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LoopinAI is an intelligent meeting assistant that incorporates AI-powered technology to transcribe meeting notes, answer queries related to the calendar, automatically generate meeting agenda, and send meeting summaries all in a single click.


LoopinAI is an intelligent meeting assistant that leverages the power of ChatGPT to enhance your productivity and streamline your workflow. With LoopinAI, you can conduct meetings with ease while the AI-powered assistant records, transcribes, and generates meeting summaries in your writing tone, freeing you from the tedious task of taking notes.

In addition, LoopinAI features a Spotlight Assistant that is designed to answer any and every query on your calendar, including meetings, notes, and tasks. This feature provides you with the relevant information you need, allowing you to prepare adequately for upcoming meetings.

Furthermore, LoopinAI streamlines the meeting preparation process by automatically generating agendas and templates from meeting descriptions, providing structure and clarity to your meetings. This feature ensures that all attendees are on the same page and that everyone is aware of the agenda and what is expected of them during the meeting.

One of the best features of LoopinAI is the one-click meeting summary. This feature allows you to quickly and easily send beautiful meeting summaries to attendees, making it easier to follow up on action items and keep track of progress.

In conclusion, LoopinAI is an intelligent meeting assistant that streamlines the meeting process, increases productivity, and ensures that nothing falls through the cracks. With features such as ChatGPT integration, Spotlight Assistant, automatic agenda and template generation, and one-click meeting summaries, LoopinAI is the ideal solution for anyone looking to streamline their workflow and enhance their productivity.

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