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GPTZero is an AI detection tool for educators to distinguish AI-generated texts from human-generated ones, with a plagiarism score, individual sentence identification, batch uploads, and customizable endpoints. It is ideal for protecting the authenticity of work against AI-generated content.


GPTZero is an innovative artificial intelligence (AI) detection tool that has been meticulously developed to recognize and distinguish AI-generated texts from human-generated ones. It has been primarily created with educators and other similar users in mind, and aims to provide them with a range of incredible features and advantages.

One of the most essential elements of GPTZero is its plagiarism score, which delivers a comprehensive and substantive score that reveals the exact amount of AI-generated content present in a document. Additionally, GPTZero also conveniently identifies individual AI-generated sentences to enable easy detection for users. Moreover, it supports batch uploads, which makes it easier to check multiple files at once- ideal for busy educators!

With GPTZero, you can also seamlessly integrate the tool into your organization’s system with customizable endpoints using its reliable API integration feature.

This enthralling and exceptional tool has various use cases that cater to different educational environments, including educators who want to discover AI-generated content in student work, organizations aiming to integrate AI text detection into their systems, and institutions seeking to safeguard academic integrity amidst the increasing influx of AI-generated content. Therefore, GPTZero is vital for institutions and businesses seeking to protect the authenticity of their work against the potential threat of AI-generated content.

With a rapidly growing user base and valuable partnerships with some of the industry leaders like K16 Solutions and Canvas, GPTZero is continuously improving and strives to become the indispensable solution to detect AI-generated text.

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