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Gems has launched an AI Knowledge Assistant to help individuals and teams easily organise and access information from any knowledge source. The tool uses AI to verify sources and includes a self-organising knowledge base that evolves as more content is added. The system has already been tested by more than 20,000 users including Credit Suisse, McKinsey and the New York Times.


Introducing the revolutionary AI Knowledge Assistant by Gems, a comprehensive tool that has been skillfully crafted to help individuals and teams effectively organize and access their collective knowledge in a simple, seamless manner. With Gems, gaining insights and finding the right information has never been easier. Experience unparalleled convenience with features that enable you to gain instant access to ready-to-use answers from all sources of knowledge, without having to sift through heaps of manual-organized data.

With Gems, you can connect all your knowledge sources in seconds and enjoy centralized, well-organized access to all required information, without having to break a sweat. With our cutting-edge verification mechanism, information accuracy is never in doubt. With verified sources provided for every answer, you can easily verify information effortlessly and maintain a level of transparency that is unprecedented.

Our seamless sharing feature allows you to post Gems in shared spaces, allowing your team to share knowledge with zero friction. This tool is truly a game-changer – thanks to its self-organizing feature. The knowledge base, powered by AI, is constantly evolving as more content is added.

Our trusted solution has been tested and tried by over 20,000 users, including industry leaders such as Credit Suisse, Bain And Company, McKinsey and Company, Gartner, Harvard University, Morgan Stanley, and The New York Times. With Gems AI, knowledge management has never been more effortless. Gain productivity and efficiency with our streamlined platform that makes searching, retrieving, and using information a breeze.

Get Gems now, available on desktop and mobile. Whether you are an individual, team, or organization, experience the power of knowledge with Gems AI Knowledge Assistant.

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