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  • Addy AI

    Addy AI is an email assistant that uses artificial intelligence to streamline email writing, allowing users to write messages in their preferred style... read more

  • AI Mailer

    Ai Mailer is a tool using GPT and NLP technologies to produce customised, high-quality emails, making email writing faster and cheaper for businesses.... read more

  • Ask Experts AI

    Ask Experts AI offers reliable and cost-effective solutions through well-trained and knowledgeable AI experts available 24/7 for a personalized hassle... read more

  • AtOnce

    AtOnce is an AI-powered platform that streamlines content creation and customer service processes, offering features such as AI Writer for generating ... read more

  • Brand AI Model

    Contlo’s Brand AI Model is a tool that streamlines marketing campaigns by generating personalized strategies and creatives, while also optimizin... read more

  • ChatGPT LinkedIn Email Generator

    The ChatGPT LinkedIn Email Generator is a chrome extension that helps create hyper-customized emails for potential business prospects, improving sales... read more

  • Creatext

    Creatext is an AI-based tool that helps sales and marketing teams achieve trigger-led growth by generating personalized text snippets and enhancing th... read more

  • DraftLab

    DraftLab is an AI-powered Gmail copilot that adapts to users’ writing styles, without storing their emails, aiming to help busy professionals, f... read more

  • is an AI-powered cold email writing tool that creates personalized emails and offers flexible plans for businesses to optimize their email ca... read more

  • is an AI-powered software that streamlines email handling, automates inbox management, personalizes content, and remembers visitor prefer... read more

  • First Line GPT

    First Line GPT offers semi-personalization at scale for customized emails, with 99% success rate for generating first lines, unlimited credit and proj... read more

  • Flowrite

    Flowrite is an AI-powered communication tool featuring browser compatibility, smart templates, and a tone selector. It is designed to improve communic... read more

  • Galeby

    Galeby is a customer service AI assistant that enhances and facilitates customer service by answering repetitive queries two times faster and offering... read more

  • GETitOUT

    GETitOUT is an AI persona and text generator that makes creating personas for marketing easy by extracting information from competition, generating pr... read more

  • Gmail Signature Parser

    An AI-powered email signature extraction tool has been designed to extract contact details automatically from email signatures within a user’s G... read more

  • GPT Workspace

    GPT Workspace is a powerful tool that seamlessly integrates with multiple Google applications, boosting productivity and simplifying workflows. It off... read more

  • Hiwriter GPT for Gmail

    Hiwriter GPT for Gmail is an AI-powered emailing solution that uses OpenAI’s GPT-3 language model to create tailored, personalized, and sophisti... read more

  • Hot Reach AI

    Hot Reach AI is an AI-powered tool that generates personalized opening lines for cold outreach emails, increasing engagement and conversion rates whil... read more


    Infomail is an email marketing and newsletter platform aimed at businesses, startups, and non-profits. It offers personalized campaign capabilities th... read more

  • Instantly is an email outreach tool with unlimited sending capability and list cleaning and personalization features to help improve deliverability... read more

  • Klart AI

    Producthunt has launched an AI-powered email tool that generates smart email responses, provides language translation and summarisation, and analyses ... read more

  • Klynk

    Klynk is an AI-powered email marketing tool that provides context-specific inputs and pre-built campaigns for multiple marketing models to create tail... read more

  • Lavender

    Lavender is an AI-powered email assistant for professionals that helps write better emails and receive more positive replies, while prioritizing user ... read more

  • Magicreach

    Reach is an AI-powered tool that personalizes and streamlines outreach with hyper-personalized icebreakers and data aggregation capabilities for resea... read more

  • Mailbutler AI

    Mailbutler’s Smart Assistant, powered by ChatGPT’s NLP and ML technology, revolutionizes email management with AI-powered email response a... read more

  • MailMentor

    MailMentor is an AI-powered platform offering customized sales messages that can enhance revenue growth and increase engagement among prospects, with ... read more

  • Mailr

    Mailr is an AI email assistant that allows users to compose professional emails with just one click through a Chrome extension. The app offers differe... read more

  • Mailyr

    Mailyr is an email tool that integrates with Google Chrome and uses AI-powered email writing to produce professional emails in record time. It is secu... read more

  • Microsoft 365 Copilot

    Microsoft 365 Copilot is a software solution that integrates with Microsoft 365 apps to boost productivity through language models and data from the M... read more

  • Missive

    Missive is an email collaboration and management tool with AI technology supercharged to allow faster drafting, responding, and translation. It has a ... read more

  • is an advanced artificial intelligence sales tool that generates personalized and effective sales outreach emails, improving conversion rates... read more

  • Outplayhq

    Outplay is a multichannel sales engagement tool with features to help sales teams streamline campaigns, personalize outreach and engage prospects on e... read more

  • ParagraphAI

    ParagraphAI is an advanced writing assistant that offers features such as grammar, spelling and vocabulary checks, as well as advanced plagiarism dete... read more

  • is a cold email automation tool designed to enhance outbound business communication through AI-powered sequences, built-in validation tools, a... read more

  • PolitePost is an AI-powered tool that helps professionals compose corporate and professional emails by refining and cleansing email drafts of unpr... read more

  • Quick Reply

    Quickreply is an AI Reply Generator that uses cutting-edge technology to generate personalized responses to messages within seconds, with the ability ... read more

  • Quicklines

    Quicklines is an AI-powered cold outreach assistant that optimizes your outreach process, offering an impressive social scraping functionality and nat... read more

  • Regie

    Regie is an AI-powered platform that assists sales, marketing and success teams in creating highly engaging content. It converts vast quantities of da... read more

  • Remail

    Remail is a Chrome extension that uses AI to help users create high-quality email responses quickly and efficiently with customization options availab... read more


    Reply is an AI-generated sales engagement platform that helps businesses expand their clientele and increase profitability. It offers multi-channel se... read more

  • ReplyAce

    ReplyAce is an AI-powered automation tool that streamlines email communication processes by analyzing emails, suggesting appropriate responses, and ca... read more

  • Salesforge

    Salesforce is a sales execution tool with real-time AI and machine learning capabilities, email deliverability solutions, and cold email outreach pers... read more

  • Scribbly

    Scribbly is an AI-powered email assistant designed to help busy professionals communicate more efficiently without compromising on content quality. It... read more

  • Smartwriter

    AI Cold Emails is a tool that uses AI technology to help users craft highly-personalized emails and LinkedIn messages to potential leads, resulting in... read more

  • Stride

    Stride is an AI-powered social media account monitoring tool that scans platforms daily to identify and capture email addresses of new followers, filt... read more

  • Subjectgenius

    Subjectgenius is an AI-powered platform that simplifies email subject line generation. It optimizes workflow to create effective email subject lines t... read more

  • Superhuman

    The AI-powered email inbox automatically sorts emails based on relevance and importance, provides reminders and has an open rate tracker and undo send... read more

  • Thatch

    Thatch offers an AI-powered virtual mailbox service with features including remote work capabilities, security features, mail forwarding, mail history... read more

  • Ultramail

    UltraMail is an AI-powered solution for managing and sending highly personalized marketing emails to enhance customer engagement and conversion. The s... read more

  • VoiceType

    VoiceType is a Chrome extension that allows users to compose and reply to emails on Gmail by speaking out their thoughts, with an advanced algorithm t... read more

  • Voxwave AI

    Voxwave is a tool for converting leads into buyers with highly personalized voice emails that resonate with pre-warmed leads, as well as using static ... read more

  • WhatsGPT

    WhatsGPT is an AI-powered messaging tool that provides personalized and seamless messaging across major platforms such as WhatsApp, Telegram, and Face... read more

  • Yobi

    Yobi is a tool designed to streamline customer conversations for small businesses. Its AI technology centralizes customer interactions in a single inb... read more

  • Zoom IQ

    Zoom IQ is an advanced digital solution that uses AI-driven algorithms to summarise chat threads, create meeting agendas, and suggest well-crafted con... read more