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  • Ai Mafia

    The AI Mafia is a platform providing a suite of features to help individuals harness AI, including tool analysis, practical use cases, courses and liv... read more

  • AI tutor by UUKI

    UUKI’s AI Tutor platform offers a free, community-driven learning experience for Python, with both basic and advanced content and personalized r... read more

  • AICheatCheck

    AICheatCheck is an AI tool that detects GPT-generated content with its algorithm and analysis capabilities, helping educational institutions and compa... read more

  • Aistote

    Aistote is an AI-powered platform for creating engaging quizzes and flashcards from course materials in various formats. It is highly customizable and... read more

  • All Search AI is an AI-driven search engine that can rapidly search vast libraries of books using a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to find ... read more

  • Ask2End

    Ask2End is an AI-powered tool that provides instant and accurate responses to user inquiries in multiple languages, available in both a free and Pro v... read more

  • Basmo Chatbook

    Basmo’s AI is an advanced natural language processing tool that can help users enhance their reading experience, research and learning skills by... read more

  • Brain Buddy

    Brain Buddy AI Tutor is a free online platform that utilizes GPT-4 powered AI technology to provide homework help and tailored solutions to students a... read more

  • Caktus

    Caktus is an AI education platform that automates aspects of schoolwork, streamlines academic workloads, and optimizes time management. Its tools incl... read more

  • CandideAI

    CandideAI offers an edTech platform specifically for children to learn about AI technology, providing step-by-step online courses that help develop cr... read more

  • Chatprep AI

    Chatprep AI’s app uses AI-powered technology to provide personalized learning experiences for students preparing for exams. Its features include... read more

  • CheatGPT

    A new writing tool with GPT-4 and Whisper support offers an array of features, including text summarization, grammar correction, and AI-powered image ... read more

  • Coin Identifier Coin Snap

    Coin Snap is a mobile app using AI-driven image recognition to quickly identify coins, making it a useful tool for both hobbyists and professional col... read more

  • CollegeGrantWizard

    CollegeGrantWizard is an AI-powered tool for students seeking grants to finance their education. It allows for personalized searches based on location... read more

  • CourseAI

    CourseAI is an AI-driven online course creator with state-of-the-art learning analytics, seamless device scaling, and integrations, designed for user-... read more

  • Crossplag

    Crossplag’s AI Content Detector identifies text created using AI, utilizing machine learning algorithms and ChatGPT detection technology to anal... read more

  • Curipod

    Curipod is a platform with interactive tools, designed for creating modern era lessons that engage, and is customizable with existing presentation mat... read more

  • DeAP Learning Labs

    DeAP Learning Labs has introduced an artificial intelligence-powered tutor chatbot that offers personalized feedback to students taking AP US History ... read more

  • Doctrina AI

    Doctrina AI is an AI-driven educational platform that features an Essay Generator, Exam Generator, and ABCs Generator with OpenAI GPT-3 integration to... read more

  • Dropchat

    Dropchat is a chat platform with several features that differentiate it from other chat platforms, such as instant chatting capabilities with any book... read more

  • Edaly

    Edaly is an AI-based platform that connects global education providers with learners seeking personalized, high-quality education, while reducing admi... read more

  • Education CoPilot

    The AI Lesson Planner – Education Copilot is an innovative tool used by educators for streamlining lesson planning and materials generation, gen... read more

  • EducatorLab

    Educator Lab is an artificial intelligence-powered SaaS tool that simplifies and automates the lesson planning and assessment process for educators, w... read more

  • ES.AI

    ES.AI is an AI writing assistant designed for students and young professionals with ethically and affordable writing tools, aiming to unlock their tru... read more

  • Essay-Builder.AI

    Essay Builder AI is a free tool powered by advanced artificial intelligence that is designed to help students quickly and effortlessly create high-qua... read more


    EVITA is an AI-powered singing instructor that features character analysis, hero’s journey, internal monologue, and lesson summarizer functions ... read more

  • ExamCram

    ExamCram is an AI-powered app that provides personalized study materials, targeted questions, instant feedback, and study plans to help students study... read more

  • is a non-profit research group focused on driving cutting-edge advancements in deep learning and AI, offering courses and resources to learner... read more

  • FlashcardX

    FlashcardX’s AI platform generates custom flashcard decks to help learners study and memorize complex concepts, adjusting to individuals’ ... read more

  • Fobizz

    Fobizz Tools is a free digital platform offering online courses, live webinars, and AI assistants for teachers to create and share content securely. ... read more


    GAJIX is an AI-powered learning assistant which can provide summaries, explanations and deep understanding of any subject to its users. Its features i... read more

  • Geleza

    Geleza is an AI-powered all-in-one education platform for high school and college students. It offers personalized learning experiences and tools for ... read more

  • GPTionary

    GPTionary is an AI-powered educational tool targeted at community leaders keen to help individuals expedite their vocabulary acquisition using open-so... read more

  • GPTZero

    GPTZero is an AI detection tool for educators to distinguish AI-generated texts from human-generated ones, with a plagiarism score, individual sentenc... read more

  • Grammar Checker

    StudyCrumb offers a free grammar checker that uses advanced AI technology to provide personalized feedback and insights for improving writing skills. ... read more


    IMAGINaiTION is an AI-powered app that creates personalized stories for young children, improving language skills, creativity, emotional development, ... read more

  • is an online community for Makers passionate about AI that offers workshops, training, and mentorship to build innovative solutions that tra... read more

  • Languate

    Languate is a free language learning tool that uses interactive conversation with an AI assistant to improve speaking skills. It offers five languages... read more

  • Learnly

    Learnly is an online learning platform for homeschooling that streamlines the process of planning, creating, and managing personalized lesson plans an... read more

  • is an AI-powered educational platform that provides instant answers and explanations to book-related questions, personalized book reco... read more

  • is an AI-powered platform that allows teachers to create highly customized and efficient lesson plans, saving time and energy while fos... read more

  • LiveReacting AI

    LiveReacting is an AI-powered platform for live streaming that offers interactive and engaging features including a virtual AI host, interactive games... read more

  • Magic Form

    MagicForm uses AI to streamline the creation of quizzes and tests with a user-friendly, two-step process. It is accessible and can be used for educati... read more

  • MindBot

    MindBot is an advanced chatbot using NLP and deep learning algorithms to provide intelligent and captivating communication with users, featuring a clo... read more

  • Mindgrasp

    Mindgrasp is a tool that helps improve productivity by generating accurate notes and providing immediate answers to questions from a range of sources ... read more

  • Nolej

    Nolej is a decentralized skills platform leveraging AI for interactive courseware creation and global knowledge sharing, with features including an AI... read more

  • Onesta

    Onesta is a financial advisor search platform with a powerful search engine and innovative AI-powered assistant, OnestaBot, to help individuals find t... read more

  • OpenRead

    OpenRead is an AI-powered interactive platform designed to optimize the organization, interaction, and analysis of various literature formats. Its key... read more

  • Outline Ninja

    Infographic Ninja is an AI-powered tool that simplifies infographic creation with automated generation, accessibility options, and a focus on user exp... read more

  • Paperclips

    Paperclips is an AI-based tool that generates high-quality flashcards from PDFs of course notes, with unlimited flashcards and flexible pricing plans.... read more

  • Parentivity

    The new Producthunt product uses GPT-3 to offer personalized advice and chat support, while maintaining a strong focus on privacy by following industr... read more

  • Polyglot Media

    A free tool for teachers to create comprehensive vocabulary-based and grammar-based lesson plans and vocabulary lists with customizable, printable wor... read more

  • Praktika ai

    Praktika is an AI-powered language learning app that offers immersive English conversation with avatars. It offers real-time feedback and progress tra... read more

  • Praxy AI

    Praxy is an AI-powered study buddy that offers a range of features including Smart Web Highlighting, AI Notes functionality, and a Tutor chat feature ... read more

  • PrepAI

    PrepAI is a free AI-powered tool that generates tailored tests and assessments for different curriculums, providing multiple formats and languages. Su... read more

  • Q-Chat

    Q-Chat is an innovative study tool that promotes critical thinking using the Socratic method, with versatile study prompts, a personal learning coach,... read more

  • Quench AI

    Quench AI is an AI learning assistant that can curate personalized video content streams for an efficient, engaging, and effective video learning expe... read more

  • QuestionAid

    Question Aid is a platform that generates questions and quizzes from any given text, making it an essential tool for educators, trainers, and content ... read more


    Quizbot is an AI-powered tool that generates high-quality written content, including multiple choice, true/false, and fill-in-the-blank questions. It ... read more

  • Quizgecko

    Quizgecko is an AI-powered quiz generator that can create unique quizzes from text or URLs, with multiple question types and customizability. It is id... read more

  • QuizWizardGPT

    LessWith Advanced AI uses personalized lesson plans tailored to individual students’ learning styles through the power of advanced AI algorithms... read more

  • Quriosity

    Quriosity is an AI course creator that can produce personalized and comprehensive courses on any topic in seconds through advanced AI algorithms. It o... read more

  • Readshark

    Readshark is a subscription service that provides professionals with book summaries in multiple formats on a wide range of topics, offering a cost-eff... read more

  • Roshi AI

    Producthunt offers a tool that generates resources to support teaching by allowing users to select any YouTube or web video or article. ... read more

  • Scholarcy

    Scholarcy is an innovative AI-powered online summarizing tool for articles, reports, and book chapters, with automatic reference extraction and a brow... read more

  • SchoolHack

    School Hack is a tool designed to help students optimize their study experience, with coverage of every known curriculum, comprehensive mentorship, an... read more

  • Sketchar

    Sketchar offers personalized art learning via an algorithm that tracks progress and customizes content. Its fun and engaging approach involves both th... read more

  • Soofy

    Soofy is an AI-powered language-learning app with a focus on practicality and real-life scenarios, offering features to enhance pronunciation, writing... read more

  • Speakable

    Speakable provides automated assessment of speaking exercises in over 100 languages, saving teachers time and enabling learners to develop practical l... read more

  • Study Ai

    Study AI is an AI-powered learning tool that offers personalized and accurate answers to questions in various subjects including Math, Science, and Hi... read more

  • Studyable

    Studyable is a website offering interactive educational resources with an AI tutor to help users gain knowledge on various subjects, as well as test a... read more

  • StudyforCitizenship

    The US Citizenship Practice Exam is a free, AI-powered study guide that helps users prepare for the US Naturalization Test. It offers an automated gra... read more

  • SummarizePaper

    An AI-powered platform has been launched to help researchers and students make sense of research papers more quickly and easily, featuring comprehensi... read more


    TalkMe is an AI-powered language learning app that offers human-like AI teachers with distinct personalities and real-time communication, providing us... read more

  • Tandem GPT

    Tandem GPT is an AI language partner that provides realistic and engaging conversations for language learners. It allows users to learn anytime, anywh... read more


    A website for educators to create AI-centered lesson plans and assessments with features that allow for personalization and engagement, making it an e... read more

  • The Drive AI

    The Drive AI is an AI-powered document management tool that allows users to store, read, and write documents efficiently. Its features include efficie... read more

  • The GodChat

    GodChat is an AI-powered chat app that uses advanced technology, including GPT3.5 and GPT4, to provide an engaging and personalized experience for Wha... read more

  • TreeMind

    TreeMind offers AI-generated maps tailored for individual learning or work needs, with features including cross-platform file synchronisation and coll... read more

  • Trellis

    Trellis, an AI-powered platform, provides a dynamic approach to learning that promises to revolutionize the way we engage with educational content, al... read more


    Trinka has launched a grammar and language enhancement tool specifically for academic and technical writing including plagiarism and citation checkers... read more

  • Turnitin

    Turnitin provides a range of solutions designed to meet the unique needs of educators, researchers, and publishers, including originality checks, asse... read more

  • Wisdolia

    A Chrome Extension uses AI to create custom flashcards for articles or PDFs, improving comprehension and retention. The tool integrates with the space... read more

  • Wisio

    Wisio is an AI-based platform for scientific writing enthusiasts which can translate any language into scientific English and offer personalized recom... read more

  • WolframAlpha

    Wolfram offers cutting-edge algorithms, AI technology, and a knowledge base to generate expert-level responses in Mathematics, Science & Technolo... read more

  • Writefull

    Writefull is a writing platform providing real-time language feedback and access to millions of published articles to help users improve their writing... read more

  • Yip

    Yip is a platform that generates relevant questions for your notes, streamlining the note-taking process to save time and improve productivity. ... read more


    Conker is a simple-to-use educational tool that allows users to create tailored learning materials and quizzes. Its standout feature is the ability to... read more