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Abney is a podcast management tool that creates show notes, episode titles, descriptions, and social media posts, enhancing productivity and marketing reach.


Abney is an exemplary podcast manager that is designed to cater to the needs of podcast creators. This handy tool efficiently listens to various podcast episodes and accurately creates insightful and comprehensive show notes, episode titles, episode descriptions, and social media posts. With the help of Abney, you can save countless hours of transcribing and creating written assets. This automated solution enhances productivity and ensures that you can focus on producing high-quality podcast episodes.

One of the unique features of Abney is its ability to generate social media posts, which allows creators to effortlessly promote their episodes across a wide array of platforms. As a result, it significantly increases the reach and engagement of your content. With its exceptional technology, Abney creates social media posts that are optimised for various platforms and ensure that your podcast is highly visible to your target audience. This dynamic feature ensures that your content is not only top-notch but is effectively marketed as well.

In summary, Abney is the ultimate tool for any podcast creator looking to enhance their content creation process and ensure that their episodes are efficiently marketed. With its ability to create show notes, episode titles, descriptions and social media posts, Abney is the game-changing tool that enables you to save time while maintaining high-quality podcast content.

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