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AI email assistant is an AI-powered cold email writing tool that creates personalized emails and offers flexible plans for businesses to optimize their email campaigns. It includes a Chrome extension and is ideal for sales teams and marketers looking to expand their outreach and generate leads.

Description is an exceptional artificial intelligence-powered cold email writing tool that is specifically crafted to assist businesses of all shapes and sizes in creating highly effective, personalized emails. With its range of striking features and benefits, is the perfect assistant that will aid in enhancing the whole process of email crafting, delivery, and conversion. The main advantage of is its state-of-the-art AI technology that creates highly engaging and personalized emails based on the specific offer and prospect information provided. Moreover, features an incredible Chrome extension that enables users to craft personalized emails directly from the prospects’ LinkedIn page with one simple click. Furthermore, offers an array of flexible plans to cater to the diverse needs of different businesses, including the Starter, Growth, and Free Trial plans that offer varying email generation limits. Thus, is ideal for sales teams, marketing professionals, startups, and entrepreneurs who are looking to expand their outreach, generate leads, establish strong relationships with prospects, and save time and resources while crafting effective email campaigns. In summary, provides businesses with an incomparable solution to optimize their cold email campaigns and boost conversion rates by leveraging cutting-edge AI technology and seamless integrations with the latest tools and platforms. reviews

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