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  • Abney

    Abney is a podcast management tool that creates show notes, episode titles, descriptions, and social media posts, enhancing productivity and marketing... read more

  • Accio

    Accio is an AI-based tool for resume summarization that allows users to quickly create a comprehensive synopsis of their resume, saving time for recru... read more

  • is an all-in-one meeting management platform that offers features such as content management, collaboration, and document follow-up. The platf... read more

  • Alphy

    Alphy is an AI-powered platform that offers a variety of features to extract meaningful data from online discussions, including unique question-answer... read more

  • Bitesized

    An AI-powered news product delivers concise news summaries and allows users to customize their preferences and chat with their virtual news assistant.... read more

  • is a tool that helps online readers to make quick summaries and highlights of their favorite articles. Its customization features allow... read more

  • Boring Report

    Boring Report is an AI-powered app that transforms exciting news stories into mundane content, removing sensationalism and minimizing the impact of ca... read more

  • Chat LLaMA

    Chat LLaMA is a personal AI assistant that uses the LoRA method for faster adaptation of Large Language Models, enabling high-performance GPU integrat... read more

  • offers an automated meeting notes tool that uses AI to summarize and generate follow-up emails. Features include automated summarization... read more

  • Deciphr Ai

    Deciphr AI uses artificial intelligence to provide podcasters, content producers and audio editors with detailed timestamps and show notes in minutes.... read more


    FYRAN is an AI chatbot creator that can transform any file or URL into a human-like chatbot with digital avatars and MP3 support, and requires no codi... read more

  • GistReader

    GistReader is an AI-powered RSS reader that offers automatic article summaries, text-to-speech, and enhanced reading features, perfect for those on th... read more

  • GPT-Prompter

    A Chrome extension provides a quick and comprehensive explanation of highlighted text to help users understand complex language, jargon, or industry-s... read more

  • Grain

    Grain is an AI-assisted tool that simplifies note-taking, record-keeping, and capturing customer insights during conversations. It offers seamless int... read more

  • Leexi

    Leexi is an AI-powered conversational intelligence platform that provides transcription and analysis of calls and meetings, integrates with various pl... read more

  • Loopin AI

    LoopinAI is an intelligent meeting assistant that incorporates AI-powered technology to transcribe meeting notes, answer queries related to the calend... read more

  • Maritess

    Maritess is an AI-powered content creation platform designed for busy marketers and entrepreneurs, delivering high-quality, customized, and search eng... read more

  • MindTrove.AI is an AI-based tool for deep data insights without needing to be technically skilled. It contextualizes data from all sources, allowing i... read more

  • MyReport

    MyReport by Alaba a.i. is an AI-powered tool for data collection and citation in reports, offering automated data collection and customization, as wel... read more

  • Neuroflash

    AI-generated marketing texts on Producthunt provide a quantitative measure of the overall impact of a campaign, with over 100 text-types available. ... read more

  • is an AI-powered meeting transcription tool that offers real-time transcription services and integration with popular platforms. It is versati... read more

  • One AI

    One AI’s Generative AI API is a highly customizable and scalable tool that provides deep analysis of textual, auditory, and visual data for data... read more

  • Otter AI is an AI-powered software that transcribes meetings and conversations in real-time without human intervention, is compatible with popular vid... read more

  • Parrot AI

    Parrot AI is an AI tool that can store, collect, and transcribe important business experiences, including video conferences, customer calls, and prese... read more

  • Penelope AI

    The AI writing assistant can enhance writing quality by aiding in paraphrasing, summarizing, generating stories, and providing autocompletion for idea... read more

  • Recapext

    Recap is a free open-source browser extension that uses advanced deep learning models to generate summaries of any webpage. It is designed for researc... read more

  • Recapit News

    Recapit is an AI-powered news reporter that delivers personalized daily audio news recaps straight to your WhatsApp or Telegram, covering topics such ... read more

  • SciSummary

    SciSummary uses AI to provide accurate and concise summaries of scientific articles, making it easier to stay updated on breakthroughs and research. ... read more

  • Shownotes

    chatGPT is a tool for podcast creators that converts YouTube video captions into Shownotes and generates a visually-pleasing landing page with memorab... read more

  • Slack GPT

    Slack GPT is an AI-powered tool that enhances communication, automates tasks, and provides conversation summaries. It is flexible and customizable, wi... read more

  • SolidPoint

    Producthunt offers a tool to generate a summary of YouTube videos by simply pasting the URL, providing convenient summaries for both education and ent... read more

  • Slack Summarization

    Spoke is a new AI-powered tool that summarizes discussions in Slack channels, automates thread summaries, and provides feedback overviews. It helps us... read more

  • Summarize Tech

    A video summary tool that combines AI technology with video summaries that generate detailed summaries of lengthy YouTube videos, aimed at busy profes... read more

  • SummarizePaper

    An AI-powered platform has been launched to help researchers and students make sense of research papers more quickly and easily, featuring comprehensi... read more

  • SummerEyes

    Producthunt offers a summarization tool to quickly distill any internet text into a concise summary, helping busy professionals and students streamlin... read more

  • Sumz AI

    Sumz AI is a free and user-friendly tool that summarises lengthy articles to provide clear and concise summaries for busy individuals who want to stay... read more

  • Sybill

    Sybill is an advanced tool that generates precise and human-like summaries of sales calls, capturing emotional reactions and analyzing conversations f... read more


    The product on Producthunt provides real-time speech-to-text and contextual understanding with advanced deep learning models for live captioning, user... read more

  • Tactiq

    Tactiq is an AI-powered meeting management tool that generates meeting summaries, action items, and the next agenda with unparalleled accuracy and spe... read more

  • TechCrunch Summary

    A news summarizer powered by OpenAI’s GPT-3 API and Vercel Edge technology provides quick and seamless summaries of TechCrunch articles. ... read more

  • Textify

    Textify is an AI membership that offers a range of AI-powered writing and reading solutions, such as grammar checkers and summarizers, from a single p... read more

  • TextLayer

    The innovative product on Product Hunt enables quick transition from ideation to manufacturing and provides GPT-4 summaries for staying updated with r... read more

  • Thatch

    Thatch offers an AI-powered virtual mailbox service with features including remote work capabilities, security features, mail forwarding, mail history... read more

  • theGist

    The software theGist uses an algorithm to create a summary report of lengthy Slack conversations, allowing users to focus on more pressing matters and... read more

  • tl;dv

    Tl;dv is a tool that automates meeting processes, transcribes, summarizes and marks key moments in calls, generating AI notes, searchable transcripts,... read more

  • Tooltips AI

    An innovative extension on Product Hunt streamlines online reading by highlighting complex words or paragraphs with AI technology for straightforward ... read more

  • Video2Recipe

    Video2Recipe converts YouTube cooking videos into recipes using AI technology. Users simply paste the video URL and receive step-by-step instructions ... read more

  • WebMagic AI

    WebMagic AI summarizes large volumes of text into shorter versions, providing a centralized platform to store and access all of the articles. It also ... read more

  • WriteGPT

    WriteGPT is a powerful tool that enhances productivity by aiding in reading, writing, replying to emails, coding, and conducting research through comp... read more

  • Writely

    Writely offers an innovative solution to help people write better, regardless of their skill level. Their platform provides tools to cut down on word ... read more

  • Wudpecker

    Wudpecker is a tool for optimizing listening experiences in calls and meetings. It automatically records, transcribes, and generates high-quality note... read more

  • YouTube Summarized

    The Chrome extension utilizes OpenAI to allow users to easily summarize lengthy YouTube videos and save time. Download it today for a better video wat... read more

  • Zoom IQ

    Zoom IQ is an advanced digital solution that uses AI-driven algorithms to summarise chat threads, create meeting agendas, and suggest well-crafted con... read more