AI tools for AI transcription

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  • Abney

    Abney is a podcast management tool that creates show notes, episode titles, descriptions, and social media posts, enhancing productivity and marketing... read more

  • Aiko

    Aiko is a transcription app that uses OpenAI’s Whisper model to deliver high-quality transcriptions, with support for video files and various ex... read more

  • AnyPod

    Anypod is a search engine specifically for content creators, offering advanced search capabilities and filtering options, as well as seamless integrat... read more


    “Brian” is an AI assistant designed for consultants and business professionals to enhance productivity and efficiency. It has a user-frien... read more

  • AudioNotes

    Producthunt’s innovative solution simplifies voice-based note-taking by capturing, organizing, transcribing, summarizing, and generating content... read more

  • AudioPen

    AudioPen is a tool that lets users convert their spoken ideas into written text in a streamlined and accurate way. It’s great for brainstorming,... read more

  • Auto Subtitle Generator

    Simplified’s Free Auto Subtitle Generator is a free web-based AI-powered tool that allows users to add accurate, searchable and customizable sub... read more

  • ChatGPT Search Plugin

    Pigro API is a software tool that can help businesses improve their search and document processing capabilities with features such as advanced text ch... read more

  • offers an automated meeting notes tool that uses AI to summarize and generate follow-up emails. Features include automated summarization... read more

  • Clippah

    Clippah is an AI-powered video editing tool that assists content creators in generating captivating videos with the help of various features such as C... read more

  • Cogram

    Cogram is an AI-powered virtual meetings tool that generates real-time transcriptions, summaries, and action items, and can integrate with existing so... read more

  • Contentfries

    ContentFries is a content creation platform that helps content creators to effortlessly produce dozens of contextually relevant content pieces, create... read more

  • CopyFish

    Copyfish is a free software that uses OCR to extract text from various types of images and files, allowing for easy translation, research, and saving ... read more

  • Deciphr Ai

    Deciphr AI uses artificial intelligence to provide podcasters, content producers and audio editors with detailed timestamps and show notes in minutes.... read more

  • Dictation IO

    Dictation is a software program designed to transcribe spoken words into written text. The software supports many languages, offers various features, ... read more


    A dubbing tool using AI technology creates authentic and efficient dubbing solutions in over 40 languages, offering significant cost and time savings ... read more

  • Exemplary ai

    ExemplaryAI is an AI-powered platform offering accurate and reliable transcription, content generation, and editing services, with flexible pricing op... read more

  • Free Subtitles AI

    Free Subtitles AI is an AI-powered tool that generates subtitles for audio and video content with ease. It offers multiple options and supports users ... read more

  • Good Tape

    Good Tape is an AI-powered automatic transcription software that supports over 90 languages, saving time and ensuring accuracy for journalists, resear... read more

  • is an AI-powered audio editing platform that simplifies the podcast creation process, offering intuitive web-based tools and features for cr... read more

  • Laxis

    Laxis is an AI-powered meeting assistant that provides real-time transcription, tagging, and personalized templates to enhance meeting efficacy. It se... read more

  • Leexi

    Leexi is an AI-powered conversational intelligence platform that provides transcription and analysis of calls and meetings, integrates with various pl... read more

  • Lingosync

    LingoSync offers affordable and fast video translation services in over 40 languages using advanced AI technology and over 220 voice-over options, mak... read more

  • Looseleaf

    Looseleaf is an AI-powered document chat tool that extracts information, provides instant answers to questions, and summarises documents. It is versat... read more

  • MachineTranslation is an AI-driven product which offers customized translations for any given text and language pair, making it the ideal solution... read more

  • MeetraAI is a meeting analysis tool that includes an early warning system for disrupted team connections and helps build stronger team connections th... read more

  • is an AI-powered meeting transcription tool that offers real-time transcription services and integration with popular platforms. It is versati... read more

  • One AI

    One AI’s Generative AI API is a highly customizable and scalable tool that provides deep analysis of textual, auditory, and visual data for data... read more

  • Parrot AI

    Parrot AI is an AI tool that can store, collect, and transcribe important business experiences, including video conferences, customer calls, and prese... read more

  • Podsqueeze

    PodSqueeze is an AI-powered solution that streamlines the content generation process for podcast episodes, making it accessible and user-friendly for ... read more


    DeepCake Localization offers AI-powered video dubbing and translation services, supporting multiple languages for voice-over, captioning, and subtitli... read more

  • Shownotes

    chatGPT is a tool for podcast creators that converts YouTube video captions into Shownotes and generates a visually-pleasing landing page with memorab... read more

  • SolidPoint

    Producthunt offers a tool to generate a summary of YouTube videos by simply pasting the URL, providing convenient summaries for both education and ent... read more

  • Sonix

    Sonix is an AI transcription software which supports over 38 languages, with advanced speaker labeling, diarisation and word by word timestamps featur... read more

  • SpeechFlow

    SpeechFlow by Bluepulse is an API service that converts speech to text with multilingual transcription with a focus on privacy. It has competitive pri... read more

  • SpeechText.AI

    SpeechText.AI is a user-friendly application that accurately transcribes audio and video sources, with a high level of precision. It offers an all-in-... read more

  • Steno

    ProductHunt has launched a podcast transcription service, which creates fully transcribed versions of customers’ favourite podcasts; users can n... read more

  • Supertranslate

    Supertranslate enables users to add accurate English subtitles to videos in over 100 languages using OpenAI’s Whisper technology for advanced sp... read more

  • Tactiq

    Tactiq is an AI-powered meeting management tool that generates meeting summaries, action items, and the next agenda with unparalleled accuracy and spe... read more

  • tl;dv

    Tl;dv is a tool that automates meeting processes, transcribes, summarizes and marks key moments in calls, generating AI notes, searchable transcripts,... read more

  • ToobSquid is an AI-powered tool designed to help users generate optimized titles, descriptions, hashtags, and timestamps for their YouTube videos, ... read more

  • Type Studio

    Type Studio is a text-based video editing platform that automatically transcribes video content. It offers easy editing tools for creating engaging co... read more

  • Vidby

    Vidby is an AI-powered video translation and voice-over platform offering a range of services, including subtitles, dubbing, and audio track customiza... read more

  • Video2Recipe

    Video2Recipe converts YouTube cooking videos into recipes using AI technology. Users simply paste the video URL and receive step-by-step instructions ... read more

  • is an AI-powered tool for training and analyzing documents and knowledge base that provides quick and accurate personalized results. It can c... read more

  • Whisper JAX

    Whisper JAX is a natural language processing tool that utilizes the Whisper model from OpenAI, achieving lightning-fast processing speeds and maximum ... read more

  • Whisper Memos

    Whisper Memos is a voice-recorded note-taking app that transcribes your thoughts and ideas automatically, easing the burden of manual note-taking, and... read more

  • Wudpecker

    Wudpecker is a tool for optimizing listening experiences in calls and meetings. It automatically records, transcribes, and generates high-quality note... read more