers different projects, personalized sea... read more

  • GPT-3 Playground (OpenAI)

    GPT-3 is a software that leverages natural language processing to generate high-quality content for entrepreneurs and marketers, including blog posts,... read more

  • GPT4All

    GPT4All is an AI-powered language model tool for language enthusiasts. Users can chat with a locally hosted AI, track conversation history, and custom... read more

  • GPTForMe uses OpenAI embeddings and semantic search techniques to enable users to utilize their own content to provide context for GPT-3, streamlinin... read more

  • Heyday

    Heyday is an AI-powered virtual memory assistant for web browsing. It saves web pages automatically and brings them back when needed, integrating with... read more

  • Holler

    Holler is a survey creation and analysis tool that uses AI-powered prompts to offer data analysis and insights to help businesses make informed decisi... read more

  • Honesty Meter

    The Honesty Meter identifies and filters out biases in articles or other written content, offering an objectivity score to differentiate between biase... read more

  • Hubble

    Hubble is a feedback gathering platform that enables teams to gather user feedback at any point during product building. Its standout feature is the a... read more

  • Huberman AI

    The Huberman Lab’s AI-powered website helps people easily access science and health information with timestamped YouTube links and customized su... read more

  • InfraNodus

    InfraNodus is an AI-powered tool that can generate unique insights and ideas for text analysis. It represents any given text as a network, identifies ... read more

  • IRCopilot

    Copilot for Investment Research is an interactive tool for cryptocurrency market research. It helps users gather and analyze data from multiple source... read more

  •’s Researcher Workspace is a software package allowing users to review, summarise and condense vast amounts of research data. It is desig... read more

  • Khan Academy

    Khan Academy’s AI-powered guide, Khanmigo, is a digital tutoring service providing a range of interactive experiences with personalised, one-on-... read more

  • Konjer

    Producthunt provides a platform to inquire and engage with historical figures and fictional characters to enhance learning and offer endless possibili... read more

  • Laion

    LAION is a non-profit organization that provides advanced machine learning datasets, models, and tools with a commitment to promoting open education a... read more

  • Lean Canvas

    The AI Lean Canvas Generator is an AI-powered tool that allows businesses to generate a detailed Lean Canvas quickly and efficiently, summarizing vita... read more

  • Legalese Decoder

    Legalese Decoder utilizes AI technology to transform complex legal documents into plain language versions for easier comprehension, streamlining the l... read more

  • Lettria

    Lettria is a no-code artificial intelligence platform designed to streamline text data handling processes. Its natural language processing capabilitie... read more

  • Litmaps

    Litmaps is a research tool that generates an article and paper map relevant to your seed paper, with advanced search algorithms and collaborative feat... read more

  • Mason

    Mason is an AI-powered productivity app that helps professionals handle data analytics, with an intelligent virtual assistant, lightning-fast editor t... read more

  • Merlin

    Merlin is a free software extension powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT that adds a range of features to web browsers including Excel formulas, email cr... read more

  • Metaphor

    A new search engine with advanced natural language processing capabilities is now available, making browsing more efficient and satisfying by providin... read more

  • Mnemonic AI

    Mnemonic AI uses public and owned data to deliver comprehensive customer profiles, enabling businesses to gain valuable insights into customer prefere... read more

  • MonkeyLearn

    MonkeyLearn is a no-code text analytics tool that helps businesses quickly analyze and visualize customer feedback with pre-built and custom machine l... read more

  • Namique

    Namique is a free tool that helps businesses create unique and memorable brand names using features such as short and memorable name generation and an... read more

  • Neeva

    Neeva is a private search engine with a focus on providing maximum security and privacy for its users, with a free basic membership and a premium memb... read more

  • Nū

    nūton is an advanced AI prompt management tool that collaborates with a range of other AI tools to streamline the process of managing AI prompts. It ... read more

  • OpenPlayground Compare

    OpenPlayground Compare is an AI language comparison tool that enables users to evaluate over 25 AI language models and assess their performance agains... read more

  • OpenRead

    OpenRead is an AI-powered interactive platform designed to optimize the organization, interaction, and analysis of various literature formats. Its key... read more

  • Originality.AI

    Originality.AI is a plagiarism and AI detection tool for web publishers, offering features such as team management and high-tech AI writing detection,... read more

  • Paper Brain

    A discovery engine is available for researchers to simplify academic white papers, allowing users to ask questions in natural language and gain clear ... read more

  • Paper Wizard

    Producthunt is a platform that offers multiple options for detailed answers, draft essays and extended source summaries for all types of questions. ... read more

  • PaperList

    A new platform for sharing and reading research papers has been launched, aiming to provide a hub for valuable knowledge dissemination through expertl... read more

  • Papers GPT

    Producthunt’s proof-of-concept product uses GPT technology to process scientific papers for deep, accurate data integration. The solution showca... read more

  • PeopleAI

    People AI is a platform where users can converse with and learn from the most significant historical figures, with a diverse library across various fi... read more

  • Percy Lab

    Percy Lab is a language generation tool which uses the Open AI API to allow users to easily create accurate, structured, and readable texts in multipl... read more

  • Perplexity AI

    A search interface that utilizes the technology of OpenAI GPT 3.5 and Microsoft Bing to provide accurate and immediate responses to any question, desi... read more

  • Pestel Analysis

    An AI-powered PESTEL analysis tool helps organizations identify and analyze external factors to support strategic decision-making and planning process... read more

  • Pimeye

    PimEyes is a facial recognition search engine that allows individuals and organizations to conduct image-based searches to identify instances where th... read more


    A new video-clip search engine has been launched that can help users find the perfect video clip in seconds by simply typing in a phrase. The search e... read more

  • Podcast uses machine learning to offer a unique and engaging listening experience exploring a variety of topics. Listeners can provide suggestions ... read more

  • ProjectAi

    Project Ai is an AI-based writing and study tool for students, offering flashcards, easy presentations, and a user-friendly interface. It streamlines ... read more

  • Read Pilot

    Read Pilot generates Q&A cards that summarize online articles, simplifying the process and enhancing users’ understanding of complex inform... read more

  • Research Buddy

    Research Buddy is an AI-powered tool that generates academic literature reviews with Harvard referencing format within minutes, saving time and effort... read more

  • ResearchGPT

    An innovative solution allowing users to engage with research papers via a cutting-edge interface to gain a comprehensive understanding. Simply upload... read more

  • ResearchRabbit

    ResearchRabbit uses machine learning to streamline research, with a clutter-free inbox. Its UI allows simple visualisation of connections between pape... read more

  • Saga AI

    Saga is a collaborative workspace that incorporates AI to streamline tasks, including content generation, grammar correction and translations. It inte... read more

  • Scholarcy

    Scholarcy is an innovative AI-powered online summarizing tool for articles, reports, and book chapters, with automatic reference extraction and a brow... read more

  • SciSpace by Typeset

    The AI copilot is a new tool that can simplify complex research papers, highlight confusing sections and tables, and answer follow-up questions. ... read more

  • SciSummary

    SciSummary uses AI to provide accurate and concise summaries of scientific articles, making it easier to stay updated on breakthroughs and research. ... read more

  • Scite_

    Scite is a platform for discovering and assessing scientific articles using Smart Citations, providing insight into the context of citations and enabl... read more

  • Shaping Tomorrow

    Shaping Tomorrow is an AI-powered horizon scanning and foresight solution with scenario planning functionality to help businesses, nonprofits, researc... read more

  • Shulex VOC

    Shulex VOC offers an AI-powered reviews and feedback analysis platform to help Amazon sellers gain valuable insights on popular products, with a free ... read more

  • SkipVid

    A new tool offers users a one-click solution to quickly summarize lengthy YouTube videos without having to watch them in full, making the process user... read more