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ES.AI is an AI writing assistant designed for students and young professionals with ethically and affordable writing tools, aiming to unlock their true potential as a writer with its special 20% discount on its services.


Introducing ES.AI – the revolutionary generative AI toolkit specifically designed to offer students and young professionals high-quality writing tools that are both ethical and affordable. Our extensive range of key features and advantages make ES.AI the perfect writing assistant for anyone seeking to unlock their true potential as a writer.

Our specially-trained models have been exclusively created to help students make connections and explore their ideas in much greater detail. This allows you to create genuinely compelling content that can help you gain entry into the college of your dreams, and beyond. Whether you’re looking for assistance with college applications or other writing-related tasks, ES.AI is here to help.

And, for those who sign up early, we’re delighted to offer a special 20% discount on our services. That’s right, as an early user of ES.AI, you’ll gain access to a range of exciting benefits for a fraction of the normal cost.

But, it’s not just students who will benefit from our innovative generative AI toolkit. Young professionals looking to create high-quality content for work or personal projects will also find ES.AI to be an indispensable writing assistant.

So, no matter your writing needs, ES.AI has you covered. With a range of use cases and benefits to choose from, why not discover the power of ES.AI today? Join the ranks of other satisfied customers and take the first step towards becoming an exceptional writer with ES.AI.

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