AI tools for AI customer service

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  • Adobe Sensei

    Sensei is an AI tool that simplifies creating a better customer experience, streamlines workflows, uses data-driven insights to make informed decision... read more

  • Aide

    Aide is an advanced AI integration tool that helps improve the performance and efficacy of customer support teams through its intelligent suggestions ... read more

  • AskAI

    A no-code platform available on producthunt allows users to create data-driven chatbots with Q&A capabilities that can be fully customized, integ... read more

  • AtOnce

    AtOnce is an AI-powered platform that streamlines content creation and customer service processes, offering features such as AI Writer for generating ... read more

  • BotDistrikt

    BotDistrikt is a chatbot building platform that requires no coding and offers templates and tools for designing engaging virtual personalities. It pro... read more

  • Brainfish

    Brainfish is an AI-driven knowledgebase platform that offers advanced features, including AI-powered analysis, proofreading, analytics, and multi-lang... read more

  • BrandBastion Lite

    BrandBastion is a social engagement solution powered by AI, offering businesses advanced features such as comment management, sentiment analysis, and ... read more

  • Brandmate AI

    Brandmate is a tool that uses AI to help businesses manage their online presence, with features such as automated review responses, content creation a... read more

  • ChatGenius

    Chat Genius is a conversational AI chatbot that offers a no-code platform, web widget and API to create a multilingual AI assistant for customer servi... read more

  • Chatmasters

    Chatmasters AI is an affordable AI-powered assistant that helps businesses of all sizes improve their customer support efficiency, reduce staffing cos... read more

  • Chatness

    Chatness is a cost-effective, user-friendly platform that allows businesses to easily create and deploy chatbots on their websites with no need for co... read more

  • Chatspell

    Chatspell offers an AI-powered live chat solution with OpenAI ChatGPT integration, customization, analytics, and CRM integration for better customer s... read more

  • ChattySurvey

    This product offers highly engaging and interactive conversational AI surveys to simplify collecting customer feedback and gain valuable insights that... read more

  • ChatWizard

    ChatWizard is an AI-powered platform that lets website owners create interactive chatbots easily without coding. Its website data training feature ens... read more

  • is an AI platform offering personalized services including site search, product recommendations, email, social media, and ads to increase sal... read more

  • ClipyBoard

    Clipy Board is a message management tool aimed at businesses that offers customization and collaboration features for customer service and beyond. ... read more

  • Coachvox AI

    Coachvox AI offers a 7-step program to create an artificial intelligence version of coaches or mentors, allowing for personalized coaching or mentorin... read more

  • CodeBaby

    CodeBaby’s avatars have emotional intelligence and are accessible, offering features such as gesturing and real-time animation for effective int... read more


    Collab offers a Cloud Contact Center powered by Artificial Intelligence, which provides businesses with omnichannel management, self-service features,... read more

  • Cordless

    Cordless is an AI-driven solution for customer support teams that offers real-time call transcription, conversation intelligence, sentiment analysis, ... read more

  • Delve

    Delve AI is an AI-powered tool that helps businesses build data-informed buyer personas through Live Persona, Social Persona, and Competitor Persona, ... read more

  • Ebi.Ai

    EBI.AI is an AI assistant platform that offers intelligent customer support and service solutions to businesses, with a setup process that can handle ... read more

  • echowin

    Echowin is an AI-powered call management system with natural language understanding and real-time visibility, designed to optimize customer support an... read more

  • is an AI-powered software that streamlines email handling, automates inbox management, personalizes content, and remembers visitor prefer... read more

  • Forethought

    SupportGPT™ is a generative AI platform designed to streamline and enhance customer support processes for businesses across multiple industries. Its... read more


    Freeday is an AI-powered digital staffing platform that allows teams to outsource repetitive and tedious tasks, freeing up team members’ time an... read more


    FYRAN is an AI chatbot creator that can transform any file or URL into a human-like chatbot with digital avatars and MP3 support, and requires no codi... read more

  • Galeby

    Galeby is a customer service AI assistant that enhances and facilitates customer service by answering repetitive queries two times faster and offering... read more

  • Harvey

    The AI Sidekick is an innovative tool that uses AI to provide insightful suggestions aimed at streamlining the work processes of organizations and bus... read more

  • Helix

    Helix Playground is an AI tool that empowers users to create bespoke chatbots for fast, efficient, and user-friendly customer support operations with ... read more

  • HiFive

    HiFive is a review management platform that allows businesses to connect with multiple review sites, capture negative feedback privately, showcase the... read more

  • iStory

    An interactive storytelling tool uses voice, rich media and analytics to elevate content effectiveness. It provides immersive storytelling and persona... read more

  • Kahuna

    Kahuna allows experts to monetize their knowledge through paid monthly subscriptions, using AI technology for quick initial responses and the ability ... read more

  • Kaizan

    Kaizan is a Client Intelligence Platform that helps Client Success teams retain and grow their client base, with advanced language models and conversa... read more

  • Knowmax

    Knowmax is an omnichannel knowledge management platform using AI technology for streamlined agent workflows, enhanced self-service and personalized su... read more

  • offers AI-optimized customer and employee experiences with virtual assistants for business functions such as healthcare, commerce, banking, IT... read more

  • LetsAsk.AI

    LetsAsk.AI is an AI-powered solution that enables the easy creation and deployment of chatbots without the need for coding or extensive training. Its ... read more

  • Level AI

    Level AI is an AI-first contact center intelligence platform that helps businesses to improve customer service, discover valuable insights, and enhanc... read more

  • MagicChat AI is an AI-powered chatbot-building software that allows businesses to create a personalized and multilingual chatbot for their website wit... read more

  • Maya

    AI-driven personalization in financial transactions benefits customers, banks, and merchants by tailoring experiences to individual needs and preferen... read more

  • Mechanic For A Chat

    ForA.Chat is a chatbot service for car owners seeking reliable assistance. It offers expert advice through natural language processing and is user-fri... read more

  • Norby AI

    Norby AI is a chatbot that offers top-notch customer care for healthcare, fintech, online stores, and crypto industries. Its features include upsell a... read more

  • offers custom AIs to optimize workflow processes, improve customer support, and automate decision making in a range of businesses and organiz... read more


    Outboundify is an AI-driven email platform that helps individuals create personalized email campaigns with high efficiency and increased outcomes, inc... read more

  • PurpleBuddy-AI

    PurpleBuddy AI is an AI-driven chatbot platform designed to help businesses enhance their customer service capabilities and enhance the overall user e... read more

  • Quick Reply

    Quickreply is an AI Reply Generator that uses cutting-edge technology to generate personalized responses to messages within seconds, with the ability ... read more


    QuickReplai is a user-friendly AI-powered messaging app that provides quick on-demand virtual assistant services for tailored responses, ideal for bus... read more

  • Regie

    Regie is an AI-powered platform that assists sales, marketing and success teams in creating highly engaging content. It converts vast quantities of da... read more

  • Relevance AI

    Relevance AI is a versatile and intuitive platform that uses AI-powered analysis to help businesses analyze unstructured data. The tool offers advance... read more

  • ReplyAce

    ReplyAce is an AI-powered automation tool that streamlines email communication processes by analyzing emails, suggesting appropriate responses, and ca... read more

  • Rezon8AI

    Producthunt has created an AI system to manage customer reviews that provides actionable insights and can track recurring themes in review data. ... read more

  • Salonist

    Salonist is a software that streamlines salon and spa operations, including online booking, inventory management, marketing automation, and employee m... read more

  • Second Nature AI

    Producthunt uses AI-driven machine learning for sales role-play training, offering personalized, real-time feedback to optimize performance. ... read more

  • Simple Phones

    Simple Phones is an AI-powered communication solution for missed and incoming business phone calls that offers a free intelligent phone agent and 19¢... read more

  • Social Intents

    Social Intents is a live chat software that allows businesses to connect with website visitors through messaging tools like Microsoft Teams, Slack, Zo... read more

  • SpeechFlow

    SpeechFlow by Bluepulse is an API service that converts speech to text with multilingual transcription with a focus on privacy. It has competitive pri... read more

  • Sttabot CSAT

    Sttabot CSAT is an AI-powered solution that integrates with your existing database or documentation, providing intuitive customer support and success.... read more

  • Support Guy

    SupportGuy is a customer support platform with ChatGPT, chatbot training, customizable themes, multi-language support, powerful analytics, and hybrid ... read more

  • Supportal

    Suportal is an AI-powered tool that offers an innovative solution to customer support by providing an automated chatbot feature for businesses, saving... read more

  • TheLoops

    TheLoops, a CX operations platform that leverages AI, provides real-time customer, agent, and product insights to help improve customer experience and... read more

  • Twissy

    Twissy is an intuitive and user-friendly platform that helps users easily create and customize intelligent chatbots for various purposes, including do... read more

  • Typewise

    An AI platform designed to streamline customer interactions and automate routine tasks is available for businesses of all sizes, freeing up staff to w... read more

  • Vee

    Vee is a business consultant that offers personalized and engaging services to clients across various industries. It has interacted with over 5 millio... read more

  • viable

    Automate qualitative data analysis process with highest accuracy and precision using a cutting-edge solution freeing up valuable time and resources. ... read more


    Viff is an AI tool that generates personalised responses to guest reviews for hotels, ensuring that the hotel brand messaging is consistently presente... read more

  • Whelp

    Whelp is an AI-powered omnichannel customer service automation tool that offers 24/7 assistance and integration with other leading AI technologies to ... read more


    ChatGPT-4 is an AI-driven chatbot that provides instantaneous and personalized responses to customer inquiries and concerns. It requires no coding exp... read more

  • Wolfe

    Wolfe is an AI-powered management co-pilot that provides users with tools and resources to improve management skills, productivity and efficiency. It ... read more

  • Xokind

    XOKind offers businesses AI solutions for customer support, travel, and sales operations. Their platform simplifies the implementation of machine lear... read more

  • Yobi

    Yobi is a tool designed to streamline customer conversations for small businesses. Its AI technology centralizes customer interactions in a single inb... read more

  • YOUS

    Producthunt has launched a communication tool featuring an AI-based translator that instantly converts spoken and written language for conversations w... read more

  • Yuma

    Yuma Ticket Assistant streamlines customer support processes with artificial intelligence, integrating with existing help desk software to provide an ... read more