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Collab offers a Cloud Contact Center powered by Artificial Intelligence, which provides businesses with omnichannel management, self-service features, speech analytics technology, intelligent routing, and voice and screen recording to enhance their customer support services. The suite of tools can empower businesses of all sizes and industries to provide world-class experiences for their customers.


Collab is the ultimate solution for businesses seeking to enhance their customer support services. Boasting a next generation Cloud Contact Center that is powered by Artificial Intelligence, Collab provides over 600+ customers across more than 70 countries with unrivaled digital transformation capabilities. With a solid network of partners that spans the globe, Collab has been delivering cutting-edge services for over 15 years.

Collab provides an omnichannel management system that allows for effortless handling of voice, video, e-mail, instant messaging, and social media in one single interface. This is made possible through an innovative WebRTC-based browser that can be accessed from any device, no matter where you are. With advanced reporting features in real-time, businesses can stay ahead of the curve, monitoring quality performance, and providing proactive engagement to their customers.

Moreover, the self-service feature that Collab offers includes Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and intelligent bots that allow for seamless and personalized customer service experiences. Additionally, with Speech Analytics technology, quality monitoring is made easy and streamlined, allowing businesses to optimize the overall performance of their customer service department. The intelligent routing feature directs customers to the best agent available based on their needs, ultimately reducing response times, and improving overall satisfaction levels. With Voice and Screen Recording abilities, Collab ensures that every interaction is tracked for future reference.

In summary, Collab provides an unparalleled suite of tools that can empower businesses of all sizes and industries to transform their customer service capabilities into world-class experiences for their customers. reviews

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