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Apple’s Books platform has introduced text-to-speech AI-narrated audiobooks in fiction and romance genres, offering readers an immersive experience and convenience.


Apple’s Books has exciting news for avid readers who are always on-the-go. With audiobooks being all the rage lately, the platform has introduced yet another feature that’s sure to delight its users. Introducing the newest addition to its digital library: Audiobooks narrated by none other than a text-to-speech artificial intelligence. This cutting-edge technology is now available for purchase, providing readers with a whole new way of immersing themselves in the world of literature.

Initially, the audiobooks will be available for two genres: romance and fiction. The AI will be using its two available digital voices, Madison and Jackson, to bring those stories to life. With their distinct vocal styles, readers will have the option to select which voice they prefer, depending on their personal preference.

Not only do these AI-narrated audiobooks make for an excellent listening experience, they also offer convenience. With this technology, readers can multitask while listening to their favorite books without any disruptions. Whether you’re commuting to work, doing household chores, or simply relaxing, these audiobooks are the perfect companion.

Overall, Apple’s Books’ new Audiobook feature is a game-changer in the world of literature. With the latest technology at its fingertips, the platform is revolutionizing the way in which readers consume books while simultaneously catering to their diverse needs. So, grab your headphones and immerse yourself in a whole new world of storytelling with Audiobooks on Apple’s Books!

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