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A Chrome Extension uses AI to create custom flashcards for articles or PDFs, improving comprehension and retention. The tool integrates with the spaced repetition system of Anki for better study habits and academic excellence.


Introducing a game-changer in the world of learning and education – a revolutionary Chrome Extension that employs the power of Artificial Intelligence(AI) to expertly craft custom flashcards for any article or PDF you may come across, thereby enhancing retention and deepening comprehension.

With this cutting-edge extension, you can now seamlessly generate flashcards comprising insightful questions and comprehensive answers that seamlessly integrate with the inbuilt spaced repetition system of Anki, thus paving the way for significant improvements in your study habits, and ultimately, strengthening your academic prowess.

Upgrade your learning experience with this dynamic tool, designed to help you efficiently ingrain and internalize what you read, thereby unlocking your full potential and enabling you to become a super learner, whose mastery of knowledge and information is second to none. Don’t let another minute go by without harnessing the transformative power of this Chrome Extension for unmatched academic excellence and success!

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