AI tools for Speech-To-Text

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  • AssemblyAI

    AssemblyAI’s Speech-to-Text APIs can convert audio and video files into text, offer summarization, content moderation, and topic detection funct... read more

  • DenoLyrics

    DenoLyrics is an AI-powered web-based application that speeds up and simplifies audio transcription in over 50 languages and offers a limited free pla... read more

  • Easy-Peasy.AI

    Easy-Peasy.AI is a user-friendly AI content creation tool with over 80 templates that caters to different writing tasks, making content creation faste... read more

  • Glasp YouTube Summarizer

    YouTube Summarizer with ChatGPT is a free Chrome extension that uses OpenAI ChatGPT AI technology to extract and condense the main points of videos in... read more

  • Hanami live translator

    The Hanami Live Translator is an audio translation tool that captures audio output from Windows speakers and microphones to translate spoken words bet... read more

  • Meeple is an AI-powered tool that helps sales teams create personalized one-pagers for buyers by analyzing and transcribing sales calls to generate... read more

  • Melville App

    Melville is an AI-powered podcasting solution that generates click-worthy episode titles, optimized summaries, and SEO keywords, providing a seamless ... read more

  • Promptheus

    Introducing ChatGPT’s innovative Chrome extension allowing users to interact with the AI-powered tool using their voice, making communication mo... read more

  • Relayed

    Relayed is an AI-powered video conferencing tool for remote workers, with advanced features including automatic summaries and unified communication. ... read more

  • Rewind

    Rewind is a life search engine that automatically records everything seen, heard, and said for quick access, with the user retaining control and priva... read more

  • Sumly.AI

    SUMLY.AI offers free, advanced AI-based audio and video content summarising software in 24 hours, saving busy individuals time and effort. ... read more

  • Supernormal

    Supernormal utilizes AI technology to create and manage meeting notes by providing real-time transcription and video capture, as well as advanced feat... read more

  • Targum Video

    Targumbeta is a tool for translating social media videos in any language to any other language. Its advanced algorithms identify and transcribe the vi... read more

  • ToWords

    The YouTube Video-to-Blog Tool can convert YouTube videos into engaging blog posts with a free trial available for a limited time, allowing users to c... read more

  • Translate.Video

    Translate.Video is a video translation application that offers features such as captioning technology, subtitle translation, and AI voice-over to prov... read more

  • TTS-Voice-Wizard

    TTS Voice Wizard is a software that uses Microsoft technology for speech-to-text and text-to-speech conversion, offering over 100 voices and customiza... read more

  • Whisper (OpenAI)

    Whisper is a powerful open-source automatic speech recognition system that can handle diverse accents, background noise, technical jargon, and obscure... read more