AI tools for Experiments

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  • AI Experiments

    Google’s AI Experiments platform offers simplified experiments for beginners to explore machine learning across various sectors, providing avant... read more

  • Ask My Book

    Ask My Book is an AI-backed tool that offers quick, real-time answers and the ability to efficiently retrieve information from the book The Minimalist... read more

  • Auto GPT

    Auto-GPT is an open-source application that uses the GPT-4 language model to autonomously manage and grow businesses, resulting in a substantial incre... read more

  • ChatFans is an AI-powered chatbot platform that enables fans to interact with celebrities and stay up-to-date with the latest news. Its natural lan... read more

  • DreamFusion

    DreamFusion uses Score Distillation Sampling to generate samples from a diffusion model, optimising 3D scenes with the Imagen text-to-image generative... read more

  • Farm3D

    Farm3D offers a sophisticated learning approach to generate 3D animals from 2D images, using the power of Stable Diffusion, making it a standout produ... read more

  • Gatherly AI

    A revolutionary platform powered by AI streamlines every aspect of event organization, including customization, and creates engaging, memorable experi... read more

  • GPT-Me

    GPT-me by Vana is a personalized chat app that uses advanced AI technology to provide relevant responses, making it ideal for self-reflection, persona... read more

  • Have I Been Encoded

    HaveIBeenEncoded (BETA) is a user-friendly platform that enables users to search for their name in AI models, gives them quick answers about themselve... read more

  • HumanFest

    Producthunt has launched a chat roulette-style platform that lets users engage in spontaneous conversations with AI-powered chatbots which are designe... read more

  • Infinite Drum

    The Infinite Drum Machine, powered by AI, offers an extensive library of over 6,330 sounds, allowing users to create unique beats and experiment with ... read more

  • LoopGPT

    LoopGPT uses OpenAI technology to enable users to converse with two AI chatbots, with features including context setting, timer, and secure API Key st... read more

  • Papers GPT

    Producthunt’s proof-of-concept product uses GPT technology to process scientific papers for deep, accurate data integration. The solution showca... read more

  • StarByFace

    StarByFace is a facial recognition app that matches users with celebrity lookalikes. The app uses advanced technology and prioritizes user privacy by ... read more

  • Suno AI Bark

    aBark is a text-to-audio model featuring multilingual speech generation, nonverbal communication, and access to pre-trained model checkpoints for use ... read more

  • This Model Does Not Exist

    Ailice is a new AI-generated influencer with a brand new photo posted every 15 minutes, allowing her followers to vote on their favorite image for her... read more