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Augmentir’s AI-powered solution optimizes frontline operations with targeted upskilling, individualized guidance, and digitization of all workforce processes to boost productivity and efficiency for manufacturing organizations.


Augmentir is the ultimate and innovative solution that manufacturing organizations rely on to optimize their frontline operations. Our cutting-edge product offers an array of amazing features that provide purposeful AI to assess differences between expected and actual outcomes in work processes. With our connected worker solution, manufacturers can now efficiently digitize their frontline processes that allow smarter insights on its workforce to ensure optimum productivity.

What sets Augmentir apart is our targeted upskilling feature that enables workers to learn new and relevant skills, which optimize workforce productivity while fostering growth on an individual level. Furthermore, we provide individualized guidance and support that maximizes the potential of frontline workers.

Our product is purposely designed to cater to the unique needs of different manufacturing organizations. You can streamline your manufacturing operations by utilizing our AI-powered insights and purposeful guidance. It does not end here! Augmentir can also digitize your entire workforce-related processes, from “hire to retire”, which minimizes non-productive time, boosts productivity, and improves overall efficiency.

Optimize your workforce productivity and support individual growth with Augmentir’s targeted reskilling and upskilling feature. This will enable your workforce to adapt better to the ever-changing technological landscape and become more productive in the long run. Lastly, we provide individualized guidance and support so that your workforce can perform at their optimal level. Augmentir is the ultimate solution for fast-paced manufacturing organizations that want to stay ahead of the competition.

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